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Mmmmm Mmmmm.... Gone?

If you're looking to strike something up with a man or woman, I would recommend giving this a try for sure. Don't let the Men For Men intentions turn you away - it worked great for both my husband and I to attract either sex!
Discreet, small, no lingering scent, and it WORKS!
I only wish the smell lasted more than a split second before disappearing!
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First I would like to point out that this product is intended for men to attract men. Only after reading the reviews for the other sprays from JO did I decide to take on a review for this product. The reviews seemed to show a mixed reaction that made me curious about how well this would work. Not only for a man to attract other men, but for the possibility that a woman could use it to attract other men also. After some convincing, both my husband and I wore this in random situations to see if there was any reaction from the men (or even the women) around us. We were both surprised at how much the results varied. It seems this product can work great if used at the right times, but not at all if used after a shower as the packaging recommends. It managed to turn quit a number of men's heads, as well as a few women. Please keep in mind that I'm basing this on the usual reaction either of us receives without wearing this. I would highly recommend keeping this little bottle in your purse or pocket to use at the most opportune times, as I'll explain further on.
  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Mood enhancer
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    Where / what types of places can this product be used?
    • Anywhere you could wear cologne/perfume.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This product sprays a quick, short spurt every time you press it. It leaves zero residue, doesn't leave a wet mark on your clothing, and manages to spray on more lightly than anything we've experienced, without failing to work. We couldn't ask for anything better than what this company has created as far as consistency with this spray. I'm writing this after quite a number of uses, to be certain it was a constant result no matter what else may have played a factor. Even the spray button is flawless. There is never any sticking, and it always sprays as smoothly and easily as the first time.
    • No residue
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

While the packaging claims you can't smell this product, and the information page here on Eden says it is unscented, there is a distinct smell all it's own for a short moment after you spray it. It disappears almost instantly, though I wish it didn't! Neither of us can think of anything to compare this smell to. It's not musty, fruity, or like any cologne or perfume either of us has ever used. I have sprayed it again and again and again, etc, etc, etc... Trying to see if I could place this smell. I still have no idea how to describe it. No one we've asked can smell this on us after we're wearing it. But almost everyone can smell that short burst of... of whatever that smell is! No one has disliked it yet either. As far as the taste we wouldn't know. This isn't intended to be digested. The closest we've come to tasting it, is forgetting that either of us had sprayed it on our necks, and having kissed each other there afterwards. While many perfumes and colognes can leave a bad taste, we didn't notice anything at all left behind by this.
    • No taste


I have been using this product almost daily, with about 3 light sprays a day, for 3 weeks. My husband allowed me to spritz him lightly 15 separate times to get a better comparison for when and where this works best. The tiny bottle is still over half full. It lasts much longer than I would have expected and doesn't have to be sprayed on heavily to get results. It dries as fast as it contacts your skin and leaves nothing to be washed off. Our only complaint is that the effects don't seem to last long. At first we tried putting it on after a shower and then going out to run errands, have fun, visit friends, etc. Neither of us was getting any more of a reaction than usual from men or women. After a few days of failed attempts to turn heads, we started carrying this on us and spraying it on moments before we were around others. We definitely got a much better reaction then.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Feels natural
    • Reapply often


The packaging was a little more than what a product this size calls for, but it wasn't extremely overdone. It's discreet if no one gets close enough to read it, as there are no pictures or anything so telling on it. But the description does tell you exactly what it is and what it is for. Thankfully, it's completely plastic, so I can just toss it in the recycling bin.

The product itself it pretty discrete. Friends have mistaken it for a tube of lipstick as it only says JO on it and is only 3 1/2" long. If you are worried about taking it out around anyone that might actually recognize the name, or anything else you might be worried about, the silver casing slides right off. That is to say, the bottom half slides right off. Of course the top does, otherwise how would you spray it?! After removing the case you are left with a slightly smaller, clear glass spray bottle with no marking at all. It appears to be nothing more than a cheap bottle of perfume. The glass is a bit thin though, so I don't recommend carrying it like this unless you're certain it's in an area where nothing will bump it hard enough to worry about breaking it.

    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Travel friendly


As I have mentioned, we have used this a number of times to ensure I could provide you with a more accurate review. When applied after a shower (even if we went anywhere immediately after showering) there was no real response above normal for either of us, from either sex. We started applying it in the car, before going in anywhere. Each time we did this it seemed strangers were suddenly more chatty than usual. More of them were striking up conversations with us, especially when we went in separately. This occurred when we went to the grocery store, get togethers at friends, and the bar. The reaction seemed to wear off within the first 20 minutes of walking in. Keep in mind these are places that are normally uneventful unless we strike up a conversation ourselves, or get a chatty cashier. Both men and woman responded equally, though the men responded to me, and the women to my husband. We failed to notice any men responding to him, or any women responding to me. This was surprising since this product is intended to attract men to men. I was definitely looking to see if any guys were showing any interest in my husband. So we decided to go a little further. I carried the bottle in my purse and would sneak a spray in while no one was looking. I actually watched a few guys sniff the air for a second, before striking up a conversation with me. When my husband tried this he got a little less of a response than he did applying it in the car then walking in. Having a few friends that are gay men, we realize it can be difficult to start up a conversation with a random man in such a crowded setting. So to get an even better idea of whether or not this product works for the intended men, we decided to visit a popular local gay bar. (I mean no offense to anyone by calling it a "gay bar", but am simply unaware if there is a more appropriate term. Please excuse me if there is. I've had people express there dislike at this phrasing before, but never have I been offered a better term.) We went in under the pretense of close friends, and secretly sprayed each other just before we entered. NOW the heads turned. I was bored crazy and well ready to head home while my husband was still being approached by men chatting him up. I'm certain that had he expressed any interest himself he could have filled a datebook in a hour. I spritzed him once more about half an hour after getting there, but did so under the edge of the bar while we waited on drinks. I wasn't certain it would work so well since I basically sprayed his stomach area, but it definitely seemed to. In case anyone is wondering, we have been here before with friends, and never has he gotten a response anywhere near what he did that night. I was even told by a few men that I smelled delightful. One particularly intrigued man told me I was "whore-ilicious" and asked where I buy my perfume. When I told him I wasn't wearing any he looked so perplexed by the idea that I might not be wearing a thing, that I couldn't help but laugh and tell him about our fun little spray and jot down the Eden website for him. Aside from this...compliment? I was approached by a few women myself. Three of them commented on how "delicious" and "amazing" smelled. I told them I wasn't wearing anything and asked what they thought I smelled like. (I pretended that I may have put on lotion earlier but couldn't remember.) None of them could identify anything particular, but two of them claimed it was slightly sweet and just a general good smell. By the time the compliments stopped rolling in I was almost sad to have to keep telling people I was just there for a quick drink and too tired to stay long!
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