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-Just The Right Amount Of Cushion-

The Try-Angle cushion is the only sex cushion that I own. I like it so much, that I'm going to look into getting the mini Try-Angle cushion very soon. Some may think the price of 139.99 and shipping of 40.00 is expensive, but I don't. If something is able to make my sex life even more enjoyable than it already is, I'm all for it. I'm always excited for the nights when we use the try-Angle cushion.
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The Try-Angle cushion by Perfect Position is the perfect cushion for couples to use during sex. Although this cushion is primarily advertised for sex, it's not the only use for this cushion. In the short amount of time that I've owned it, I've used it for watching television in my living room, and using it to place books, tablets, and laptops on. I just popped my body on it and added a pillow. It was super comfy. It could also help someone that needs to sleep propped up, or to prop feet up.

The above uses are great, but my favorite use is for the bedroom, for use by my partner and myself. I'm wondering how I got by without using this thing. With my partner and myself having so much of a height difference, this thing is amazing! I had been eyeing it for so long, and I wondered if it would truly work for us. 139.00 and 40.00 shipping is a lot for a cushion. Now that I own it, I can say that it's well worth the money. I had trouble in the past with some of our favorite positions because he was simply too tall, or I was too short to do them comfortably, or for very long periods. He is over 6'5", and I am 5'2". We had a lot of difficulty with positions, but now that we have this, everything is quite normal. This cushion is like gold, to us.
In the past when I would be on top, his hips would be too wide for me to be on top for a long time. With me being petite, it was a lot of hard work on my part. Now, he props the cushion under him and the higher end is under his hips. I can now be on top comfortably and much longer. It also makes the angle so perfect. I think I will always use this while I'm on top from now on.

Another one of my favorite uses is doggie style on the floor. The height is perfect for me to bend over. My hips or my back no longer have to do any work, and he can give me some deep thrusts. I used to wake up sore when he was a little rough, but now the cushion helps to hold up my body weight, with no effort on my part. I can now completely relax and move back and forth onto his penis, with my stomach resting on the cushion.

I call this my sexual enhancer. I've made so many new positions since owning this cushion. I'll talk about another favorite. We place the cushion on the bed and the raised side is near the bottom. My partner helps me ease down with my buttocks hanging slightly off the raised end. He gets on his knees right at the edge, and it's perfect. The cushion props me up exactly where he needs me to be, to insert himself into me at the perfect angle. Now, we don't have to pile pillows up under my hips, and I'm not straining myself to stay up on pillows. The good thing about the cushion is that it doesn't sink down like pillows do. My partner weighs 235-240 and he is thin, but muscular. The cushion doesn't sink down a lot with him on it. I weigh over 150 and the cushion doesn't sink in at all with me on it. It stays firm. I do add a pillow in for my head while my hips are up on the raised end. I'm going to use that until I purchase the mini Try-angle cushion. I've been researching these as a combo, and I think the Try-angle cushion and the mini try-angle cushion will probably work like the ramp and wedge combo from Liberator. I don't own any Liberator products but I have sampled them out while in local sex toy stores. The quality is almost the same. If I closed my eyes and someone switched them up, I wouldn't know the difference.

My overall perfect use for the cushion is during oral sex. I can lay back and have my legs open as wide as he needs. When we are on the bed, he used to have to get on the floor and put his face down near the bed or prop me up with pillows and cover them, and that was so much work. Now I just place it on the bed or floor, and put my handy dandy waterproof 'towel' under the edge. He now has free range to do what he wants and his head and neck aren't going to hurt, or feel strained. I'm propped up in the air at the right height for him to take his time. The oral sex has lasted twice as long now because he can really get to it, comfortably.

The Try-angle cushion is waterproof, with the waterproof liner inside. If you remove this liner, it wouldn't be considered waterproof anymore. I do wish they made a waterproof outer cover for this, with handles. I'm not sure if the Liberator ones would fit. I'm going to research and see about finding some waterproof covers. I did squirt and get a little fluid on the cover but I had a towel nearby. I wiped it up quickly, so it didn't seem to soak into the cover. It was dry within a few minutes. I also think it was because I keep a fan in my bedroom, and it was on at the time.

