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This "Love Stuff" Feels... ?

Most likely the hubby and I will not use this again... at least not too often. It smells good, lasts long, and makes for a great massage. You can't ask for much more... except maybe NOT to include Glycerine in the ingredients? Hah!
Long-lasting, Warms on contact, Smells good
Bad for people with sensitive skin, NOT intended for use on genitals
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Love Stuff Warming Massage Oil is a great massage oil for your regular body massage (as long as you don't have eczema, sensitive skin, etc.). It shouldn't be used on the genitals, as it contains Glycerine which is known to cause UTI's and yeast infections, primarily in women. However, if you're looking for a great back massage, this is the stuff!

I wasn't too happy about the rash I got AFTER using this product, nor was my hubby, so if you have sensitive skin or eczema, steer clear of this product. It was good while it lasted though. We have found that if you wash directly after use, it really gets rid of the risk for rash. The husband and I were able to use this again as long as we showered immediately after use... and I mean IMMEDIATELY!!! IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

So yes, there are definitely allergy concerns. I suppose it is the Glycerine and sugar, but it could be the flavoring. Just in case, here are the 4 simple ingredients in which you may be allergic to:

Glycerin, Flavor, Water, Sucralose (they left out whatever warming agent is added)

Like I said... most likely the 3 ingredients (not including WATER).

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The texture of this oil is slightly sticky... only SLIGHTLY. It feels a bit like corn syrup, but has those oily qualities. I could compare it to Kama Sutra's Oil of Love - they are almost the SAME product, aside from the warming aspect. It feels thick, but easily pours and can fall right through your hands if you aren't careful. A little is a lot with Love Stuff Warming Massage Oil, so only use what you really need. You'll end up using too much and regret it! The bottle can easily be squeezed which makes for easy pouring, and the viscosity adds to that. So once again, be careful.

The oil itself rubs very nicely onto the skin. It warms on contact and feels amazing when used for your regular massage. I actually took this with me to my massage therapist and asked her to use it and she seriously considered buying an entire box full of this stuff for her clients. However, I mentioned the eczema thing and she changed her mind! It allows you to massage your partner without slipping and sliding, and still having all the sensations of a good hands-on massage.
    • Greasy
    • Sticky
    • Thick

Taste / Aroma

This massage oil was scented in vanilla, but also TASTES like vanilla. I'm not sure if it was meant to be edible, but it's very sweet and you wont get any sort of nasty aftertaste if you end up licking your partner down after a long massage session. It's VERY sugary and like I mentioned, reminds me a whole lot of Kama Sutra's Oil of Love in Vanilla.

The scent is actually much lighter than I expected it to be... but it's great. I always hate when products smell TOO MUCH. Then you just end up with a headache and everything is a mess. This oil had just the right amount of scent to make the massage sensual, without making you want to run to the bathroom and vomit. You can easily smell it if it is 3 feet away from you, but after that the scent is far from noticeable.

From my husband's point of view, the scent was VERY strong. Now don't worry, I don't have any clogged sinuses... he's just a little more sensitive to scents. He says it didn't bother him at all, it was just very strong and he claims he could smell it on us even after we showered for half an hour together. I didn't smell it after the shower, but that's just his opinion.


The oil lasts a LONG time before the skin starts to absorb it. I believe we had a good hour-long massage and the oil was still easily felt on the skin. We actually had to shower right after the session because it was so greasy/sticky feeling. Good news is, this stuff washes off super easily. You really don't even need soap and it just comes off! But of course, it's always good to use some sort of cleanser when you are using products like this.

I think what I liked most was the products ability to last a long time. I hate having to reach for bottles over and over to reapply the product, whatever that product may be. (Lube, massage oil, lotion, etc.) In the end, YES, things were a little sticky and bothersome, but you have to give this stuff an applaud for lasting so long! Over an hour and still going strong!

What I HATED about this product was that my skin itched for days after use. I now have an eczema rash all over my legs, and my husbands arms are enflamed with eczema as well. We both had it as children, and occasionally we'll get a break out from a certain product. So basically, this isn't a good product for people with eczema. I suppose it's the Glycerine or the flavor/scent.


The product comes to you in the very bottle shown above. It is wrapped in a plastic seal (the entire bottle) that you have to break, which is a pain. However, it does keep your bottle from leaking or getting damaged during shipping so I didn't mind. There is a seal on the inside of the cap that you remove, very similar to the seals you find on bottles of lotion and whatnot. No biggie!

The bottle is very discreet, and from afar it looks like any other bottle of lotion that someone would own. It doesn't SCREAM sex unless you look at it closely and notice that it "warms on contact". Even then any person could understand that some people just want some warmth with their massage!

The bottle seals nicely and is perfect for travel. There is no risk of leakage as the cap sticks tightly and it takes effort to open the bottle. So this is a great bottle to keep in a dresser drawer, suit case, purse, or even in your car! You do want to keep it from getting too hot, as it can ruin the product.

Personal comments

- Warms on contact (Warming Oil)

- Long lasting, great for massages

- NOT good for use on genitals as it contains Glycerine

- NOT good for people with eczema. Causes rash and irritation. People with sensitive skin of any type should take caution.


I had a good experience with this massage oil as far as the actual massage went. I can't say that I enjoyed the eczema break out that happened after that, nor did my hubby. We're still itching and scratching and I think that basically ruined this product for us. It smelled great, felt great, and lasted long... but the side effects were awful. We have to give this one a NO!
Follow-up commentary
I don't like this anymore at all. I keep getting a rash when I use it so I can't have it on my body at all. My hubby is using up the last of it himself. He likes it as a jack off lubricant now. As long as he doesn't get any on his arms and washes it off immediately after use, he is fine. But God forbid it touch his arm - he's got a rash lasting over a week.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Valentinka
    Oh, I'm so sorry you got a rash from it... Thanks for warning, I'll stay away from this stuff.
    Great review!
  • K101
    Aw how awful about the rash! Thanks for such a great, detailed review. I actually almost purchased this for a family member as a gift recently and decided against it for a higher quality massage oil/lube. Now I'm very glad I did! Those ingredients are just too much for me to even consider. It seems they could really do better in that area. Thanks for such a lovely review, as always
  • Eva Schwaltz
    Sucks you got a rash. I dislike sticky stuff, so I think I'll pass on this oil.
  • Peggi
    sorry that you ended up with a bad reaction to this! Sucralose is an irritant for eczema, so my bet would be on that!
  • arewehavingfun?
    We are not fans of "sugars" being slathed on our bodies.
  • oldman
    We don't care for Cal Exotics products in general.
  • oldman
    We don't care for Cal Exotics products in general.
  • Blooddragon
  • Nirelan
  • nannaof3
    Thanks for sharing
  • geliebt
    Thanks for the review!
  • Missmarc
    Thank you for the review, glad it's so effective!
  • Peaches2000
    Not thrill about the allergic reaction. I tend to have sensitive skins, so that's no good. Thanks for the head up!
  • ryse
    thanks for this review
  • Teaser
    Thanks for the warning! I think I'll pass on this. Don't need a rash.
  • PassionCpl
    Thanks for the honest review (and 'rash' warnings)!
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