Satin sugar all-purpose treatment balm - body moisturizer by Cake Beauty - review by Coralbell

Satin sugar all-purpose treatment balm

Body moisturizer by Cake Beauty

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This Stuff is the Balm!

Satin Sugar All-Purpose Balm lives up to it's name, and works well for a variety of uses. It is a great lip balm, and those with very dry skin will find plenty of uses for it. It's a bit pricey, but the tub will last a long time.
Very moisturizing
Long lasting
Pleasant scent that's not overwhelming
Paraben free
Can be a bit hard to get out
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Satin Sugar All-Purpose Treatment Balm can be used as a moisturizer all over the body. I bought it to use mainly as a lip balm, but it also works very well on my dry elbows. The package also suggests using it on knees, hands, cuticles, heels, dry spots, and frizzy ends.

The balm is 86% shea butter, and 12% bee's wax, with the rest made up of parfum, and phenoxyethanol (a preservative.)

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The balm is a creamy white colour. It has a waxy texture, and is quite hard while it is in the tub. It can be difficult to scoop out of the tub, and I found it worked best to run my finger around the edge of the tub to get a dab. If you just rub your fingers on top, you'll get very little product. Once you get it out of the tub and onto the skin, it starts to melt as it warms up and is rubbed in. It feels very moisturizing, and is on the heavy side. It doesn't feel greasy, and doesn't leave the skin shiny. It partially absorbs, but leaves a protective coating on the skin. On the lips the balm is similar in texture to Good Clean Love Body Candy, but it is harder in the container.

Taste / Aroma

The Satin Sugar line is supposed to smell like Baked Lemon Sugar. It does have a nice sweet, lemony scent. It doesn't really remind me of baked goods, or anything else I've smelled. The scent isn't very strong. It's noticeable when I hold the container up to my nose, and while I'm applying it, but after that I really don't notice it, even when I'm wearing it on my lips. The lack of scent will probably be disappointing to some people, but I'd rather have something that's pleasant but barely noticeable than something that's overwhelming.

The product isn't really flavoured. It tastes a bit lemony, but mostly just has a "balm" taste, and leaves a waxy feeling on your tongue. This isn't the sort of lip balm that makes you want to lick your lips.


I mainly use Satin Sugar as a lip balm. I find it is a lot more moisturizing than most lip balms are. I usually leave it by my bed and use it on my lips every night. My lips are really dry, but they always feel silky smooth in the morning, after I use this. I can still feel it on my lips when I wake up. When I have worn it during the day, I found it lasted about 4 hours before I wanted to reapply. It doesn't last as long when I'm awake, since I'm talking, drinking, etc. After about 4 hours my lips don't feel dry, but it feels like the protective coating is gone. I hate having bare lips and always need to have something on them, so other people might not need to reapply as often as I do.

The only other area on my body that really gets dry is my elbows. They get itchy, and the skin looks white and flaky. Satin Sugar works really well on them. I only need to use a tiny dab. It alleviates the itch, makes the skin soft and smooth, and takes away the flaky appearance. It lasts until I shower. It is much more moisturizing than any lotions or body butters I have used in the past.

I tried using it on my hands, just to test it out, but it felt too heavy for me. I rarely use even a light hand lotion, so I just don't need something this heavy duty there.

I also tried using this on the ends of my hair. I have pretty soft, fine hair, but I do have some dry split ends, since I straighten or curl my hair regularly, and I haven't gotten a trim in several months. I found the balm was too heavy for my hair too. It made the ends look a bit greasy, and made it so that I couldn't easily brush or run my fingers through my hair without them getting caught. I would only recommend it as a hair product for those with extremely dry ends. A silicone serum works much better for me.


Satin Sugar Balm comes in a transparent, tan, plastic tub with a pink and white label. It has a screw off lid. It contains 2 oz of product, which is fairly large. Since you only need to use a small amount of the product, it will last for quite a while.

The label on the back has a description of the product, and the ingredient list. Cake products are made in Canada. It is "tested on beauty junkies" instead of animals. The packaging can be recycled. The balm expires 12 months after opening.
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  • Love Perpetua
    Excellent review, thanks! You really covered everything I'm glad the scent isn't overpowering, and this sounds nice.
  • Katelyn
    Great job Coralbell!! You are cranking out these reviews : )
  • Coralbell
    Love Perpetua - Thanks! Glad I was able to cover everything you wanted to know.

    Katelyn - I've got a bunch of things that I've been testing and taking notes on, so I'm finally getting around to getting some reviews up on them.
  • K101
    Outstanding photos of this! You can see the product just perfectly on your finger! Loved this review! I wish my darn camera would show up so well. This actually sounds pretty neat. I might just have to order some.
  • tigerkate
    Great review! Thanks I have been considering getting this. My hands get so dry and red from washing them so much.. I've been trying just about everything to help them out! I have put this on my list!
  • Tagmstr
    Thanks for the review!
  • Coralbell
    Kendra - Thanks! Does your camera have a macro setting? Mine has a button with a little flower symbol on it, and it's really helpful for getting close up pictures.

    Tigerkate - It would be great for really dry hands!
  • Kitka
    Great review! Thanks for sharing the photos.
  • Coralbell
    DynamicKitty - Thanks! Glad the pictures will helpful.
  • Coralbell
    Glad the pictures were helpful. We need an edit button on here!
  • deltalima
    Nice review. Not sure about this as I have long nails.
  • kz916
    Great review.
  • Coralbell
    Deltalima - You're right, it probably wouldn't work well with long nails.

    kz916 - Thanks!
  • eeep
    Great review. So sad this has been discontinued, It sounds great.
  • Coralbell
    Eeep- I really don't understand why this was discontinued. It got good reviews, and was only here for a few weeks. You can always get it elsewhere if you're really interested though.
  • octoberrain
    Thanks for the review!
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