Kissable glamour powder by Fun Factory - review by Alan & Michele

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Sensual Strawberry Fun!

This Kissable body powder is a terrific addition to any sensual foreplay session. It goes on easily, smells and tastes great, and doesn't get sticky or leave any uncomfortable residue behind.
Pleasant smell and taste, doesn't get sticky, a little goes a long way, nice tight container.
Excessive spills + moisture can stain fabrics.
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Fun Factory's Kissable Powder is a terrific sensual product for couples, meant to be applied to the skin and then either kissed or licked away. The pale pink powder smells and tastes like strawberries and cream. It comes with a wine-colored feather puff applicator that feels silky gliding across the skin, and can be used for sensual play long after the powder is gone.

The powder's ingredients are: corn starch, Glucose, Saccharine, Fragrance, Geraniol, Cittronellol, D-Limonene, Linalool, Red 40 (dye), and Silica, so obviously anyone with allergies to any of these substances will want to avoid it.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The powder is extremely fine and light, so if it wasn't for the added silky feeling you wouldn't even notice it on your skin. It's easy to apply and stays on the skin well when you move, but can be removed effortlessly by brushing it off (when it's dry) or wiping it with a damp cloth (when moist). If you were to spill a huge amount on the skin and get it wet, which there is no reason to do, it will form a creamy paste, but at no time does it feel sticky or greasy. It does not tend to clump either, like some powders do.

Taste / Aroma

The strawberry taste is very subtle, not too sugary-sweet, and seems to have a mild hint of cream flavor with it. Even when licking across large areas of skin the powder's taste only resembles a milkshake flavoring. The strawberry aroma is subtle too, so while it's pleasant when you're close to your partner's skin it doesn't permeate the whole room and become overwhelming.


The feather puff is considerably wider than the jar's opening, and the fine powder becomes airborne easily if you get too vigorous with it, so expect there to be a little lost when you're dipping the feather. It's best to dip lightly and add a slow twirling motion to it to gather up the powder. A little powder goes a long way, so there's no need to try to completely saturate every feather.
Once on the puff, the powder adheres well until you brush it against the skin, where it spreads easily. Obviously, shaking the puff will make the powder to fall off of it, but with normal movement you won't lose much, if any.

When licking (or kissing) this product away, it doesn't create any odd sensations in the mouth, nor does it have any bad aftertaste.


The packaging is impressive and would be suitable for gift giving. It comes in a thin cardboard box with brief product info in several language, and two open sides so the product is visible. Inside the box is a thick square glass jar with a screw top lid to hold the powder, with a little heart, strawberry, and "Sublime Moi" discreetly printed on the sticker. It's something that you wouldn't have to feel too self-conscious about if someone saw it on your dressing table, and could possibly be mistaken for a cosmetic jar.

The feather puff rests off to the side of it in the box, and there is also a pamphlet of instructions (again in several languages) for not only this product but others as well, such as Fun Factory's massage oil and bath pearls. Inside the jar is a thin plastic cover to protect the powder, which lifts off easily. The container doesn't leak at all and is tough enough to be packed for traveling.

Personal comments

One warning here for people who sometimes spill things (meaning folks like us): lots of this powder mixed with much moisture will stain white sheets. We managed to spill some in a rather large spot of... well... moisture, and it made a red splotch which stained pale pink after a washing. We didn't have any problem with it discoloring our skin though, and there weren't any other marks on the sheet from the powder otherwise.


Alan says:
This stuff is great, and one of the things that makes it so is that even with a strawberry allergy it didn't cause problems. Yeah, we took a big chance with this one, but we didn't see actual strawberries in the ingredients so hey... At any rate, whatever they use for that flavoring appears to be artificial, albeit convincing, but anyone else with an allergy might still want to be careful. It's possible that we just got lucky, and I'd hate to have someone else take our experience as gospel and have a problem with it.

Michele says:
I'm in love with this powder! It feels so soft on my skin, and the flavor and scent aren't kiddie candy gross like some flavored products are. I think the jar is pretty cute too, and I'll probably use it to store ear rings in after it's empty. I'm weird about recycling things that way.

One thing that some users may frown about is the statement "for external use only" that is printed on both the box and the pamphlet. Since this is "kissable" powder, we're pretty sure that just means don't eat huge amounts of it and don't try to flavor the inside of your cooch with it! We've both licked good amounts of it so far and have no complaints.
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