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Not your ordinary Fairy Dust!

Ignite the flames of passion as your senses are tickled and pleased with Kama Sutra’s Honey Dust. Deigned to be a sensual aid, this dust takes you and your lover to a whole new level of foreplay.
Soft, Sensual, Fragrant, Easy Storage
My irritate some allergies.
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Take your foreplay to a whole new level with Kama Sutra’s Honey Dust. With this sensual Honey Dust you can tantalize your lover’s senses as the aromatic scent fills the room. Also, with the handmade feather applicator you can tickle and tease their hot skin.

The dust is “…made from pure honey and sweetens every kiss.” Sensual and erotic pleasure aids is what Kama Sutra is known and loved for. With their Honey Dust it is easy to see why.

Here’s the Facts:

Karma Sutra’s sensual Honey Dust is an aromatic fine powder, designed to be dusted onto the skin with a feather. The dust is light and soft on your skin. Once applied, it adds a nice soft glow to your skin. Also to add to the sensual experience, the dust is kissable and lickable. Using this Honey Dust is sure to get you both in the mood for more.

The powder is fine and extremely fragrant. When using this product the smell quickly fills the room. Also, the sent lingers for quite a while on your skin. During playtime the area of licked skin does not have a residue or tacky feeling to it. In addition, the remaining power leaves your skin soft and smooth.

Tasting the dust when kissing or licking it off, is a nice experience. The powder has a light sweet taste and does not have an artificial sweetener after taste. It is light on your tongue and doesn’t feel gritting in your mouth. Any lingering taste or powdery feeling is easily washed away with a sip of water.

After playtime the remaining powder leaves your skin still feeling soft and silky. Therefore, leaving it on overnight should not be an issue. Should you desire to clean up after playtime is easy. Any reaming powder can be thoroughly wiped off with a damp wash cloth or rinsed away in the shower.

The Honey dust comes packed in a plastic bag inside of a black satin draw sting pouch. The pouch is great for storing your dust. Since the powder is fine, it is best to keep the powder inside of the plastic bag it arrives it and not directly inside the pouch. With the dust tucked away inside your satin pouch, you can set your feather on top and tighten the draw strings around it. This looks very cute sitting on your dresser or night stand.

The feathers are 3 inches long on average. They are secured tightly into a black plastic handle which is 1 inch long. This handle is flat on the bottom so your feathers sit straight up. Over all the quality of the duster is superb. Those who enjoy sensory play or teasing are sure to have this feather for years to come.

Eden offers this dust in many scents including…

Apple, Sweet Honey Suckle, Raspberry Kiss, Chocolate Caress, Tangerines and Cream, Strawberry and Champaign.

I purchased the Sweet Honey Suckle and it smells very sweat and pungent.

Also, Eden carries this Dust in two sizes…

The Petite Honey Dust is 2oz. and the Large size is 8oz.

Made in the USA

Allergy Alert:

Those who are sensitive to heavy fragrance or fine powder floating in the air, should test before using.


Corn Starch Modified – typical cornstarch powder modified in some fashion.

Glucose – a simple sugar

Zea Mays Starch - absorbent; skin protectant

Honey – not specified from what flower.

Silica – also called silicon dioxide, a white powder derived from quartz

Honey Extract – skin-conditioning agent

Sodium Saccharine – the salt form of saccharin, an artificial sweetener.

Fragrance – adds to the honey suckle smell

Sodium Benzoate – used as a preservative

Amyl Cinnamal – used in the formulation of bath products, bubble baths, body and hand products, and shampoos

Benzyl Salicylate - fragrance ingredient; Ultraviolet Light Absorber

Geraniol – fragrance ingredient

Linalool – fragrance ingredient

Citronellol – citronellol is a naturally occurring scent ingredient derived from plants such as rose, geranium and lemongrass.

Benzyl Benzoate – Benzyl benzoate is used as solvent and preservative
Hubby and I really enjoy foreplay, with Kama Sutra’s honey Dust we have had a lot of fun. We have found that a little dust goes a long way. Even after many uses, we still have a lot of dust left.

The powder is light and fluffy. When you open the bag, the smell of Honey Suckle quickly fills the room.

Hubby only uses a very little because he feels it has a powdery smell. Also he thinks the fragrance is kind of over powering and that it kind of smells like “…old lady perfume’”. On the other hand, I love the smell and don’t find it over bearing. Sometimes, I open my bag on the dresser and let the fragrance fill the air. The smell does not linger for a long while and seems to quickly fade when you aren’t playing with the powder.

Tasting this dust is a sweet treat. Its light flavor has no artificial sweetener after taste. The only thing you taste is sweetness.

The mini feather duster that is included is amazing. It is well made and the petite size is great for sensory play and intimate teasing. It is sure to be a toy we will have for a long time. Also, it is discrete and cute sitting on your dresser when not in use.

Over all, Kama Sutra’s Honey Dust is a great way to get each other relaxed and in the mood for pleasure. It is sure to be a fun and pleasurable addition to your play time.
Follow-up commentary
I love the honey dust. Thankfully Hubby has gotten use to the powdery effects. It really adds a light aroma to the room with i lightly dust our sheets with it. Over all this dust is a great way to add a bit of romance to your playtime or even a gift for a friend.
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