I live in a house, so it's easy for me to store it. If you live in an apartment or dorm room, it may not be functional for you to purchase this. It does take up quite a bit of room. If there are large closets in your home, this would be a great idea for storage. If your bed sits up high, you could possibly fit it under there.

With the size of the cushion, it's not going to fit your whole body, without some part hanging off. There will be knees, or feet that will have to touch the bed or floor at some point while using the cushion. So, be mindful if using on a hard floor. Maybe you can place a comforter or throw down on the hard surface.

For some people, this may seem like more trouble than it's worth. I only see it as a wonderful addition to my sex life.

Unfortunately, the Try-angle cushion is not great for travel. The large size may not fit into trunks and it will not fit in backseats. It will not fit into a plane, it will not fit into a train. It will not fit in your car. Oh, it will not fit very far.

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Design / Craftsmanship / Material

The large wedge design is perfect for all types of sexual activities. The inner material is a solid white, thick foam and it's very firm. It almost reminds you of the memory foam, except it's sturdier, and your body won't sink down into, like memory foam would. On top of the foam, there is a black zippered cover that is waterproof. This really works for keeping water or any other liquids off the foam. The outer cover is black micro-suede, and it does collect lint, hair, and dust very easily.

I really like how the cushion is covered by two zippered layers that are very protective. The inner liner is nylon and it's waterproof. The outer layer has a velvet feel and texture. It's not itchy to me, when my naked body is on top of it. My body doesn't sink down in it. I actually fit across the top, perfectly. My partner weighs about 240 and he makes am imprint in it, when he is on top. The imprint only lasts for a few seconds and then it fills back out to the original size. I really like this feature. I especially like that I don't sink down during any sexual acts. It's nice and thick and will be able to support most, or all body weights.
The storage cover with handle protects the cushion very well. It doesn't allow any liquids, dust, hair or lint to get in it. I would suggest to keep it in here at all times, when not in use. It's the perfect carrying bag.

The storage bag, Outer layer and inner layer all open and close by a zipper system. The zipper is the same on all items. The zipper is one of the heavy duty zippers, similar to the ones used on a heavy weight winter coat. The zipper is black. The foam inside is white. There is a little discoloration on parts of my cushion, but this isn't a problem for me.

The cushion is nice and wide for my body. I can hold onto the sides and have room to place my arms on the side. I only wish there had been some type of handle on the sides, like there is on the packaging. This would have made it a 10 star piece.

This is made well, and it has held up well during many sexcapades. Nothing has faded on the cushion and nothing has ripped. It appears to be sewn very well.

For storage of the cushion, I use the zippered storage bag that it arrived in. This is absolutely perfect to store it in. I sometimes use it with the cover on, when I'm using it in the family room downstairs, while watching television.

There was no smell with the cushion. The zippered liners had no smell, and the foam had no smell. It's just an all around great product!

As you can see from the photos, this product is not discreet. Although, it can blend in, inside the home, if the storage cover isn't on it. I have a king sized bed, so I can sometimes get away with it being up near my pillows.

I'm going to list the dimensions below:

Total length- 32 1/2"

Total width- 24"

Height at largest end- 11"

Height at middle- 7"

Height at smallest end- 1 1/2"

Weight- 12 pounds- Although, it does feel lighter.
    • Firm
    • Multiple ways to use
    • Well made / sturdy


This cushion exceeded my expectations. I purchased it mainly because of the height difference between my partner and myself. This worked exactly as I wanted. With the help of the Try-Angle cushion, we now have a few new positions that work out perfectly. I couldn't have asked for a better cushion.

I'm going to invest in buying the mini try-angle cushion, so I'll have something to place my head on, and also find some other positions to try with the set.

The try-angle cushion took my normal positions and made them easier to do. There was less strain on my back, and less pressure on my knees. It actually worked great on the ground, in bed, on a couch, on a large table, on the top of the steps (with some work). This cushion is extremely easy to use and carry, because of its handle.

A few times while I was using it on the bed and floor, while I was on my back, and I had my hips towards the higher end, I used a pillow to support my head. Any time that your head is down lower than your heart, you can feel dizzy because all the blood is rushing to your head. I quickly grabbed a pillow and put under my head and there was no more dizziness. I actually used a pillow during a lot of sessions with the try-angle cushion.

This really makes sex more comfortable, and it is great for experimenting with new positions. I was thrilled to find out all the new positions that I could achieve, just by using this cushion. It definitely took our sex play to a whole new level.

