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Clone-a-willy chocolate kit

Edible treats by Empire Labs

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Splattered Willy

The chocolate clone-a-willy kit is a fun way to add some humor to anyone's sex life. This is an activity that you can enjoy together, even if the kit is a fail. Are you ready to clone-a-willy?
Fun, chocolate, and edible.
May not work, directions wrong on timing, and for me stubborn husband.
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The clone-a-willy chocolate kit is a great idea to add a little humor to any couples sex life. This item is intended to be fun and a gag, but it takes a male who is willing to stick his willy into the mold. There is no ingredients list to the molding powder, so there could be a risk of irritation.

Any clone-a-willy kit is a great idea for bridal gifts, bachelorette gifts, or just a gag gift. If there is not a willy to clone you can use a dildo; like I did; or you can check into Clone-a-pussy kit.

Note: The chocolate willy is meant to be eaten or discarded, not inserted into any orifice other than the mouth. Exposing chocolate is not healthy to the vagina or the anal cavity.

Kit includes: Molding tube, molding powder, Thermometer, Melting Chocolate, and Thick Popsicle stick.
What you need:Permanent marker (Not pen), Scissors, measuring cup, 1 3/4 cups water (98 degrees), Microwave safe bowl(2), Spatula (2), and timer.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The molding power is like flour, but once you add the water you are looking for pancake batter consistency. Then when the mold has been placed over the willy for 2 minutes you are looking for a gelled mold. Mine felt similar to cooked egg whites or gak.

The chocolate is round disc that melt easily. Once the chocolate is melted you are looking for a pudding like consistency, however once the mold is complete you are looking for a solid chocolate willy.

Taste / Aroma

The molding powder should not be ingested since there is no ingredients list. There was no smell with the molding powder.

The chocolate smells like chocolate syrup. The taste of the chocolate I was expecting to be similar to wax candy, like the Easter candy, but it taste like Crunch bars or Kit Kat chocolate.


Should be Instructions section, performance will be in experience section

Bad directions resulted in user fail!

The first step is to read the directions and make sure you understand them before starting. Then be sure to have everything you need handy for when you are ready. You will want to do this somewhere you don't mind getting messy and your clothes too.

The next thing you need to do is work on an erection, the instructions recommend using a pump or cock ring to help achieve a full erection. Once there is an erection get the marker and the tube out. Place the tube with the closed end at the base of the penis and mark the tube with the marker. Work on holding that erection and cut the tube. Once the tube is cut use tape (instructions say duct tape, but I found scotch tape worked well) around the edge, so it is smooth and won't hurt you. (Skip erection part if using a dildo.)

The next step is to prepare the molding mix. You have to mix 1 3/4 cups of 98 degree water to the molding powder, then stir for 60 seconds and add to the tube fast. Then get your penis or dildo into the mold fast. Hold it into place for 2 minutes until the mold has a gel feel to it. Mine felt like cooked egg whites. Once the 2 minutes is up slowly remove the penis and place into the fridge for 20 minutes.

After the mold has been in the fridge for 20 minutes you can melt your chocolate. All microwaves are different, so be sure to set yours how it needs to be for 50% power, my microwave only has even numbers, so I used 40%. Stir the chocolate every 30 seconds, the total time for me was 3 minutes. Then you can pour the chocolate into the mix once it is below 90 degrees. If you wish to use different chocolate that would work just fine or if you need more using any chocolate would work. You can even add in candy, nuts, or sprinkles to the mix. Don't forget to add the Popsicle stick to the chocolate.

The instructions say to place the mold into the back fridge for 5 or more minutes. I allowed mine to cool for 12 minutes and it failed, so try 20 or more depending on how cool your fridge is. The freezer might work better for rapid cooling.

Now you are ready to remove your mold. Run the tube under warm water to remove the mold, but you may need to cut the tube. You are going to want to do this over something that can get messy. If you are successful then you will have a chocolate willy, but if you are like me you will have a chocolate mess to clean up.


The packaging is the kit and the directions are inside the tube.

Personal comments

Nutritional Facts
There are about 7 servings per container, each serving is 210 calories, and the calories from fat are 110.
amount per serving (9 disc)
12g of fat
11g of saturated fat
0g of trans fats
0mg of Cholesterol
45mg of Sodium
25g of Carbohydrates
less than 1g of Dietary fiber
23g Sugar
2g Protein

Ingredients Breakdown Of The Chocolate

sugar- Sweetener
palm kernel- Source of protein
hydrogenated palm oils- trans fat free palm oil
whey-the liquid that remains when milk has curdled, as known as milk serum.
cocoa- cocoa powder, flavoring.
non fat milk- skim milk, milk from a cow with most of the fat removed.
sorbitan monostearate- synthetic wax, the ether of sorbitan and stearic acid.
soya lecithin emulsifier- extracted from soybean oil and used and an emulsifier.
artificial vanilla- contains vanillin produced synthetically from lignin, which is a natural polymer found in wood.
vanilla- flavoring, that is from orchids mainly from Flat-leaved Vanilla.


I have had my clone-a-willy kit for just about one month (Jan. 12th.) My husband had agreed to do an adult video, but he got camera shy, so I was stuck with a kit and no penis. Luckily, with the help of Eden, I have a dresser full of potential penises that I could use.

I decided to go with my Fetish Fantasy Elite Slender 7" vibrating dildo. I picked that one because it is waterproof and it is close in size to an actual penis. It is 7" long and 1.5" in diameter. I had more than enough chocolate to make a mold out of the kit, so even larger men should have enough chocolate.

They aren't kidding in the directions about how much time you have to get the molding powder and the water mixed. It started to gel before I could get it in the tube, so it might be best to mix in the tube. You should stand in the tub when doing this, since when I inserted my dildo it over filled the tube.

I was disappointed that the timing was off on cooling the chocolate. I was hoping to have a solid chocolate willy, but there wasn't enough time. I recommend leaving it in the fridge for 20 minutes or longer, since my 12 minutes was not enough time.
Follow-up commentary
I like the idea of this Clone A Willy Kit. It just never worked for us. I never did pick up another one, but maybe one day.
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