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Fluorescent liquid latex

Body paint by SVT Inc

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Hot Pink Liquid Delight

This is 16 oz. of pure liquid pleasure! I truly had a blast painting on my fluorescent pink liquid latex. The fluorescent colors are also black light sensitive which means you are in for a really fun time with multiple possibilities! I recommend this to anyone who wants to add some creativity to the bedroom, or those who or just interested in being a little extra risqué!
Black light sensitive, easy to remove, looks super sexy!
Slightly more transparent than the basic colored liquid latex, strong odor.
Rating by reviewer:
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As with anything I receive from Eden, I was of course very excited about getting my first container of liquid latex. Since I wasn't really sure what to expect, or even how to use it, I read up on this fascinating liquid body paint beforehand. I found that it is best to apply a bit of moisturizer to the skin prior to painting on the latex, and to shave (or get rid of) ANY hair in the area you wish to apply the paint. These were very useful tips that really came in handy once I gave the latex a try.

So before I get ahead of myself, upon receiving the container, I gave it a quick inspection. The twist top jar it comes in isn't the prettiest or most up to date, but is fine none the less. I would have liked to have seen a preview picture of the actual color once dried, rather than the picture of the woman wearing the metallic colored paint, which seems to be standard on all of the containers. Personally, I think that the metallic colors are just so much different than the fluorescents, in color and consistency.

I was also a little disappointed that the paint did not come with brushes. Even though the product’s description does not mention brushes, it still shows a picture, so I was only hoping. After opening and peeling back the silver lining protecting the paint, I was immediately taken back by the harsh odor. The ammonia smell is definitely very unpleasant. I could almost compare it to hair dye, but much more potent. You do not want to inhale this stuff. I recommend opening a few windows if you plan on using this paint in a confined area.

After taking a trip to the local craft store for some good ol’ sponge brushes, I was ready to finally give this stuff a go. Before slapping the paint all over my body, I felt it would be best to test out a small area first. I decided to do a small “cuff” around my wrist. This was a simple enough task, though it was still somewhat difficult to create clean lines with the sponge brushes. I suppose it would just take some practice.

I let the first layer dry (about 5 minutes) and then continued pilling layer after layer. I figured three layers would be plenty, but it just never seemed like enough! I got up to about 5 layers and was using a blow dryer in between to speed up the drying time. I was finally satisfied with the results, but I wouldn’t expect your finished product to be completely even and perfect like a latex outfit might be. This is paint, so you can expect to have a few streaks or inconsistencies here and there.

I had heard that the fluorescents were black light sensitive, so I was really eager to find out just how well my wrist would show. I plugged up the black light and was stunned to see the awesome glowing effect. I might sound a little overly thrilled, but it was in all honesty pretty darn neat! When this practice session was over, I was ready for it to all come off. Cleanup was a breeze. The cuff simply peeled right off like a condom. Simple as that.
Like any paint, the liquid latex was really cold and wet. Be careful not to touch it while it is drying, otherwise you may cause a “tear” in the paint. Expect to stay put for awhile to allow enough time to dry. Even though the smell is very strong, it goes completely away once it is dry; so it just wasn’t that big of a deal to me.

I did this in our bathroom, with towels down because the paint will absolutely stain porous fabrics, and I wasn’t much for making a mess! I also tried this on my legs as to create a sort of sock or legging look. I had freshly shaven legs, and experienced a brief, slight burning as the paint was being applied. Since the sensation went as fast as it came, I didn’t worry much about it and continued on. Next time though, I might think about waiting a few hours or so before getting started.

To wrap things up, I had a really exciting experience. It was a bit time consuming, but well worth it in the end. My Fiancé was really pleased with the way the latex looked on me. It was very smooth and sexy, but not entirely shiny like you might imagine. He is hoping to see an upper body cover as well, and would like to join in on the painting session next time, so that may very well be grounds for a follow-up review.
Follow-up commentary
This ended up in the bottom of our closet. It was fun while it lasted, but I couldn't find much use for it. This is best suited for someone with experience with liquid latex.
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    Great review, thanks
  • tami
    WOW! this is cool. I wish it was not discontinued, I would buy several different colors! thanks for your review
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