I'm so glad that it's in my hands now!
    • Aids in positioning
    • Comfortable during use


The Try-angle cushion arrived in a large cardboard carton. It was heavily packed with brown packing paper.

Since I'm pretty short, the box was almost as big as I am. It was definitely packaged well. The outer box, was very discreet. No one knew what I had in there. I pulled up to my house and I knew exactly what was sitting on my front porch. No one else knew, so that was a good thing.

The actual Try-Angle cushion has a clear vinyl and black nylon packaging on it. On the front, it's made of a thick clear vinyl. The back is made of a black nylon material. It's also zippered.

Inside the front, there is a large photo of a model, on the cushion. She has a bra on, and panties. She is on her stomach on the cushion, in a provocative position with her hips and bottom raised in the air on the highest end of the cushion.

The front has the 'Perfect Position' logo with a diagram of the cushion next to it. There is also a small logo that reads 'Couples Seal of Approval'.
There is also some other writing which reads 'Versatile high impact foam sex cushion supports countless configurations! Perfect for couples ready to take intimacy to the next level.'

At the bottom, there is some other information-




The Perfect Pushin' Cushion

Once I do my video review on the cushion, I'm going to trash the insert with the model on the front. There's really no need for this to be in there, after you open it.

There is an instruction manual that arrives with the cushion. It gives some information about the product, and how to care for it.

This wouldn't be something that I would pick up and take on a trip with. It's too bulky to take. If you have a large SUV, it would probably be fine to take. If you have a smaller car, I would suggest against it.

Of course this wouldn't be ideal for plane or train travel.

The inner packaging with the model can be recycled. It feels like poster board.
    • Minimal
    • Not discreet
    • Recyclable

Care and Maintenance

The try-angle cushion needs to be used away from sharp surfaces. Sharp surfaces could rip the micro-suede and inner nylon liners. The outer layer is washable, and the inner waterproof layer can be wiped down with a wash cloth. I actually used my antibacterial toy cleaner spray to wipe down the inner layer when I first received it. I also hand washed the cushion in a Woolite detergent, in cold water. I have never dried the cover in the dryer. It could shrink, because of the material used. I simply washed it by hand, and squeezed out the excess liquids, and hung out on my deck, to air dry. This seemed to work the best, for me.

The information also says that it is safe to wash in the washing machine. If so, I would use a gentle cycle.

The cushion loves to pick up lint, dust and hair. I'm rather OCD when it comes to things in my home, so I always use a clear tape to remove the hair. I just wrap the tape around my hand and then start putting my hand all over the cushion. This works well, because everything else either takes forever, or just doesn't work, period.

Most of the time when I use the cushion, I put a towel under me, so my bodily fluids don't get on it. I just fold the towel in half and place under my hips. This makes for an easy cleanup. I don't know if you're like me, but right after sex, I'm not into thoroughly cleaning a cushion.

I'm not going to lie, it's a big cushion. You are going to need to find a space for it to fit. I live in a house, so it was a little easier to know where I would store it. If you live in an apartment, or studio, think of a good space that you could use to store it.
I keep the cushion stored in my closet. I simply slide it up against the wall, with the widest part at the bottom. This works well. If your bed sits high up enough, you could place it under there. If I ever get too much in my closet, I will just store it downstairs. I'm thinking of building a shelf higher in my closet, a and just using that for the cushion.

It's also easy to wipe off, with a damp cloth, if it's not too dirty.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store

Personal comments

My partner and I are so thrilled with my purchase of the Try-Angle cushion. I couldn't have picked a better cushion to buy. I was leaning towards other ones but this one is where it's at. It's perfect height for my partner. I've included some photos below.

There is also another one who likes the cushion. I think this 'other' gets more use than I do.

I've added a photo below.


I've used the try-angle cushion over 12 times and each time we use it, we find a new position. I haven't had any bad experiences with the cushion. Both my partner and myself love the cushion equally. We have nothing bad to say about it, and it's fun to use. My partner now jokingly asks me quite frequently if we are going to use the 'cushion' tonight.
Follow-up commentary
This is the best piece of furniture that I have in my bedroom. This has helped my sex life by 100% because of the height difference between my partner and myself. This is a lifesaver!
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