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69 Blow Me Male Stimulation Cream is designed to stimulate him with a wonderful tingling sensation while enticing her (or him) into performing oral sex more often with a yummy vanilla flavor. Topco delivered halfway on this one. On the plus side the scent lasts forever, which could be a pro or a con depending on your personal preferences, and this cream really does taste great, but it didn't seem to add many tingles and sometimes it makes my lips go numb.
Long-lasting scent, great flavor that lasts, not greasy, can also be used as body lotion in a pinch.
Long-lasting scent, can make your lips go numb.
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The purpose of this male stimulation cream is just that, to enhance the male stimulation while receiving oral sex. The back of the bottle promises to help you get it more often and that the extra tingling will make it even better. It didn't seem to deliver much on the tingling, but it did help him get head more often!

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Ok, this was a huge win for me here. I've never used anything like this before so I had no idea what to expect. This here I think is actually the best part of this product: it isn't greasy and goes on just like regular body lotion.

When you first put it on it will feel a little bit greasy but after just a few moments of being exposed to the open air it seems to dry out a little bit. It isn't too runny or too thick, a gentle squeeze is all you need to control the flow coming out of the bottle.

Taste / Aroma

When I first pulled the bottle out of the box it came in and pulled off the plastic sheath I wasn't quite hit in the face with vanilla, but I could definitely smell it. After a while it wasn't so strong but I can still smell it through the bottle. The power of the scent is something I would describe as being strong without being overwhelming. As for how it smells, it smells like sweet vanilla and there are some undertones that I can't quite put my finger on, but I definitely don't think they hurt.

I was really impressed with the taste, because it was there but not overwhelmingly. It sort of tastes like cake with a really light frosting.

The scent just goes and goes for days on this though. Literally! We were messing with this around 10 pm one night and after a whole day of working with and moving around dusty boxes and then trying to sanitize some bottles I could still catch a whiff here and there, although submerging my hands in a tub filled with a sanitizing agent really did seem to help get rid of the scent.

I personally enjoy this scent, so I didn't mind it lingering forever, but if you're the type who doesn't like lingering scents I might avoid this product.

The taste is also fairly long lasting from what I was told. After giving him oral sex for 20 minutes or so he could still taste it on my lips for the few hours before we went to sleep. By morning it appeared to be gone. The only bad side to the flavor is that it seemed to leave an aftertaste sort of like a diet soda. I don't overly like it, but I know people who would.


Well when we first busted this out I was very pleased with how it went on because as I mentioned earlier it's just like body lotion. After the first application I wasn't sure there was enough, so I added more which might not have been the greatest of ideas because after a few minutes when I would stop to say something my lips felt like they were almost completely numb. I think it might have just been starting before the cream had a chance to "dry out" I guess you could say, because I tried it again later and didn't seem to have the same problem.

The flavor lasted the whole time I was giving him oral, which really surprised me because I thought it would go away pretty fast like some of the other flavored products I've tried.

We also tried this on me because since it didn't say it was specifically for men I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out on anything. I really wasn't. As far as any 'tingles' go I didn't feel any and I asked him a few times how it felt for him and he had said that the 'tingling' sort of felt like being wet and then walking into a chilly room. So I guess it counts, but if you're looking for something that really makes you feel like your blood is flowing I would probably suggest something else.

After we were finished with everything neither of us felt sticky, which was good, because it was rather late and we didn't want to wake everybody up by taking a shower. Since this product seems to absorb fairly well into the skin I wasn't too worried about washing it off, however if you feel differently, I would go about it the same way you would try to get excess lotion off.


The packaging was pretty straight forward when I got it. Pulled it out of the box Eden shipped it to me in and saw a wonderfully simple package. You can see the bottle partially through the packaging which has the same design as the outside of the bottle. Mostly black, there is a red 6 and 9 intertwined towards the top with the words "sixty nine" spelled out in silver lettering. The back of the box says the same things as the back of the bottle. When you open the box you pull out a sort of sheath I guess you could call it, made out of the same plastic you find everywhere else in packaging.

What I found really neat is that the bottle itself is that the label could be easily removed to help keep this even more discreet. Since I just keep this bottle in a drawer and really like always knowing that I can go back and read the bottle I chose to keep mine on, but if you share a room or are in a dorm room or anywhere else you might want an extra bit of privacy, the label does come off!

Special Features

This cream is sugar free, won't stain, and made in the USA

Personal comments

When I first saw this I was looking around the site with my fiance, the title caught his eye but we couldn't find anything more descriptive than that to go off of as far as what the heck it actually was. So I decided to review it to get to the bottom of this. After I received the product and got to read the back of the bottle it was confirmed that yes, this is what we thought it was.

The back of the bottle reads "You know that you want. 69's Blow Me Male Stimulation Cream will help you get it more often! The sweet taste of vanilla will keep her coming back for more and the extra tingle that's all for you!"

- Adds tingle
- Heightens sensations
- Vanilla flavor
- Sugar free/glycerin free
- Non-staining

Directions for use: Apply to desired area to add tingling sensation and yummy vanilla flavor.

Ingredients are: Water, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, Cetearyl Alcohol, Polysorbate 60, Hydroxyethyl Urea, Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Flavor (Aroma), Methyl Lactate, PPG-26-Buteth-26, PEG-40, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sodium Benzoate, Disodium EDTA, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.


I give this product 3 stars because it actually halfway delivers and I found an unexpected use. While it doesn't seem to add many tingles in the nether regions, I did really enjoy the flavor (even though it had a mildly unpleasant aftertaste) and the scent is just wonderful. I've also found that this works wonders as far as being a lotion because it's heavy enough to really moisturize the areas of skin that I have tattooed that just seem to dry out like none other during the winter.

It also left my hands feeling and smelling wonderful for the whole day after I used this with my fiance and actually the fingerless gloves I was wearing that day smell like it a bit too.

If you have any other questions on something I forgot to mention or you would like covered just let me know, I'll be happy to do some retesting for you :)
Follow-up commentary
Ok, so it turns out I might have lied when I said that I found a way to avoid making the lips go numb. I apparently haven't. I've tried letting it air dry first, going right at it, nothing I do seems to change the fact that 5 minutes into it when I come up for air and maybe to say something to my fiance that I have a harder time talking because my lips are numb.

I can still talk just fine, but I can definitely notice the numbness and have to then make a point to enunciate to make sure that I'm not slurring all my words.

I still like the flavor, except for that diet aftertaste, but it doesn't seem to last that long. And I still like this for a lotion.

So I guess it's not so much that I just straight up don't like this anymore, I just like it less than I did initially.
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