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Weighted For Your Pleasure

The Weighted Nipple Clamps are made of metal and PVC not Latex. The weight on the clamps helps add to the bite of the clamps. These are also adjustable. They have their cons, but overall these are a great set of clamps for a reasonable price.
Weighted, nice bite, great price, and adjustable.
Phthalates, porous tips, chain could be longer and reaction I had.
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The Weighted Nipple clamps are known as clothespin style clamps. This is because of the type of clamp used for the closure is like a clothes pin.

There are a few different kinds of nipple clamps. Clothes Pin Style, Clover Clamps, and Tweezer Style. Each type of clamp style can come with the clamps attached by a chain, separate, or Y-style. These are Y-style clamps.

Y-style clamps are a pair of nipple clamps that are attached with a chain, but have a third chain that either has a clit clamp, cock ring, or weight at the end. These weight clamps have a weight.

Material / Texture

The product page lists these clamps as Metal and Latex. However, talking on the forum with Cal Exotics, we learn that these clamps are made of Metal and PVC.

Metal is a non-porous material that is free of latex and phthalates. It can hold temperatures from it's surroundings. Therefore, is great for temperature play. You can completely clean the metal with boiling or a 10% bleach solution.

The Tips of the clamps are made of PVC, not latex as the product page says. (Please check the forum post about it. It's also noted on the manufacturers product page.) PVC stands for Polyvinyl chloride. This is a porous material that doesn't contain latex. It does contain phthalates as phthalates are what is used to soften plastics. However, in a recent post from Cal Exotics, they explain that if their product contains phthalates it's below 0.1%. While the product page labels this material as phthalates free, this isn't true. Straight from Al Bloom....

"Please remember that phthalates have been used, and continues to be safely used, in many applications in our everyday life, including hospitals. It is the only way to soften PVC, hard plastics, and stabilize many cosmetic products.

The fact is, people are concerned about what they use in and on their bodies. Because of that concern, not the hard data which negated most of the studies, we took action. The fact that a PVC contains less than .1% by volume in a hard plastic to make it soft and pliable, is under the strict guidelines (same as for hospital supplies like IV lines, IV bags, disposable syringes) we feel very comfortable designating it Safe and Pure for some of our products."

These PVC covers are smooth and rubber like. They help make the clamps more comfortable during use. If you remove the covers, you can see the Alligator teeth on each clamp. If you are looking for more of a bit, using them like this might be for you.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

Each 1.75" long clamp is designed like a clothespin with Alligator teeth. These teeth are covered with black PVC tips. They open just like a clothespin, but they can lock with the screw that is through the clamp. This is to adjust to the size and bit needed for each user. The clamps open up 0.5". This clamps are chained together with a 10" chain. In the middle of this 10" chain is the third chain. The third chain has a weight at the bottom. This weight has a clip above it, so you can decide to weight down the pressure or not. The Weight weighs 0.4lbs.

These clamps will fit best on nipples 0.5" or smaller. I have 0.5" in diameter nipples and these clamps do fit.

Care and Maintenance

To clean these clamps you will need to remove the PVC tips and the weight. Clean the metal with a 10% bleach solution or boil them and dry them completely so they don't rust. The Weight won't need cleaning unless fluids got on it. I recommend wiping it with a toy wipe. The PVC tips should be washed with soap and water or toy cleaner. Be careful they don't fall down the drain.

Once these clamps are clean, you should store them away discreetly. I store all of my nipple clamps in a Crown Royal bag with a draw string.

Should you decide to use lube, you should only use water or silicone based lubes.


I absolutely love these clamps as nipple clamps. They are my second favorite type of clamps. I love my clover clamps when my nipples aren't too sensitive, but when they are too sensitive, I use these clamps. The pinch without pinching too hard, but the weight drags them down. I find myself picking up the weight and dropping it just to feel the weight. I absolutely love that feeling!

I do have a few complaints. The chain could have been longer to reach from nipple to nipple. 10" plus the 1.75" clamp means that nipple to nipple you only have 13.5". Whenever I move from side to side or go to lay on my back from sitting, the clamps come undone because they chain is too short. 15-20 would be more ideal in my opinion.

I have recently discovered clit clamps, so I always try my nipple clamps as clit clamps. This was a huge mistake on my part. Like I said in the material section, the product page lists these as Latex. I've used condoms and gloves before, so I knew Latex wouldn't be an issue for me. However, when I clamped it onto my clit burning started happening almost right away. So, I removed them and took a shower. I thought I had somehow developed a latex allergy. But, I figured I would double check the material. The packaging didn't list the material, so I had to contact Cal Exotics. They are the ones that told me these were PVC. I am going to make the assumption that my kitty is sensitive to phthalates. I didn't have this issue with my nipples just my clit.
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  • travelnurse
    Thanks for the review, not good about the burning!!
  • js250
    Thanks for the info on the phthalates!! Great review!
  • unfulfilled
    I learned alot about clamps in this review, thank you for sharing Beck. I have the Y-style clamp with clitoral clamp from PHS International and this helped inform me alot. I'm not taking my stoppers off though, I don't want anymore bite to them.
  • Isabel0329
    I bought these awhile back but totally didn't put two and two together about PVC and phthalates. Guess these are going to the back of the closet. :-/
  • *Camoprincess*
    Thanks for the review and the heads up I wouldn't buy these but good to know the materials for a just in case thing!
  • PeaceToTheMiddleEast
    Thanks for sharing!
  • Mikemanz
    nice review
  • skeeterlynn
    That's for the review and material correction! Sucks about your reaction
  • kitty1949
    Thanks for the review... these look neat!
  • Sodom and Gomorrah
    Thanks for the great review!
  • Kitka
    Oh no, sorry to hear you had a reaction to these while clamped down below, that's not fun at all. Thanks for correcting the material info on these and sharing the photos!
  • Beck
    Thank you all!
  • wetone123
    Great review Beck! Thank you so very much for letting us know about the real materials used in making these clamps. Great info and pictures! Sorry about the burning of your kitty. You put a lot of work and research into this review and I appreciate it!
  • ginainohio78
  • JoshJosh123
    Great review thanks
  • LoneOokami
    Thanks for the info.
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