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O NO! Am I Cleaning Or Relaxing?

If you're looking for a massage oil candle that will smell nice, feel light, and absorb well into the skin, this might not be the right choice for you. However, if you're looking for an attractive looking candle made with natural ingredients, this one is an option. This scent smells more like a cleaner than a massage oil, and it doesn't clean off the skin well, but it might work better for you than it did for us.
- Natural Ingredients
- Great Tin
- Scent
- Hard To Wash Off
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ONO from LELO is a candle with a twist! Unlike other candles you might have laying around your house, this one is designed with something else in mind; to use the melted wax for massage!

Great on your own or with a partner, this candle takes massage to a whole new level! Light the candle to set the mood and create a romantic atmosphere, and allow the soft wax to melt while you and your partner heat things up! Once some of the wax has melted, blow the candle out, and pour onto the desired area or into your hand and start rubbing!

This wax works great on all the areas of your body that feel tight and sore. It's great after a long day of work, or to help you relax when you're feeling stressed out. The wax helps your hands or non-vibrating massager to slide with ease over you or your partner's back, shoulders, neck, feet, and any other area of the body that needs some attention.

On top of working well for massage, this candle also moisturizes. It works great on the heels of your feet, your elbows, knees, and other areas of your body that are prone to having dry skin. You can light the candle and allow the wax to melt the same way you would for a massage, or you can take your fingertips and rub the surface of the wax. The warmth from your hand will slightly melt the wax and give you just the right amount to use without having to actually light the candle.

This wax should not be used as a lubricant, even though the ingredients are natural. It's also not latex friendly and caution should be used before handling condoms after using this candle. Eden offers a wide variety of lubricants that would work much better and even have a moisturizing balm from the same company that could work as a water-based lubricant.

One of the great positives of this candle is that the ingredients list is very short, and only contains natural ingredients. Though nothing obvious in the list could cause an issue for someone with sensitive skin, always make sure to look through the list and discontinue use should it cause irritation.

Soy wax, shea butter, apricot kernel oil, perfume (citral, d-limonene)
    • Foreplay
    • Massage
    • Mood enhancer

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Even before the candle is lit, the wax is quite soft. If you were to push down on it, it would leave an imprint and would leave some of the wax on your fingers. The wax has a really thick, creamy feel to it when it's in 'solid' form; it's not totally hard like a regular candle you'd get from the store.

After having lit the candle and allowed the wax to melt, the consistency is much different. The wax turns into an oil that becomes thinner the warmer it gets. When you first blow out your candle and touch the wax, it feels more like a massage oil you'd receive in a bottle and will run slightly, but as the wax cools off it gets a little ticker and becomes more creamy again and stays in place well.

The wax becomes totally smooth, not gritty, not textured in any way, and pours easily from the container. It does feel oily and greasy while in use, whether you're the one giving or receiving the massage, and remains that way until you're able to wash it off. Unlike a lot of massage oils, this one doesn't absorb well into the skin. It feels very heavy on the skin and does require washing in order to get rid of the heavy feeling.
    • Creamy
    • Greasy
    • Oily

Taste / Aroma

ONO Massage Candles comes in three different scents; Red Mandarin/Shea Butter, French Vanilla/Shea Butter, and the one I'm reviewing, Lemongrass/Shea Butter.

Before the candle is lit it has an off-white color to it. When the wax melts, that off-white color turns into a nearly clear, thin oil that has a a yellowish look to it.

The scent isn't super strong when it's in solid form, or when it's burning. It doesn't fill the room and you have to be right near it to smell it at all. This isn't a candle you get if you're looking for something to add a little fragrance to a room when it's lit.

Once you've blown out the candle and pour out the oil, that's when you really start smelling it. The scent isn't very feminine, but isn't super masculine either; it gives off a fresh scent that would work for just about anyone. I was actually hoping that this scent would remind me more of a fresh lemon, but it didn't. I was quite disappointed when I realized that it reminded me much more of a cleaning product than a massage aid.

The scent is strongest when it's still warm and being rubbed into the skin, but does linger for a while after the massage is finished. Even after trying to wash the wax from my hands, not only did the scent remain, but so did the waxy feeling. The scent is obvious for at least a few hours after use, even after showering or washing off the oil.

