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Chocolate body fondue

Body paint by Booty Parlor

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Chocolate Body Fondue is a chocolate and sex lovers dream come true. Cover yourself or your lover in sweet designs made out of one of the world's top aphrodisiacs and enjoy it as he or she laps it off your body. Share it over ice cream or just dip your finger in it and let your lover lick it off. Either way, this delectable treat is sure to please those who want to bring a little sweetness into the bedroom.
Can't find a better tasting sauce, Pretty brush included, perfect for body writing
Stains cloth, sticky, not discreet
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Chocolate Body Fondue is a delectable, spreadable, aphrodisiac. With it's rich dark color and even richer flavor, this body paint is perfect for those wishing to explore their sexuality with a little flavor included. While the fondue is under the label Body Paint, I want to stress that it is a food item. For those of you who enjoy bringing food into the bedroom, this is a wonderful choice. The qaulity of ingredints is superb. For those of you who aren't comfortable spreading chocolate sauce over your body, steer clear. This is not your typical body paint.

The Chocolate Body Fondue is perfect for gifts including birthdays, anniversaries, and of course, Valentines Day (which is coming up). I know that my girlfriend always begs me to do something romantic and a little different on Valentines day, and this body paint fits the bill. The fact that it's a body paint makes it erotic, the fact that it's real chocolate (that's right, I said real)makes it very romantic.

This product contains cocoa, whey, and milk products, so avoid if you are allergic to cocoa beans or dairy. Also, because this item is pure food, it is important to remember not to use it on the genitals. Food can spoil and no one wants spoiled food or the effects of it on their genital areas.
    • Any couple
    • Long / extended session
    • Special trip or occasion

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This product really has two types of textures, cold and warm. As a cold spread, the paint is thick but still easy to use if you just want to spread it on and eat it up. As a warm sauce, the product is the consistency of hot fudge and perfect for, you guessed it, eating!

I spent the majority of my time working with this product while warm. To warm, just take the lid off (make sure you always take the lid off as it is metal) and microwave for 10-30 seconds. Stir and microwave again about 10-20 seconds more. Stir once more. The fondue comes with a cute little paintbrush adorned with a red tassel. An elegent touch. I just dipped the brush in and started painting a heart on my girlfriend's breast. She mentioned that the feel of the paint was sticky and similar to hot fudge. In fact, she started laughing because she felt more like a kid covered in goo at an ice cream parlor than a sexy woman. Even so, she happily had me continue.

I personally would not recommend pouring this paint as it is chocolate and will stain any fabric it comes into contact with! I use it in the bathroom only to avoid getting chocolate stains all over my sheets.

As far as functionality is concerned, the paint stays in place and is wonderfully suited to art.

Taste / Aroma

I can't buy a chocolate sauce this good! The heavenly smell of rich cocoa streams up as soon as you open the lid. The taste is rich, dark cocoa in a hot fudge form. If I didn't know better, I'd swear this had come from a gourmet food shop. While other paints may be made from artificial cocoa, this fondue is made from high quality, pure ingredints including, white sugar, brown sugar (to add depth), cocoa, whey, and milk. In other words, quality candy.


This body paint can be used a number of ways, and I tried them all. The first thing I did was paint my girlfriend. I painted her breasts, arms, and stomach. I tried three different techniques. On her breasts, I painted hearts around her nipples. Now, I am not a very good artist, so I can't attest as to whether this product will produce a masterpiece but it did at least resemble a heart. The fondue went on easily, with very little fuss. Next, I decided to try out designs. I drew little squiggles and dots up and down her arms. I found the paint a little sticky to work with at this point. Squiggles can require intricate work and the viscosity of the product just didn't allow that. In other words, be prepared to paint easy designs unless you are extremely talented. Finally, I wrote out the word SEX on her stomach. I was surprised at how easy this was. Perhaps it was the size of the letters or the simple lines, but writing seems to be this products best feature. Once I was done, I bent over, and lapped everything up to the delight of my girlfriend. The only problem was that the product began to get a little messy. The chocolate stuck to the skin and no matter how much I licked, there was always some left over. This ended up in a mess which my girlfriend washed off in the shower with just hot water.

There are two other purposes for this product, as an ice cream topping and as a dipping sauce for fruit. As an ice cream topping, this body paint reigns supreme. As I said in the beginning of the review, you can't buy chocolate sauce as good as this. Just imagine warm hot fudge laced with rich dark chocolate and you have it. A decadent treat.

I also decided to try this paint out with fruit. I chose strawberries since it was recommended on the box. The heavy water content of strawberries does not mix well with the sauce. In fact, the sauce avoided the strawberries! I would dip the fruit in and the sauce would fall off like oil. Not pleasent. Even so, the product in its entirety is a delectable treat suited for either skin or ice cream.


The Chocolate Body Fondue arrives in a pretty little red, showcase box, adorned with black heart outlines and stars. Perfect for gift giving. On the back is an enticing explanation for the many uses of the product along with nutritional information. Basically, a serving equals two tablespoons full which comes out to only 90 calories. Finally, the manufacture recommends refrigeration. This is a problem! The jar of fondue is not discreet in the slightest. In fact, it says "Booty Parlor" right on the front! When I first saw the refrigeration recommendation I didn't know what to do. My girlfriend's mother was staying with us and I couldn't just plop a sex paint in the ice box! I finally tore off the label and put on my own, hand made label which reads "homemade ice cream sauce". I don't know if my girlfriend's mother has caught on, but this product is in no way shape or form discreet.
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