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Shunga aphrodisiac oil

Oil by Shunga Erotic Art

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Great for the massaging enthusiasts!

The Aphrodisiac Oil is one for a heavy-duty massage, but being left so sticky and greasy was too much of a turn off for me. I feel like this oil needs to be limited to certain uses and when you have time for a lengthy clean-up. However, if you find that traditional massage oils just aren't thick or long-lasting enough for you, this may be exactly what you want. The warming effect is awesome and I'm wishing my regular massage oil had that nice little feature. I can't knock stars for the way this
Intensively hydrating & softening.
Smells nice.
Doesn't taste bad.
Great for long m
Sticky and very oily.
Requires soap and water to wash off.
Cork is a pain to get out!
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The Aphrodisiac Oil is a massage oil, mostly used for massages between a couple. I suppose you could get creative and use this solo, but massage oils are usually marketed towards couples. The Aphrodisiac Oil is great for a couple who's really into massaging each other for long periods of time. I say this with reason! This massage oil is designed for long sessions of massage.

The oil can be used for a special romantic night or to ease tension and achy muscles. However, I recommend planning ahead if you're going to use this oil. It's a perfect oil to choose if you want to spend hours touching and exploring your partner's body in a dim lighted room. If you do spend such a long time doing this and happen to get a craving for your partner's body, no problem! This stuff is safe to lick so lick away!

Glycerin, Propanediol, Flavor (Aroma), Sodium Saccharine, FD&C Blue #1 (CI 19140), FD&C Yellow #5 (CI 42090)

As always, I'll go ahead and note some things about these ingredients. Glycerin. Yes, this contains it. If you're sensitive or prone to infections or UTI's use with caution or not at all! However, this is a massage oil and while it can be used on the genitals, avoiding contact with your precious bits will reduce your risk of having a reaction.

Another thing to note is that this product contains FD&C Yellow #5. Most people don't have any serious reactions to it, but it is a synthetic color and could possibly cause negative reactions in some. I'm not one of them.

Sodium Saccharine is the ingredient that gives the oil it's sweet, very artificially sweet taste.

As for the ingredient "fragrance (aroma)" I have no clue as it could mean a lot of things. This is labeled as Certified Organic though. The can it comes in says that it's made of pure vegetable glycerin and a natural corn by-product.

This massage oil has a bit of a warming effect. Upon first opening it and not being aware of this warming effect, I rubbed it on my wrist and that was indeed the first thing I noticed. It's not intense, but rather a subtle, very soothing warmth. In fact, I wouldn't mind it being warmer, but when your partner touches your skin, you'll feel the warmth, making this even better for a romantic encounter with your love.
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Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The Aphrodisiac Oil has a very unique texture to it. As someone who's experimented with hundreds of massage oils, this is one I've found to be different. It's not so different that you wouldn't recognize it though. It's an oil. It looks and feels oily. It's thick, somewhat close to vegetable oil. It's much thicker than the Exotic Massage Oil by Shunga. However, it does provide a surprisingly long-lasting slip to the surface you're working on.

Erotic Massage oil on right (the darker color) and Aphrodisiac Oil on left (lighter color)

Most massage oil is oily and will usually leave a greasy residue. When you're planning a massage, you're more than likely going to assume you'll need to rinse off afterward. No exception here! This is very, very greasy. It's almost sticky. It's different, that's for sure.

While pouring this from the glass bottle, it gets in no hurry. It's thicker than most massage oils on the market so it doesn't run as quickly. I can hold a drop on my finger for a good while before it ever drips. This is good, but it can also create a real mess for some. I'll go ahead and warn you to grab extra sheets or towels before using this on a bed or couch! It will stain. A towel underneath the massagee is necessary.

When I first felt how thick and oily this was, I did not think it'd provide a slick surface for a long massage. Boy was I wrong! This stuff is made for the couple who likes to rub and rub and rub and rub! You'll more than likely be tired massaging before the Aphrodisiac Oil ever is. This means jumping in the shower.

I really hate the feel of this on my hands, but it doesn't bother my body as badly. I hate the weird sticky feeling it leaves. It's very hard to explain. It does stay in place very well though. The thick, greasy texture will be good for some people, but I don't require it. It's a wonderful option for the professional masseuse! When I'm going to give a long massage, I use this, but it's rare.

This will give you a great glide over any body part and rubbing will give a wonderful warming effect.
    • Greasy
    • Oily
    • Thick

Taste / Aroma

The Aphrodisiac Oil I have is green, as shown. It's Exotic Green Tea flavored/aroma. It taste or smells nothing like green tea which was a tiny bit disappointing because I love that smell. It's so refreshing and clean. This however, is slightly sweet and smells a bit like very fresh watermelon. It's a subtle scent, but very nice. I love the color! I bought this because it looked so pretty! That's awful, but I couldn't resist. However, it's not as neon as it looks. It's still pretty, if that's something that matters. It looks more like a very watered down version of the one you see in the product information. My photos show a more accurate color.

With Shunga, I've learned that some of their edible products will be so delicious and others will be something I don't love. I've never just hated the tastes of their products, but some of them will have that artificial sweetener taste and that is what this tastes like. It's not strong though so it isn't bothersome. My partner prefers to just taste my skin though. When kissing areas like the neck, back and shoulders, this does add a nice sweetness.

