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Position pillow by Love Bumper

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Pinball Tilt Bad... Sex Tilt EXCELLENT

A great product that really does improve how everything feels as well as help relieve lower back , hip, and neck strain.
Stability, firmness, comfort it provides.
The sides being a different material.
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The Tilt™ is a sensual cushion manufactured by Love Bumper, a company from our neighbors in the Great White North. Leave it to the Canadians to come up with a way to stay warm and have fun during those long cold Canadian winters. Love Bumper has seven different pieces of furniture in their product line of various sizes and functions. The Tilt™ is a “wedge” shaped cushion that is designed to place the body in a comfortable position that maximizes support and alignment for deep penetration and G-spot stimulation during sexual activity. It also comes with an illustrative position guide to help with position ideas but certainly is not limited to those positions!

The Tilt™ consists of three parts; a foam shape, a fixed water-resistant cover, and a removable and washable cover. The foam shape is very firm and supportive and has maintained its shape quite well after some heavy use. The fixed cover has PVC side panels and a polyester middle that forms the moisture barrier that keeps the foam shape from getting wet. The fixed cover is easily wiped clean with a damp cloth if necessary and is not meant to be removed form the foam shape (read that on the tag after I took it off of the foam shape but it did go back on easily enough). The removable cover is made from machine washable polyester and is meant to be washed in cool water, no bleach, and laid out flat to dry (no dryer). I washed it on the gentle cycle even though the care instructions do not mention what setting to wash the cover on. The cover is a tight fit so I recommend following the care instructions to prevent the cover from shrinking. All of the covers are connected with zippers so disassembly and assembly are quick and easy.

The Tilt™ does appear to have a top and bottom appearance because of where the removable cover separates to allow for removal for cleaning. After trying the cushion with both sides up I could not feel the seam so it really is only a visual thing and it does not take away from the way the cushion feels. The PVC sides are a little bit of a distraction from a touch perspective but it does serve as a cue that you are close to the edge. The shape of the cushion and rounded edges provided excellent support and stability and at no time did I feel like I would slide or fall off. I have experienced that feeling with another “wedge” shaped pillow so I really was pleased with how this one performed. Our overall experience with The Tilt™ was a very positive one and I know there will be many more to come.
Hers: Could really relax on the pillow once I knew I would not have that falling off feeling. Every position we tried allowed for a very "filling" and stimulating sensation and yes it really does provide for direct G-spot contact. It also helped keep his neck from getting sore when he was warming me up

His: The support the cushion provides allowed for his hands to roam free as well as balance himself during some hard and deep thrusting. Even though all of the pictures in guide had the woman on the cushion he used it as well and was able to enjoy the fruits of her labor as well.
Follow-up commentary
The Tilt pillow continues to see regular (almost constant) use in our home. In fact we are just about at the point that we don't even start anything until we have the pillow out and within arms reach. It has maintained it's firmness and provides excellent support with no signs of breakdown in the foam. We both have spent many a night lying on the Tilt enjoying what the other has to offer! It truly does help in avoiding muscle fatigue which results in longer lasting sexual activity.
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  • Backseat Boohoo
    Great review! I wonder how this would compare to a Liberator shape...?
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I love the looks of this. Much hotter than Liberator pieces by far!
  • Naughty Student
    Isn't the curve end so ingenious. I also wonder if it is more comfortable than the liberator shapes since they are more angular compared to this one.
  • Sammi
    I was wondering how this compared to the liberator shapes as well...
    Good review!
  • Peg
    BB, AR, NS, S; Since you all seem to be asking how this compares to Liberator shapes...we own the ramp and the wedge, owned them for a while now. Since this was a review of the Tilt we did not think we could compare another product in the actual review however no that you all have asked, we forund the tilt to be more comfortable than the Liberator shapes we own. The Tilt is easier to position (lighter) than the Liberator. I think the Liberator uses a heavier foam. We felt more stable on the Tilt than the Liberator shapes we have and for us the Tilt we be seeing more use than our Liberator shapes. If this was a side by side comparison Tilt vs. Wedge (since they are similar in size and function) the Tilt would be the winner in our opinion.
  • Peg
    Sorry about the speeling errors I did not have spell check checked Smile
  • tantric
    Damn, I want one. If only I could afford it (sigh). Nice review.
  • Dame Demi
    And the wish list continues to grow... Thanks for the detailed care instructions!
  • Peg
    You are welcome Dame.
  • givemeadayjaime
    It the core made of a memory foam? Or is it just very thick? Im having a hard time seeing how this could retain shape after awhile.
  • Peg
    It's not memory foam but a dense thick foam. We have used it quite regularly and have not experienced any breakdown in the material and it still has its original shape.
  • nurdgurlz
    I think this was one of the best toy reviews I have read on this site, and that is saying something because so many reviews are great. I liked this review because it answered all my original questions, and then the questions asked were answered with equally useful information. Thank yall for a great review, I am planning to make this TILT our next investment.
  • Peg
    Thank you for the compliment nurdgurlz, hope you have as much fun with this as we do Winking
  • maebey
    good review!
  • Mistress Kitten
    thanks for the review
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