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Give your Love Life a Tilt

The Tilt is a good sex positioning pillow that uses a nice, soft and supportive foam core while providing curves in the foam that work for being comfortable for doggy-style positions. The usefulness of this pillow really does depend on your own body weight though.
Cover is easy to remove, squishyness makes it comfortable, curves form to woman's body
Doesn't support larger women well
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The Tilt is a sex positioning foam pillow made by Love Bumper. (Which is prety much Liberator's main competition.) It comes in a wide variety of colors including blue, black, dark green, grey, yellow, sensual purple, and the red, but EdenFantasys only carries the red. It has a length of a little over twenty inches and is sixteen inches wide. The height comes up to about seven inches tall (which isn't all that tall). The inside is made from the firm foam while the outside of the Tilt is covered in a removable polysuede cover.

The Tilt doesn't come in any sort of specific packaging. It comes surrounded by a piece of firm plastic that comes off easily since the two ends of the plastic are only taped together. Underneath the firm plastic, there is a print-page of instructions and features of the Tilt. This includes the product features, other products in the Love Bumper family, how to remove the cover, and best of all - positions that will be improved by the Tilt (as "acted out" by two little stick figures. It's hilarious.)

Basically, the Tilt (like the Wedge) comes in two different layers. At the core, there's the foam that actually serves to give the pillow its shape. Outside of that, there's the water-resistant barrier (looks like a type of nylon) that can be removed, but honestly, there's no reason to ever remove it. On top of that, there's the layer that you can see which is the polysuede cover that can easily (and should be) removed after use to throw into the washer and dryer for cleaning. Something of note - unlike the Wedge, the full pillow's top layer does not remove. If you notice, along where the gray meets the red, there's a zipper. You undo the zipper on box sides (along with the velcro on the backside), and the red portion just lifts off the gray part to throw into the dryer. It's easy to do, and while I'm not sure why Love Bumper chose to do it this way, it does keep from having a zipper in your washer.

What positions does this work for? We mostly use it to elevate the hips in the missionary position and honestly not much else. It compacts quite a bit and doesn't be as useful as it could though. (I make a note about how my weight affects this towards the end of this review.) Other positions this can be used for is for bending the woman over it for doggy styles to elevate the hips as well as well as supporting the head and neck if you want to use it to give oral sex.

Something else the website mentions is that the Tilt can be used together with the Lil Pony (sold here on EF - meant to be used as a vibration assistant during doggy style) to support the front-half of the body while the lower half is riding the Lil Pony pillow.

Compared to the Wedge, (which is the main rival of this pillow) the boyfriend and I agree that the Tilt definitely has more squish to it. The foam seems to squish under weight more than the Wedge does. The Tilt also has a soft incline - the Wedge is smaller in length and is thus, steeper. Jor says that the Wedge has a softer cover (microfiber), and I would tend to agree with him - the polysuede on the Tilt is soft, but it's not amazingly soft. (It does get a bit softer after having been washed though.) Both of us agree that the Tilt is easier for bending over (instead of laying your hips up at an incline with your back on the floor) because of the nice curve in the pillow instead of the straight angle that the Wedge uses.

So comparatively, between the two, I'd have to say I'll go with the Wedge. Not because this is a bad pillow - it isn't. But it's a bad pillow for a 280 pound girl. Because of the squishier foam, this compacts down a lot more than the Wedge does under my weight - thus making it less effective. (I usually use this for elevating my hips, so this doesn't work well for that under weight.) The less extreme curve also means that my weight is more balanced out among my hips and back so that more of my weight rests upon the Tilt than does with the Wedge. However, for positions that require bending over (which we don't do), this one would be much more comfortable.
Care of this is really easy - you just unzip the sides and remove the removable polysuede cover. It goes into the washer to wash (and dryer if you prefer though you can let it hang-dry as well). It's safe with any sort of lubricants or wet play because the Tilt includes that water-proof barrier to keep the foam from getting harmed. For storage, it doesn't come with any sort of a storage bag, so you should keep it covere to be discreet or lie and say it's a body pillow.

So, really, between the two, I'd recommend the Tilt if you are looking for some bending-over action and the Wedge if you are looking for something to elevate your hips during missionary. If you are a plus-size woman, you possibly may want to consider how squishy this foam is before purchasing it - it won't provide as much support because it does compact more. However, the squishyness is definitely more comfortable than the Wedge if you are less than about 180 pounds because it has give while still providing support. So really, in the decision between the Wedge and the Tilt, it comes down to your own weight and what you plan on using it for. However, the Tilt is a very nice, squishy, comfortable sex positioning pillow that does provide nice curves to help be more comfortable.


As a note, for usefulness for me, this would get a worse rating than four stars. Since we pretty much only do missionary or woman-on-top while never doing doggy style, this doesn't have much use for me personally. However, I chose the 4-star rating because it isn't really a problem with the pillow. For regular-sized women, this pillow is actually more comfortable than the leading competitor's pillows. Just for plus-sized women (and myself) this may not provide the support you need.
Follow-up commentary
I still like the Tilt. It's a good positioning pillow - but it isn't the best for me, just because of my weight. It does feel really nice and soft, but unless it's my skinny boyfriend who will be using it, it just doesn't have the firmness that I need to actually help hold my weight and achieve the position.

After two months of irregular use, the Tilt does look just fine though. We've had no problem taking off and putting back on the removable cover after washing. It has held up really nicely. :)
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