Upside Down, Girl(Boy) you Turn Me ----!

We find this Product Compelling and a great investment, especially to achieve a feeling of vulnerability and/or "Control", Great for Home Movies, Penetration and Oral Sex. Must be somewhat "Acrobatically Inclined".
Quite a Financial Investment, unless you plan to Use it Frequently. Hard if you have others in your home, as it must be taken down and hung up at each use! (We leave the large hook in the Ceiling Beam)
Versatile, Flexible, Inspires Creativity, Useful for Kinky Sex for Couples or Groups
Needed: well planned and carefully executed hanging strategy, Dangerous if poorly hung up!
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This Extraordinary Product Will Add "Extreme Spice" to those Adventurous enough to get it up and Working! Designed for Couples of any Sexual Stripe, this Spinning Sex Swing Requires a Very Solid Anchor point in a Ceiling or Substantial Doorway or Arch, or a separate Beefy Frame, for Safe Use. Once up and running, add "Whatever Starts Your Engine and Puts Your Imagination into Overdrive".
How about some Mild BDSM, Cunnilingus, Upside Down Fellatio. How about some Flipped Over, Bottoms-Up, Penetration with just about "Anything" to Anybody, Male or Female. How about some Face Stuffing, some Face Riding, some Dangling Boobs, Balls or Butt Cheeks. How about Splaying Your Partner Upside Down or Face up, BlindFolded, with arms and Legs Tied to the Swing and a Paddle or Belt for Extra Help convincing them that Your Ideas are Best!
There are two Wide Padded Support Straps and a set of Wide Adjustable Stirrups, all patterned after Leopard Skin, allowing "the Victim" to be positioned in any number of Vulnerable Positions exposing Ass Cheek, Vaginal Lips or Open Mouth for Use by the "Perpetrator" to satisfy any Perverse Desire! Add Music, Candles, all kinds of Toys, Strap Ons, Lingerie, Vibrators and All kind of Love Oils and Potions for Extra Special Spice! How about a Camera for Recording the Fun and Playback for an Erotic Memory!!! Home Porn!
  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Bdsm
    • Couples
    • Positions
  • Where
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    Where / what types of places can this product be used?
    • Play party
    • Sex lair
    • Swinger room
  • Features
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    What kind of features does this product offer?
    • Bondage
    • Creativity
    • Domination

Design / Craftsmanship / Material

A Centrally Located Eyelet, for Hanging the Adjustable Chain from it's Supporting Overhead Anchor, holds a Substantial Spreader Bar which supports two sets of Adjustable Braided Nylon Padded Straps and a Set of Adjustable Stirrups. The adjustments allow; 1-raising or lowering the chain, 2-raising or lowering the strap that supports the "Bottom/Buttocks" 3-raising or lowering the strap that supports the Upper Back or Chest(depending on face down/up position) 4-raising or lowering the Feet/Thighs/Lower Legs Stirrups (depending on the plan of attack).
The Design, Materials and Manufacture of this Swing is Exemplary! The material is Capable of Supporting a Substantial Load while "Passions Abound". Because the Swing Spins, it is best used in a Wide Area where You can work on one end of the Victim then spin them to access the other end. There is an element of Spring in this device, making it "Extra Handy" for Oral Sex and Passionate Penetration! Those of us who love to "Control, or Be Controlled" during sex, find this Device Especially Thrilling! "Adjustability provides Flexibility" previously requiring lots of pillows, specialized Sex Furniture or exotic/expensive homemade devices. The "Victim" will experience a "Gravity Defying Vulnerable Feeling" which tends to Heighten Sexual Arousal and prevents them from "Resisting the Sexual Advance",Complete Control is Relinquished!!!
    • Ergonomic
    • Multiple ways to use
    • Well made / sturdy


My Partner and I have used this Device in Many Ways, for achieving Varied Goals!
My Female victim prefers "Upside Down, on her back", me seated on a cushion on the floor eating and licking her pink clit with a small soft dildo penetrating to her G-Spot. her hands tied to the sides, head back and legs splayed wide open, panting and begging for more! When sufficiently aroused, I spin her around and slide my now-hard, throbbing cock deep into her throat, while continuing to probe her now "soaked pussy" with the 6" slippery realistic cock. Double penetration at its finest!, Finally I release one hand at a time and flip her over onto her chest, replacing the hand restraints, adjust the "Buttock Strap" upward and prepare her for the "Final Onslaught" from the back. In this way I can hold the straps with my hands while my Cock is buried inside of her Vagina, to the Hilt, using my Hips and the Straps to provide Extra "Zip".

