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The candle I want to smell forever

The Amorous Massage Candle in its beautiful package will add a romantic note to your evenings or nights - it will fill your room with a nice gentle light and pleasant aroma and give you warm oil for the long massage sessions. I am in love with the orchid aroma and I really like the feeling of warm massage oil on my skin. The Amorous Massage Candle will also make a very nice gift and is perfect for traveling.
Pleasant aroma
Feels nice
Beautiful package - good for gift
Compact - good for traveling
Doesn't absorb into the skin very good
Oily feeling on the skin after the massage
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


The Amorous Massage Candle by Fun Factory is perfect for a pleasurable erotic massage. Just light the candle creating a romantic atmosphere with gentle light and pleasant orchid aroma, spread the warm oil on your partner's skin and give him (or her) a sensual massage either with your hands or using a massager or even both. You can pour the oil on your hands first and then apply in on your partner's skin or you can poor the oil on the skin right from the jar. The instruction states that the oil temperature becomes kindly warm, never hot.

The Amorous Massage Candle is above all a candle, so you can use it without giving a massage. You can use the Amorous Massage Candle as a moisturizer in order to make your skin nourished, soft, smooth and pleasantly scented. It contains soybean oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil and palm oil, which are good for the skin.

The Amorous Massage Candle is perfect for traveling - it is compact and solid, so it won't leak, unlike the ordinary massage oil. So you can take the romantic atmosphere on a trip with you.

The Amorous Massage Candle is for external use only. Do not use it as a personal lubricant and do not eat it. The Amorous Massage Candle comes in a glass container, which warms up when the candle is lit, so be careful and place the candle on heat-resistant surfaces. There are some other warnings on the package: keep the candle out of reach of children; do not leave the candle burning unattended; keep the candle away from flammable materials.
    • Massage
    • Mood enhancer

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

While the Amorous Massage Candle is not lit it looks like a cream, one of those women use for their faces. When you touch the candle it really feels like a cream, though much more solid than ordinary creams. Still you can dip into the candle with your finger and even scoop some of it. It feels creamy and a bit oily.


Before the Amorous Massage Candle I used the Lelo massage oil, so while using the Amorous Massage Candle I was subconsciously comparing them. Here in the texture section I am also describing the Amorous Massage Candle in comparison with the Lelo oil, because I didn't have much experience with other oils and that's the only way I can characterize the texture.

When you light the Amorous Massage Candle, it starts melting and turns into a massage oil. The oil is rather thick and oily, I'd even say it is little greasy, but definitely not sticky and it is not very runny. When you blow the Amorous Massage Candle out, the oil becomes cream again. The oil solidifies quite fast, maybe for this reason it is not very runny. Of course it won't solidify on your skin during the massage, it becomes solid in the jar if you don't touch it.
    • Creamy
    • Oily
    • Thick

Taste / Aroma

The Amorous Massage Candle has the orchid aroma. I am so in love with it. The candle stays on my table permanently and I like to smell it from time to time. When the candle is lit it flings the orchid aroma over the room. It is not very strong, but definitely noticeable, especially when you leave the room for a while and come back some time later.

The melted oil's aroma is quite strong, but not heavy or annoying at all. I felt it during the whole massage session and I could smell it on my skin for several hours after the massage. It wasn't too intense – I could definitely smell it, but other people need to come very close to smell the aroma.

The candle is not edible, so I didn't taste it and I don't recommend you doing it either.
    • Smells good


When lit, the Amorous Massage Candle melts quite fast - about 15 minutes is enough for a good back massage session. The promised burn time is 36 hours. I didn't sit with the watch on it, but it looks like the truth. I tried pooring the oil both right from the jar on my (or my partner's) skin and on my (or my partner's) hands first. I can tell you that the oil is not burning hot, but it is hot. If your skin is temperature sensitive you'd better ask your partner to poor the oil on his (or her) hands before applying it on your skin. But if you like hot sensations, your partner can poor the oil right from the jar. I enjoyed both variants. The only problem was that due to the oil not being very runny, it is hard not to spot the jar with it, so I had to wash it away from the jar every time, because it was oily.

When I was doing the massage the oil felt smooth and pleasant under my fingers and my partner also felt really good, but it didn't soak into the skin after about 30 minutes of the massage session, though I didn't use very much of the oil. After the massage I felt a strong desire to wash the oil away from my hands, which I did with warm water and soap.

When I was given a massage with the Amorous Massage Candle I also felt really good during the whole process - the oil felt nice on my skin, my partner's hands glided over it smoothly, the scent was pleasant. But after the massage I couldn't wear a T-shirt, because my back felt oily. So you may want either take a shower or at least wipe your skin with a towel - wet or dry. Dry towel was quite enough for me and it didn't destroy the scent.

I don't really like to use the Amorous Massage Candle as a moisturizer, because it is too greasy for me and takes too much time to soak in, but I do like applying it on my skin because of the scent, so I use it as a moisturizer only when I have plenty of time and proper mood. Often, after applying the oil on my skin, I wipe it with a dry towel and the towel absorbs the orchid scent, which I really like.
    • Long lasting
    • Needs to be washed off with soap and water


The Amorous Massage Candle comes in a 3.4 fl. oz. (100 ml) glass container with a rubber cap, which closes the container on the top securely. On the cup there is a "love yourself" series symbol. On the glass container there is a red (with little white and silver) label with the name of the product on it. On the bottom of the container there is a label with the instructions how to use the candle in English and German, manufacturer information and volume. The weight of the candle is 0.75 lb.


The container comes in a red (again with little white, silver and even fuchsia) cardboard box with some information about the product and the manufacturer and also a picture of a woman giving a man the massage. Inside of the box there is an instruction in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Dutch and Polish. In the instruction there is also information about other Fun Factory's sensual body love line ("love yourself" series) products.

    • Travel friendly
    • Very informative packaging
    • Would make a nice gift


The Amorous Massage Candle is my first massage candle, and I didn't regret having it for a moment. I am totally in love with the orchid aroma and I really enjoy the feeling of smooth, warm massage oil on my skin. The package is very beautiful and I associate it with romance and passion. I would definitely think of the Amorous Massage Candle if I were looking a gift for my friend.

I had a nice experience with this candle. After my partner gave me a massage I laid my back right on the pillow. After some time when I went to bed, I was pleasantly surprised that the pillow absorbed the aroma and I could smell it during the night - I really enjoyed it. The same thing you can use with the towels - if you wipe your skin after the massage the towel will absorb the orchid aroma.

While I was doing pictures for this review, I scooped some amount of candle to show you the texture. When I put I back there still was some amount left on my finger and instead of washing it away I thought I could wipe it by my own skin - like a solid perfume! Now I use it like this almost every day.
Follow-up commentary
I still enjoy giving and receiving massages with this candle. I tried other candles and I found them pretty the same by texture, maybe little thinner, but as for the aroma I didn't find anything better than the Amorous massage candle so far. I will definitely continue using it and plan buying more.
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