Sex will never be the same....

If you have not tried a sex swing we highly recommend this one. Not only is it a great swing but you can also spin it without binding up. It is very affordable and well made.
Compact, sturdy, comfortable, adds a whole new dimension to sex.
Straps could be a little more adjustable, straps for your head or arms would be nice
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We have looked at purchasing a sex swing for quite some time but just weren't quite sure about it. We finally decided to take the plunge and WOW, are we ever glad we did. I was amazed with how small the box was when it arrived. The swing is very compact but very solidly built. We have 12' vaulted ceilings in our bedroom and did not want a stand so we opted to convert part of our master walk in closet into a play room.

The kit came with a eye bolt, spring, chain and everything else you would need to hang it. I opted to go to my local home center and pick up some 6' angle iron with holes in it at regular intervals. I then used lag bolts to mount the angle iron to the ceiling joist in our closet. From this I hung a chain from a snap ring and then hung the swing from that. This allows us to move the swing around the room and also gives us the ability to use the extra space to hang some chains and ropes to use as our own little dungeon.

We actually also purchased some different lengths of chain to allow us to more easily alter how low the swing hung (you can use a long length and move it up and down the swing, but when the swing moves you get an annoying clanging noise). The sex swing is very well made with reinforced nylon webbing. The straps are heavy duty and well padded to make it very comfortable. The bar at the top of the swing makes us a nice feature for added leverage and control. It also helps the individual in the swing something to grab onto to allow them to move around if needed.

The spring that comes with the unit is rated for 200lbs but it can be used without it just the same. You can also pick up a porch swing spring kit at a home improvement store if you would like to use it with more weight. The straps are fully adjustable and there are so many positions you can do I can't even list them all.. We are sure if you use your imagination you can think of even more than we did.
We really enjoyed our experience and even had a girlfriend come over and give it a go. She, well we, all had a great time. For an added affect, she wore a mask to cover her eyes while in the swing. After a little time, and some spinning and fucking, she said she lost track of where she was in space and felt like she was floating.. It was a great weekend and one of many we are sure to come..
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  • Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust
    What positions work best? Did you need to pick up hardware or could you put it up with just what they give you? Although you set up seems to have more options, would it work just as well the 'standard' way?

    I think it's silly of them to give you the leg harnesses but no straps for arms.
  • Contributor: her.royal.redness
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: Indycouple_4u
    The positions that work best are her sitting in the swing with him standing in front.. Great for vaginal or anal entry. I also like to sit in teh swing and have her climb on facing me, and it is great for rear entry to have her lean over the seat and use the straps for support while I enter her from behind.

    As far as hardware. You can mount it with just what they send you in the box. We just wanted more options so we bought additional hardware. It ships with a chain, eye bolt to screw into your ceiling beam or door jam, and 2 clips to mount the chain and swing. Although the arm straps would be a nice addition, it is just as good to grip the straps that you are using for your back rest.

    Hope this helps.
  • Contributor: LavenderSkies
    Thanks for the review
  • Contributor: Stephanie Marie
    Nice review!
  • Contributor: M121212
    I would like a fun closet like that.
  • Contributor: zracer
    great review
  • Contributor: Twisted Angel
    I seriously need to come play in ya'll's closet. I have looked at these for years and always wanted one, but am afraid since I am a bigger woman it would not hold me.
    Not to mention I cannot seem to get hubby past vanilla sex and I am going insane..
  • Contributor: tlaskowski
    I would really need somthing for my head! thanks for the review!
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