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Pretty and perfect face palette

Eye shadow by Bella Il Fiore

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If you want a light, natural, and beautiful make up kit for a girl of any age you have found the different color options make it great from a day to night look. It is soft and feels great on the skin, the lip gloss may not be top notch but the shadows with their boosted pigments make your eyes pop. Two blush colors help to appeal to those with both darker or those with lighter skin tones. The set rocks all the way around.
Beautiful colors, Light, Natural Feeling
Doesn't Come With Brushes, Breaks apart easily
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The Pretty and Perfect Face Pallet is a light and gentle makeup kit. This kit appeals to a range of people and ages, it comes with four lip glosses in ranging colors, two blushes one darker beige and one lighter pink for varying skin tones, one silvery shimmer, and eight eye shadow cups, ranging from light to dark. The back of the palette is a large mirror great for on the go make up additions. The varying colors offer a variety of option to those of varying ages, younger girls will love the lip gloss and shimmer, while older girls will enjoy the dark pigmented eye shadows that make eyes pop, while older women will enjoy the ability to go from a work to play look with one pallet. Although any age can fall in love with any part of the pallet. There are light colors for those looking for a more natural makeup and then there are darker shades for a more daring look. I liked to use the pallet in my every day wear routine because the lighter shades made for a great day look for going to work. As for allergy concerns those with sensitive skin can rejoice, I had a friend who is allergic to most make ups use it and she even fell in love and didn't have any problems.
    • Bridal gift

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Each of the four items included in the pallet have a different textures.

Lip gloss- is a jelly like texture when in glob form, but it smooths out into a light glossy feeling once put on. It feels light with no stickiness to it at all, it does feel a bit oily after it fades. The dark red color does stain the lips for a little while but it does fade after an hour or so. Lip gloss needs reapplication often.

Blush- The blush is a compressed powder, there are two separate options, for different coloring. This also has a light feeling when you put it on, it is neither gritty nor hard to put on. One application stays all day, I put mine on over foundation and any other powders. It does brush out easily and get into the lip gloss when you put your brush into it.

Shimmer- The shimmer is the most unique, it is a lite cream style shimmer. If you leave it a bit thicker it does keep its silver coloring, but if you rub it in a bit it tends to fade into just a shimmer. I liked to use it as an eye shadow, but for by my brows. I was unable to use it on the lids due to oily skin, after about an hour or so it would crease up. The shimmer when faded can only be seen when the light hits it just right but it adds a dimensional look to the skin.

Eye shadow- The eye shadow is made similar to the blush, A compressed powder. It also has the light smooth texture that the others do. I use a brush rather then a sponge to apply it, this causes it to easily fall onto the lashes so doing it before mascara works best. One application lasts for several hours, in an eight hour work day I didn't have to reapply. The coloring is light when you put it on with a brush but a few applications works well to make the color pop.
    • Creamy
    • Smooth

Taste / Aroma

Lip gloss:
Kiss Me- A Light Mauve color in the packet, once you put it on it comes out as a shimmery dark peach color, with almost a metallic look.
Rosie- In the Pallet it is a light bubblegum pink shade, on the lips it is a beautiful light metalic pink, it is a nice change from ordinary for a natural look without being to daring.
Belize- In the Pallet it is a light plum color a bit on the darker side compared to the others, on the lips it comes across as a light purple metallic coloring.
Je t'amie- A deep red color while in the pallet, it stains the lips a nice crimson red when being worn and the gloss adds a nice sheen to the lips.

Tropique- A medium shaded beige with a slight sparkle to it, On the skin it retains it's darker coloration but the shimmer fades slightly.
Baby Doll- A lite pink coloring with a bit of sparkle to it, on the skin it remains the pinkish coloring and the shimmer is more prominent.

Luna Glow- An extremely light creamy white coloring with a sparkly tint to it, once on the skin if you leave it thicker it retains the light silvery coloring, but if you rub it in it becomes a plain shimmer.

Sunshine- A light yellowish creamy coloring with shimmer, once on the eyes the coloring changes to a more cream coloring then a light yellow, the shimmer is very promenant.
Pretty Pink- A lite dusty pink color with shimmer, this one also fades slightly into a cream with a tinge of shimmery pink.
Bisque- A faded purple coloring with shimmer, this one retains the purple coloring also with quite a bit of shimmer.
Buff- A neutral shimmer color, slightly beige, on the skin is the most natural with a nutral coloring that adds just a touch of shimmer.
Gunmetal- A dark grey coloring with shimmer, comes out as a beautiful steel grey coloring, but may take multiple applications.
Espresso- A dark brown with shimmer, this one comes out as a faded brown color with less shimmer then the others.
Noir Liner- A dark blueish black with shimmer, great for a night time look the black coloring comes out as a dark black with only one or two layers with a great shimmer to make the eyes pop.
Deep Plum- A deep purple coloring with shimmer, another great color for going out the dark purple only needs one or two layers to make a dark purple coloring.

The lip gloss is not flavored and does have a bitter taste to it, but it quickly fades. The make up is also not scented.
    • No smell
    • No taste


I have a hard time wearing eye shadow, a lot of kinds tend to crease badly since I tend to have oily skin, but this set was a great addition to it. The versatility of the pallet was great it made it easy to go from a day to night look with a minimal amount of work. The eye shadows lasted through a day of work without creasing into my eyes. The shimmer being a cream was a very different story, I wore it as a top layer to my eye shadow along my brow line and it worked great there, but as a normal eye shadow on the lids is creased within an hour. The shimmer is also great to wear as an accent along the collar bone rubbing it in creates a dimensional look to the skin similar to a glow. The lip gloss was a bit of a let down it easily wiped off and didn't do anything for my lips really but add a tinge of metallic color. The red does stain the lips but this also fades within an hour or so. The blush is great for those with either dark or light skin due to the two very different colors of blush included. The dark color I found to match perfect for my skin tone (olive) and the lighter to match a very pale friend. Overall it lasted quite some time for both of us and only needed to be touched up after wearing it for about 8 hours.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Long lasting
    • Performance


The set comes in a lovely golden brown, and pink makeup box. It flips open, and reveals the make up and a large mirror for use on the go. Inside there is a row of lip gloss then a row with the blush and shimmer, and finally the last two rows are of the eye shadow. The back of the package has a small chart stating the names and type of product and its location in the kit. On the front cover it has pretty and perfect full color face palette. It doesn't look like it came from a site hosting sexual goods at all, I would feel confident in giving it as a gift to a young women.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Does not leak
    • Would make a nice gift


I loved this product, it worked great for my skin. I'm prone to breaking out and have yet to do so even after wearing these daily for a week. They are super easy to wash off, I use a simple make up cloth that takes it right off. It is able to withstand being in an office all day, but it does come off easily if you are sweating, so work outs don't work out with it. I dropped the pallet to the floor and it did not break apart the container or the make up cups inside.
Follow-up commentary
The Pretty and Perfect face palette has become my go to kit for work makeup. The light colors make it great to do a slight coloring without overdoing it for work. The colors stay on great in the humid atmosphere that I work in as well. Although I have found that the blush will mix into the eyes shadows if you prush it to hard, with caution you can avoid this by gently using your brushes. I also have found if the pigments get into the shimmer it changes this color but if done on purpose with right colors it help add to the glow effect of the makeup. The kit is still going strong with the amounts I have in it to use, even after a few months.
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