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Venus balls

Vaginal balls by Dorcel

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Dorcel doesn't do much to break the mold with the Venus balls. They're still large enough to be uncomfortable for many users, and they're not made of nonporous silicone. The single cord, rather than a retrieval loop, can also add to frustration. For a few bucks more you can get the Teneo Duo Smartballs, or save a few dollars on the silicone Couture Collection option.
No smell, easy to grip, inner balls add sensation, price.
Pourous, large egg size, no looped retrieval cord.
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Dorcel's Venus balls exist to help tone your PC muscles, and some women might also enjoy them for the sensations the inner weighted balls provide. You can pop them in before you work out and let the inner balls passively provide resistance to tone muscles, or you can actively squeeze your PC muscles around them and pull on them with your finger for more variation. Ideally, strengthening these muscles can help with bladder control, G-spot sensitivity, and orgasms.

Finally, you can apply a vibrator to the Venus balls for yet another sensation. This won't help your muscles, but it can feel interesting to make the inner balls move from the vibration.

Material / Texture

The Venus balls are made of elastomer, a material that has declined in popularity since more manufacturers have begun to dabble in silicone. EdenFantasys gives this a 7 on the safety scale. It's not 100% nonporous, so you should definitely not swap them between orifices or with non-fluid bonded partners. However, the balls would probably work in a condom if you wanted to swap them. Elastomer starts out soft and additives harden it, so there's no phthalates in here!

As for texture, the balls are quite rigid, which is the case with most kegel balls. There's no give to the elastomer, but the material does dent if you poke it with something sharp like a fingernail. The indentations appear to be permanent.

The elastomer almost feels slightly tacky. It's not sticky, but you can easily grip it with your fingers. This is good for insertion, as long as you use plenty of lube where your fingers aren't grasping on to them.
    • No odor
    • Rigid
    • Somewhat porous

Design / Shape / Size

Dorcel used some interesting design choices, most of which didn't really work out. The Venus balls are two eggs shapes connected by a thin band of flexible elastomer, and a retrieval tail extends from one egg. The whole thing measures about 6.5". Each egg is about 1.75" long, and the tail is 2.25" long. The flexible piece in the center is another .5" or so. The eggs are the same shape and size and have a maximum diameter of 1.25". If you're one of the many women who find most kegel balls so large as to be awkward, then you're not going to have any better luck with Dorcel's option. They're fairly big, and having two of them makes them a little difficult to maneuver.

For reference, he's a picture of the Venus balls with Ophoria's K-Balls, which are similarly sized to Luna Beads (original) and Smartballs (original).

They can feel quite enormous when first inserted, if you have a narrower vagina or aren't experienced with kegel balls. I personally have difficulty fully inserting them. Although the elastic connector does bend to help with insertion, something like Lelo's new mini Luna Beads might be the better option if you've experienced trouble with this type of toy before. However, the larger balls rarely miss your G-spot, which is one selling point.

The elastomer is not the same thickness all the way around both eggs. It's noticeably thicker toward the inside. It then becomes thinners toward the outside of the balls, in a wavy pattern that reminds me of a broken eggshell like you'd see as part of Easter decor. This isn't something you'll feel during use, however.

The single retrieval tail is absolutely a bad idea when it comes to function. Although it widens out to a little ball at the end, the size change isn't enough to give you a truly good grip. My fingers consistently slid right off the end of the tail during removal. Many people will have the same problem when adding lube into the picture.

Color-wize, the Dorcel balls are a deep, dusky pink, not a warm, neon pink with hues of purple. My comparison photo shows the color pretty well.


Because of the size, the Venus balls will be hit or miss for consumers. If you're comfortable using large-ish kegel balls without give, go ahead and try them. If not, you might opt for the single "Twinny Balls" or another single kegel ball. Regardless, you'll want to use plenty of lube to ease insertion and removal. Elastomer is compatible with both water and silicone-based lubes, however.

Removal can also be a bit tricky with kegel balls, because they create a bit of suction within the vaginal canal. Many people recommend squatting and pushing with your PC muscles as you pull on the retrieval tail to make this easier.

I could easily feel the inner balls moving as my body moved, but your mileage may vary. The K-balls seem to have bouncier inner balls, and they're weightier as well. Some people compare the sensation to vibration, but it's not exactly like a vibrator. It very much feels like a little ball is bouncing around inside some holder inside you--oh wait! It is!

Despite the balls bouncing around, it's not so loud that anyone will hear it once inserted.

Whether your PC muscles benefit depends upon how frequently and actively you use them. You can simply pop them in for the sensations pre-run, or insert the Venus balls before you watch TV or brush your teeth, and use the downtime to get in some PC squeezes. You can wear them as long as is comfortable; however, the hardness of the balls might cause soreness after some time, so I wouldn't recommend all-day wear.

Care and Maintenance

The balls are relatively easy to clean with soap and water, but the porosity means you can't sanitize with bleach or boiling. Elastomer isn't as reactive as jelly, but you probably want to separate it from your really soft toys to prevent color leaching from happening.

As mentioned, you can use either water-based or silicone-based lubes with your Dorcel Venus balls, so pick your favorite lube and slather some on.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Dorcel's packaging is a white box with a window that lets you see the product. The Venus balls sit in a plastic tray, and the company provides some unnecessary instructions with the balls. You can recycle the cardboard and plastic separately.

Dorcel includes no storage, which is a shame. A little satin drawstring pouch would be fantastic. Because they're so small, you could easily use Don Wand's padded toy pouch in the smallest size, but the bulk might be inconvenient.
    • Minimal
    • Recyclable


It had been a while since I'd used vaginal balls. A few years, in fact. I don't know if I've used them since I became able to squirt. The Venus balls immediately pressed against my now-responsive G-spot and caused my to squirt... except, I wasn't able to expel it because of the balls. I hadn't expected this, so what followed was an awkward hover over the toilet. I manged to extract the balls, and my bathroom wasn't covered in ejaculate so... good save? My G-spot gets sensitive after squirting, so I had to remove them right away, which is when I ran into trouble with the cord.
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