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Complete care hand and body lotion

Body moisturizer by Evolution of Smooth

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Just The Boost I Needed!

Boost by EOS is a great lotion to help eliminate your dry skin and replace it with a silky smooth feeling and great scent. This lotion never feels heavy or greasy on your skin, and lasts a long time. The scent might fade a little quicker than I would like, but the great feeling to my skin lingers on!
- 90% Natural
- Great Scent
- Long Lasting
- Doesn't Feel Heavy/Greasy
- Large Bottle
- Scent Doesn't Last
- Bottle Is Too Large To Travel With
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Boost from EOS is a silky lotion that can be used on any area of the body. The bottle itself states that it's 'complete care hand and body lotion'. Whether you're looking to eliminate stubborn dry skin, keep your skin feeling soft, or are simply looking for a great scented product that doesn't dry out your skin, this is a great option.

This gender neutral product is completely non-sexual; containing no pheromones or mood enhancers. It's not designed to be a masturbation aid, be used during oral sex, or any other sexual activity. It's a simple lotion that produces great results. Because of this, it's a great product to have around for the whole family to enjoy and is discreet enough that you could leave it in the open without anyone questioning where it came from.

This great lotion is 90% natural, is paraben-free, hypo-allergenic, lanolin-free, phthalate-free, dye-free, and isn't tested on animals. Always check the ingredients list before using if you have sensitive skin, and test on a small area before slathering it on yourself (even if it smells really good).

Ingredients as listed on the bottle:
    • After shower

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Boost comes in a bottle with a basic pump top where it dispenses the lotion. When the pump is turned a certain way, it can't be pressed down. This is great since it prevents it from accidentally leaking lotion when you're not using it.

The lotion is creamy, but has a wet feeling to it as well. It's thinner than a lot of lotions, but not so thin that it runs. It's a nice, medium consistency that absorbs really well; leaving behind only a silky, smooth feeling. It's not heavy or greasy, and feels light and refreshing on your skin.

There's no real texture to speak of, and it doesn't clump or dry out, it always comes out nice and smooth from the bottle. Since the lotion absorbs so quickly, it doesn't make your clothes stick to you or make you feel like you need to wash it off. It's great to put on after a shower and keeps you feeling fresh for hours.

(Lotion showed is from one pump.)
    • Creamy
    • Smooth
    • Velvety

Taste / Aroma

The scent of this lotion is truly my favorite quality of it. Even before trying it out, I knew I was going to fall in love with it based on the scent. Taken directly from a fun childhood memory, this scent reminds me of the times my mother would treat my sister and I to Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies when we were kids. I instantly felt warm inside at this linked memory! You can absolutely smell the oat in it, but there is also a light sweetness to it as well. I can't think of a better way to describe the scent. My husband said that it smells like sugar cookies, so I guess it reminded him of something similar to my thoughts as well.

The scent is obvious when first applied, but isn't strong or offensive. Even someone who's sensitive to strong scents shouldn't be bothered by this one. It's subtle while still having a pleasant aroma to it.

This lotion isn't meant to be consumed, but if someone's putting their mouth on your body after the lotion has been applied, there's only a very light, soapy taste to it. The longer it's been on your skin, the less the lotion will have a taste to it, and after a few hours no taste is present.
    • Light taste
    • Smells good


I am very pleased with this product in general; it absorbs quickly, feels silky smooth, and lasts a long time. The soft feeling left behind can last for hours depending on your activity level, and over time can really help to eliminate your dry skin issues. It doesn't matter where you use this on your body, it works really well.

Spring is just starting to present itself where I live, and my skin is still trying to recover from its Winter dryness. This lotion is helping with that so much! I'm able to use it on my face without it feeling too heavy, on my arms, legs, feet, etc. without a problem. I especially like using this after I shower, since it feels light and fresh all over my body.

The pump on this bottle only allows you to dispense a small amount of lotion at a time. This is great since you don't end up with too much lotion. I found one pump was good for one arm, and between three and five pumps was good for my legs.

Should you try it out and decide you don't care for it, you can simply wash it off with a damp washcloth, wash with soap and water, or take a shower. The scent won't linger for long and it cleans off easily.

My only complaint about this lotion is the scent doesn't last for long. After an hour of wearing it, you can only lightly smell it, though the soft feeling lingers much longer than that. If the scent lasted as long as the great feeling, this would be the perfect lotion!
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Feels natural


This lotion comes in a 12 fl oz bottle that is all white with brown lettering. The bottle is thinner at the top and widens as you get toward the bottom. The front has an oval looking imprint that is common on EOS products but it smooth other than that.

The front of the bottle gives you the very basic run down of what the product is, but the back gives you a little more information, the directions (which are more comical than anything), and the ingredients. The bottle is attractive looking and informative while remaining fun thanks to the way the information is worded.

The top of the pump has 'eos' imprinted in it and the bottom of the bottle shows the expiration date. I ordered this bottle a couple weeks ago and it's still good until May of 2015, so this bottle will expire long after I'm finished using it.

Because the bottle is so large and contains so much, it's not great for traveling and doesn't fit within TSA's flying regulations for liquids. If you would like to travel with this, the best option would be to purchase a small travel sized bottle and put your lotion inside of it.

Since nothing about this bottle makes it seem like it would come from an adult store, it would make a very attractive gift! While it could be given as it is, it would make a great addition to a gift basket filled with things to pamper a female friend or relative.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Would make a nice gift
Follow-up commentary
This lotion is so awesome I'm a little angry with myself that I didn't grab a bunch while they were in stock. This product seems to go out of stock as soon as Eden receives it for a reason; it's awesome! I love the feel, the scent, everything about the lotion is so amazing, other than the fact that one bottle will not last you nearly long enough if you use it on a regular basis. As long as I can catch it while it's in stock, I'll continue to buy this product since I enjoy it so much!
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  • spiced
    Thanks for another great review! My wife wouldn't like this, because it's mostly man-made chemicals, but for most folks, who don't care much about that, it sounds pretty excellent. If you want to travel with this, just transfer a small amount to a 3 oz (or less) bottle. That's what we do with a lot of things.
  • purpleflower1972
    Great review
  • Ayogirl230
    sweet, thanks!
  • vulvalicious
    Thank you for sharing, I'm interested in this one!
  • angel42539
    Great review, thanks!
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