While some might like the scent of the Lemongrass, I did not. I'm not sure if the other scents are more pleasant or not, but I would strongly encourage trying out one of the others unless you enjoy smelling like you've been cleaning your kitchen all day.

There are massage products that are edible, but this one is not. While it's not going to harm you should you lick an area that the oil has been rubbed in, it's not intended for that purpose. It is tasteless, but will leave an oily feeling in your mouth depending on how long ago the oil was rubbed in.

    • Light smell
    • No taste


The longer you burn the candle for, the more oil you'll have to use for your massage. 15 minutes of burning the candle will provide enough for a smaller area of the body, but 30 minutes provides a more sizable amount that would work better for the back and shoulders or other larger areas. The longer you let it burn, the more oil you'll have for your massage, but the less wax you'll have for next time.

Before pouring the oil from the candle, always make sure to blow out the flame and test out how hot it is. Soy candles don't typically get too hot, but it's always a smart idea to check before using.

The oil lasts a long time on the skin since it remains more on the surface rather than quickly absorbing. I imagine that this will be different for everyone since we don't all have the same type of skin. After allowing the candle to burn for 30 minutes, I was able to give my husband about a 30 minute massage without having to reapply, and the massage could have lasted at least another 15 minutes.

If you plan on trading places, make sure to relight the candle after you've poured out the oil for use on your partner. Having to reapply can be frustrating since it takes a while for the wax to melt, so relighting right away will help speed up the process.

For us, we didn't care for the way the oil felt on our skin after use, and so we tried washing it off in the shower after. I was surprised by how much of a challenge that was! The wax was hard to scrub off of my husband's back, and he was uncomfortable throughout the day because the oil felt so heavy, even after showering. I would consider this massage candle a better choice for someone looking for a moisturizer since the oil repels water and lasts a long time. Unless you enjoy feeling like there's a coating of something on your back or other body part, this isn't the best choice for massage.

The product page states that this candle will burn for 36 hours, but I find that hard to believe. I would think that the candle would last for about 10 uses, but that will all depend on how much oil you use each time.
    • Long lasting
    • Needs to be washed off with soap and water


The candle arrives in a small black box that contains some information about the product. It can easily be broken down and recycled since the candle comes in its own tin. The color on the tin will reflect the scent that it contains. Each of the three scents come in different colored tins, though the background is black on each.

The design on the tin is very modern with lots of circular designs. In the center of the lid is the product name, the scent, and a small amount of information about the candle. The bottom has the ingredients list, directions, and shows that there's 4.4 ozs. It doesn't immediately seem like a sensual product, though I don't know a lot of people who would buy a massage candle just for themselves.

The top of the tin pops off and the candle is right there. Make sure to trim the wick to 1/4" before first use and make sure that it's not longer than 1/4" before lighting each time.

Included with the candle is also a small booklet that tells you some information about the candle in four different languages. The instruction booklet isn't important to keep if you know anything about massage candles, but is great for someone who's new to them.

The tin makes this candle a great choice if you're on the go and are looking for a little something to spice up your vacation. It's not very large and since the candle is contained, there should be little to no worry about it causing a mess. Just try to keep the candle in cooler areas if possible and out of the hot sun. Though it doesn't look like the wax will leak from the container, placing it inside of a plastic sandwich baggie will eliminate that worry.

    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Does not leak
    • Would make a nice gift


This candle wasn't for us, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't work better for someone else. The oil didn't absorb into the skin like I felt it should, and the scent was just not appealing to me at all. Maybe one of the other scents would have been a better choice for us.
Follow-up commentary
This candle was a huge disappointment! Coming from a well known brand like Lelo, I figured that this would be an easy hit. Unfortunately, even after giving this candle a few shots, it just didn't meet my expectations. I ended up tossing this candle after a few uses, it was that disappointing.
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    After doing a little research and not finding obvious answers, I turned to my good friend MrWilly who was able to determine that the d-limonene seemed to be the most obvious ingredient on the list.

    I hope this helps!
  • MrWill
    D-limonene is the main chemical that gives things a citrus scent (it is natural) but limonene is also used as a paint stripper and a solvent for silicone.

    Great review!
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