This is safe to taste. I would not actually drink it or take in a lot, but kissing and licking body parts where it has been applied will not hurt you. Do check the ingredients list to be sure you aren't allergic first!
    • Light smell
    • Light taste


This is tough for me. I've deeply loved all Shunga products that I've used, save for one or two and this is just not something I love. It's not a bad product by far, but it's simply way too much trouble for me. I absolutely can't stand such a greasy/sticky feeling left behind! It drives me insane. I can handle the greasy massage oils that require clean up and we even use the Erotic Massage oil regularly, but this is so messy. There's no putting on clothing until it's been washed off with soap and water or else my clothing will glue to my body. It doesn't absorb into the skin very quickly at all which can be great for some since it means a much longer massage, but for me it just means a much bigger mess. It's like it never goes away!

It's a good massage oil, but has to be limited to specific occasions. If I were able to handle that weird sticky and greasy feeling, I wouldn't mind the extra clean-up. I love the warming effect and I wish my other Shunga Massage Oil had that.

This doesn't need to be reapplied much if any. We use a a tiny puddle in the palm of our hand and it'll cover my entire back side, legs and all! That's great.

With the Erotic Massage Oil (or is it Exotic?) by Shunga, which happens to be a favorite of mine, I don't always need a shower at all because it absorbs so well. If anything, I'll need a wet wash cloth and then I'm good. This however, requires some heavy duty soap and water! I actually had to use dish detergent to get the sticky completely off. When water and a shower soap was used to rinse it off, I was left with a noticeable sticky residue afterwards. That is why I resorted to dish detergent. Works wonders for anything!

While I do hate that residue that's so hard to get off, I love how soft and new my skin feels afterward! If this weren't so very thick, I'd love to add it to my bath water! One day I may get brave enough. It will leave skin so wonderfully soft. I've thought about using it on my feet for super hydration and smoothness that lasts!

If you're looking for a heavy-duty massage oil that's going to last you and allow you to give one hell of a massage, this probably won't let you down.
    • Gets sticky
    • Long lasting
    • Needs to be washed off with soap and water


As always, Shunga packages the Aphrodisiac Oil in a lovely cylindrical type of container. It has a cartoonish image of a couple, like most Shunga products do. These are never gross or distasteful and that's something I truly love. The couple is embracing and it looks like the female has her leg up and her foot in the male's face. I could be seeing it wrong though. There's nothing sexual about it and unless having someone know you own massage oil bothers you, you probably won't go to great lengths to hide this. However, in small words it does say Aphrodisiac Oil and Erotic Art.

The little can has a metal lid that says Shunga on it. It's a cute can and I've kept my oil in it for a while. Even without the can, this looks beautiful on a vanity! The can doesn't take up too much extra space.

There's a little bit of info on the can. It tells you to rub it on a lover and blow for warmth. It lists the ingredients, says "certified organic" and all that nice stuff.

For me, this is perfectly fine as far as being discreet goes. It's lived on my vanity for months without grabbing any attention except for my own. However, the 3.5 fl. ounces you get, isn't exactly hard to hide away in a toy box or basket of cosmetics. This is beautiful enough for gift-giving.

The oil does come in the lovely glass bottle! It's really pretty and when the oil's gone, I plan to keep it. There is a rubber feeling cork that fits in the glass bottle and it may be cute, but it's a real pain! After trying to open it and injuring my finger, it sat unopened for weeks on my vanity! I finally broke out my knife and dug that sucker out. It put dents in the squishy cork, but didn't damage it. It still fits in the bottle. I hate messing with it though because it gets stuck in there. I would think this would hold off most leaking, but I take care to keep this standing up at all times because if it did leak, it'd ruin my vanity. I'm not taking risks! It stands up just fine though and if you want a bit of extra protection, keep it in it's can or a bag too.
    • Would make a nice gift

Special Features

The Aphrodisiac Oil hasn't really made us blind with lust, but the warming effect is so pleasant and the scent as well. It isn't intense though, only a subtle warmth that you'll feel with your partner's kisses and rubs.
    • Warming


My partner and I like a lot of things about this particular oil. I have a lot of massage lotions and oils and only recently replaced my professional line with some of Shunga's products! Unfortunately, this never gets used by us. I just get upset when I feel that freaking sticky, weird residue. Oil and greasy doesn't bother me when it can be wiped away, but this is unecessarily thick and sticky.

The ingredients are nice, it smells great and won't hinder you from kissing and licking your partner. The product itself works so well for long massages. If you've ever wanted to be massaged for half your life, this will put you in heaven if you can find someone to massage you for that long.

I use one of Shunga's other massage oils, it's thinner and absorbs into the skin much better. I would probably recommend that one to most people, but if you know this kind of product is what you want then I'd absolutely say go for it. It's not a bad product, but it doesn't fit my preferences. I just really wish the warming effect was in the Exotic (or Erotic?) Massage oil that I use.

Using this oil, we needed to lay towels down first which isn't a terrible inconvenience, but it'll stain sheets. Thankfully, it's never ran off the body and onto the bed, but if you're worried about that happening, put down towels.

Like I said, dish detergent was my only hope for totally ridding my body of the residue. This might not bother everybody. I am super sensitive to any residue at all. If you can handle most lotion residue on your hands, this probably won't bother you as much as it does me. I am thinking seriously about using a drop in my foot bath since it's so intensively hydrating and softening to the skin. I'll be sure to include how it works out in my follow-up review if anybody's interested.
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    Great review Kendra! Thank you!
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    Oil does require soap and water to wash off.
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