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This clitoral lubricant from JO lubricants is great for an extra boost of sensation. It starts off cooling and then gets warm and tingling. This will even turn you on if you are not aroused at all! You don't need a lot to apply this so the tube will last you a long time also.
Cooling/warming/tingling sensations, quick onset time, long lasting, safe for those with herpes
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Ever need that extra boost to get fully aroused? Ever want your sensation to be a bit more than just adequate? Wild Clitoral Gel by JO is designed for women who need or want an extra sensation. A small amount of the minty gel applied to the clitoris will cause a unique warming and cooling sensation that tingles and brings blood to engorge the area, making the clitoris more sensitive. It is silicone based so be sure to not use with silicone toys, unless you apply a condom beforehand. The gel is free of hormones and L-Arginine. This is great for those with genital herpes. L-arginine causes an increase in outbreaks. It is also PH balances so that it works well with your biology.


Polydimethylsiloxane, Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane, Dimethylsiloxane hydroxyl-terminated, Peppermint, Oleoresins capsicum
    • Foreplay
    • Mood enhancer

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This is advertised as a gel, but the consistency isn't as thick as you would think it would be. It is easy to apply and massage the pea size amount that is needed into the clitoris. It easily is dispensed from the tube and you only get the amount you need. It stays in place and doesn't run. It also doesn't stay on the fingers by feeling greasy or sticky.
    • Smooth
    • Thick

Taste / Aroma

It smells like fresh peppermint! I absolutely love this smell especially since it smells natural. It doesn't taste like peppermint however. I was worried that the gel would cause my tongue to feels weird but when I tried it, it didn't even tingle and was tasteless. This makes me think that if you wait a while for the effects, oral could be performed.
    • Light smell
    • No taste
    • Smells good


To use this gel, you initially cut off the plastic end of the dispenser. Lightly apply pressure to dispense about a pea size amount onto a finger. Then use your finger to massage the gel into your clitoris. The packaging says that it takes 3-5 minutes to take effect, but I felt it almost immediately. It took maybe 15 seconds. At first it starts off as a cooling sensation, then after about 2-3 minutes it turns into a warming sensation that starts to tingle. The first time I tried this I applied it when I was not aroused at all. Within minutes I was pawing at my partner.

I really liked this because it wasn't too overwhelming like other enhancement gels I have tried. It didn't distract from pleasure and truly enhanced it. I was brought to orgasm quicker than normal, and the ride there was so much more intense but my orgasms seemed the same. I still enjoyed the product especially on the time I used it when I was not aroused. Using it on my nipples produced the same sensations but at a lesser degree. The packaging says that it lasts up to 45 minutes. It really did last that long. The sensation kind of cap off at about a half an hour, but I noticed any level of sensation up to about an hour. The sensations went away about 2 minutes after washing it off with soap and water.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Not compatible with all materials
    • Performance


The gel comes in simple yet effective packaging. The tube is held in a cardboard case with vibrant red and black colors. The front says the name of the product and what it is, while the back has the directions and warnings in a few different languages followed by the ingredients.

Inside is the opaque tube of gel. It holds 10cc which is approximately 0.34 fluid ounces. If you really want this to be effective and use the amount I suggested, I think this tube will last for 30-40 applications. Possibly more or less depending on your sensitivity level. Since it is small, it is great for travel. The top has a cap to make sure it doesn't leak. It is also discreet. There is very little written on the tube.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Easy to use / dispense

Personal comments

This clitoral gel comes in 4 different levels: light, mild, wild, and atomic. I have both the mild and wild. After my experience I found that this version was best for me despite what I previously thought. If you are like me and feel you are relatively sensitive, I recommend this version. If you are not, you should try the Atomic gel instead. And likewise, if you are VERY VERY sensitive, try the mild version.

I am giving this product 5 stars. It worked quickly and lasted a long time. The cooling and warming sensation felt great but were not too intense that that distracted from my pleasure. It is a great product for any one wanting a unique and heightened sensation even if they don't need it.
Follow-up commentary
This is the best clitoral enhancement gel I have used so far (I've tried about 5 of them). It lasts the longest and needs the least amount of application, which also means that the small tube will last a long time. It has never been irritating to my partner or I and the tube hasn't leaked in anyway either. I think I'll be getting more of this if it ever runs out.
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