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Just Add Saliva

Sixty Nine Blow Me Strawberry cream is a liquid rush of cool sensitivity. Activated by saliva, 69 is every man's wish come true. Not only will your partner want to have oral sex longer, you will reap the benefits of menthol magic. Perfect for men and women alike.
Sweet, long lasting taste, cooling effect, increases sensation.
Slight medicine taste at first.
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One thing I have always wanted is a good blow job cream that will keep my girlfriend coming back for more. Now, I have to admit, my girlfriend loves to give me head, and she never complains, but sometimes, I want my penis to taste like candy for her. After all, she's spending all that time pleasuring me, why shouldn't I pleasure her at the same time. The 69 Blow Me cream is my answer and then some. The cream heightens the sensation to touch on the penis, testicles, clit, vagina, and yes, the nipples too. Even though it says it's just for men, it's an all purpose cream in my book. Therefor, both men and women alike will enjoy using 69 to either heighten arousal and sensation or spice up oral sex.

Let's talk about allergies for a moment. This product contains soy so it should not be used by those who have an allergy to soy. Also, the cream is sugar free, using sucralose, so for those of you who are sensitive to artificial sweeteners, steer clear.
    • On the road/travel friendly

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

69 is a smooth, thick cream which is easily spreadable but will not drip. In other words, it stays exactly where you put it, meaning that if you want your entire penis licked, you have to rub it everywhere. The cream goes on smooth and is just a little oily from the soybean oil. As a thick layer, the cream is white but once thinned out by rubbing becomes transparent. It does not soak into the skin rapidly aiding in long oral sessions. Finally, the cream pours out of the bottle easily. With a flip of the cap and a very slight squeeze, just the right amount is dispensed. Be careful, however, the bottle is filled to the brim and any type of hard squeezing will lead to a mess.

Taste / Aroma

I received the strawberry flavor of 69 cream. All in all, the strawberry portion of the cream is wonderful. There is a strange taste and it tastes like aspirin creams smell! Not a wonderful thing. At first, I was worried my girlfriend would take no part in eating something that tasted like a medication. Luckily, the taste only jumps out the first few seconds. After that, it's smooth sailing. The strawberry flavor, to me, was like candy. To my girlfriend, it made my penis a real treat. She just couldn't get enough, which is a wonderful thing for me, since I love oral sex.

The smell is moderate and unlike the vanilla version, does not linger for more than an hour or two. Therefor, if you want to try this product but don't want a lingering smell, it's best to choose the strawberry flavor over the vanilla.


I have had a lot of creams simply wear out in the past. I mean, one minute they're there and the next they're gone. This leads to a lot of usage, but 69 cream is different. I was able to use about an 1/8 of a teaspoon for at least 15 minutes before having to reapply. Add that to the fact that my girlfriend had her mouth around my penis the entire time and you've got a long lasting cream!

The cream claims to add a tingling sensation. I really didn't feel it when I applied it. In fact, I really didn't feel anything but cream on my penis. I rubbed it around, nothing. Hmm, was it defective? No, as soon as my girlfriend began oral the sensations began to arise. That's why my title is "Just Add Saliva." This cream needs saliva or water to become activated. While that may sound a little strange, keep in mind that this is an oral cream, so it makes sense. Once the cream is activated it heightens sensation by about 50% and provides not a tingly but a chilly sensation. Once we were finished, I felt refreshed. With most lubes or creams I feel sticky and have to jump in the shower to get rid of it. With 69 I felt better than I had before I started. Even so, I don't like leaving things on my penis, so I washed it off with some soap and water.


69 comes in a masculine black box with the numbers 69 in bold red at the top. The back of the box provides a brief sales blurb, the cream's pros, directions, and a list of ingredients which include water, cetearyl alcohol, soybean oil, hydroxyethyl urea, cetyl alcohol, sodium chloride, methyl lactate (this is where the cool sensation is derived from), caster oil, sucralose, and sodium benzoate. The box is classy and could be used as a gift box in a pinch.

The bottle itself is similar in labeling. The label is nothing more than a sticker so it is removable. This is important for those of you who really don't have too much privacy. I like the looks of the label and so chose to keep mine on.

Special Features

While the cream itself heightens sensation and arousal the menthol adds a freshening cooling sensation that is not extinguished by heat. This is important since most sexual activities involve heat. Also, the cream is sugar and glycerin free. Add that to it's nonstaining formula and you have a winner.


I'm a guy who loves to experiment so I couldn't just keep this cream to myself. No, I had to share with my girlfriend. We started out like we were supposed to. I applied the cream to my penis, she began sucking, and instant cooling along with heightened sensation. We then tried the product on her nipples. My girlfriend has nipples which only get perky if stimulated and they hardly ever stay perky. Adding 69 and a little tongue action changed all of that. Her nipples became hard and stayed that way until we were finished. She also stated that they were more sensitive to stimulation. Then, we tried the cream out on her clit and vagina. It had the same cooling effect on her clit and had her begging for more. She's not easy to get to orgasm but this cream helped her along, which she enjoyed tremendously. Finally, we tried it vaginally. I had it on my penis and slipped inside of her. Not only did I experience better stimulation than normal but she did as well. The result, two wonderful orgasms.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Jul!a
    I got the vanilla one and I have to agree on how long the scent lasts, I was just really happy that I liked the scent so I didn't mind it lasting for like, a day and a half, lol.

    I'm glad your girlfriend got something out of it when you used it on her, it didn't really do all that much for me.

    Great review!
  • Pleasureman
    Hm, it should have done the same thing for you. Did you not feel a cooling sensation?
  • Jul!a
    He said pretty much the same thing you said, that it didn't so much tingle as feel like you were wet and walking into a chilly room. I'm planning on experimenting more with this because it also wasn't on me very long before he went devouring it, lol. To me it felt cooler in the same way my skin normally does when I put lotion on, but I didn't really notice anything else.
  • ......
    Very nice review, thanks!
  • Sammi
    Glad to see this one uses sucralose and not aspartame Smile
    Good review!
  • Heather Shadrick
    Great review!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Outstanding review! Big smile
  • Pleasureman
    Julia, yes try it again.

    Newme, glad you liked it.

    Sammi, isn't it nice they don't use aspartame?

    Fyreflye, thanks!

    Viktor, wow, thank you.
  • TacoODoom
    great review, as an aside Sucralose is actually sugar alcohol so people who are sensitive to artificial sweeteners(like me) can usually tolerate it Smile
  • Darby'sPet
    Sounds lovely!
  • Pleasureman
    TacoODoom, good to know.

    Darby'sPet yes, it is.
  • Jon S
    ty for the review
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