Now for Me, I enjoy the Swing to enhance the Bi-Fantasy My Partner engages for me! On my back, in the swing I am forced to "Deep Throat" a large 8" Strap-On until I prove I want it "Bad Enough". At my Temptress' bidding, over I go onto my Belly in the Swing, my Bottom thrust into the Air, my hands tied to my sides, the front strap across my Chest, the other strap across my Pelvis, my legs supported by the padded sling for each shin! In this position she will "redden my ass" with a braided belt until I beg her to "Fuck Me, Mistress"!She then makes me take a larger and larger Realistic Cock until she, who has perfect access to my Cock and Balls, can milk me of an enormous orgasm, all this while a Huge Jeff Stryker Dildo presses on my P-Spot! Kinky Heaven!!
    • Aids in positioning
    • Comfortable during use
    • Versatile


The packaging has multiple illustrations for use (none more Kinky than we have developed), but I would prefer a more substantive box (perhaps fiberglass vs cardboard) for long-term multi-use. The Swing is Heavy and requires a large area for storage 12"x24"x8", approximately. I prefer to remove the Photograph Covered outer box to leave the bland inner box and avoid drawing attention to our "Hobby".
I would not travel with our swing, largely because of the requirement for a strong ceiling anchor and the weight of the device. I also would be unlikely to try and transport it through Customs, for obvious reasons.
    • Insufficient for long term use
    • Minimal
    • Very informative

Care and Maintenance

I wipe down this product with soapy water, then a clean water rinse. The few stubborn spots respond well to a small fingernail brush. I would avoid bleach as it would stain the Leopard Patterned Slings and maybe "melt" the Nylon. Any bacterial matter should be neutralized with a sex toy cleaner. I air-dry mine prior to packing it away.
    • Easy to clean
    • Heavy
    • Large box

Personal comments

I would Heartily recommend this for anyone who is Creative, Loves BDSM or Restraint/Discipline, Zero-Gravity, Voyeurism or "Home Movies" where you can graphically see "penetration" and orchestrate "Fantasy-Play". I don't see any problems with a single individual of 250lbs, or so, or 2 people of 160lbs each, fully suspended. The Key is Where and How it is Anchored. We have a 1/2" diameter, 2" long eye bolt predrilled into a heavy wooden beam in our bedroom ceiling. Very Beefy!
    • Mid-air
    • Way cool!
    • Zero-gravity


We have decided to use this Product when we "Have an Itch we just can't Scratch". In other words "when we get this Sex Swing Hanging Up, Somebody's Gonna Get It"! How cool is that? When one of us walks in the room and looks over at the "Hanging Loops of Leopard Fabric", knowing that we'll soon be restrained and penetrated in every way, a "Massive Gulp" and a "Warm Tingling" between your legs, is inevitable! We also like to develop our Home Video Library with a series of close up "Penetration Scenes", which the Sex Swing makes Beautifully Simple! By wiring the Camera to the Tv and viewing the live footage, the Spinning Motion allows the Penetrator to adjust for the best possible view, while the Camera can be stationary at the right distance for a full sized shot or telephoto'd for a close up!
Follow-up commentary
A Veritable "Jungle Gym" for Kinky Sex Zealots with an acrobatic flair and a taste for the "Sublime and Ridiculous". We love this Swing! It's only used on "special occasions," but when it's used, the occasion is definitely special! We both enjoy bondage, and in the Swing there is a "complete loss of control" over position, gravity and access to body parts. Halfway upside down, hands tied to your side, legs splayed, bottoms up--"All Bets are Off!" It just seems useless for the "Victim" to resist, in fact resistance can be a wonderful way to get a "playful spanking" before the inevitable penetration. In all fairness, the Swing takes a little getting used, to just for the "helpless feelings" I describe, by the newly initiated. We have found it extremely safe and realistically one is only 28"-32" off the floor. Maybe a few well placed pillows would ease any fear of falling, or perhaps hang it over a bed if you have a Cathedral ceiling or ceiling beams. One of the most pleasant aspects of the Swing is the ability of the person in charge to control the other with the straps. By either pulling, pushing or bouncing the straps, you can manipulate your "Bottom" to accentuate your pleasure. For example, with my wife on her back, I can penetrate her mouth or pussy, then bounce the Swing gently (or not so gently) to control the action. My wife finds that when she's fucking me anally with an especially large dildo like the Outlaw, she can push me forward, burying the dildo, pull back and let gravity slide me back onto the cock, with more pleasure for me and less effort for her! It is worth noting that there is substantive adjustment in the swing, in how high off the ground, and the relative positioning of the lower body strap, the upper body strap and the 2 stirrups. This product is very well made from a safety standpoint with a solid steel crossbar and brace, hung by a chain from the ceiling, beefy nylon straps, heavy duty interlocking nylon clasps, the faux leopard padding is washable (could be a little more substantial), and I would only suggest a more permanent unobtrusive storage box. The cost of this item is very reasonable for the design, utility and workmanship. I would definitely buy it again!
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