Sure to help many couples handle sex in the shower.

While it won't help you get clean, buying the Single Locking Suction Handle by Sportsheets will increase your shower frequency, and your hot water bill. Advertised to "Add instant leverage and [to help you] achieve perfect positions in your shower or bath," this product delivers. Just don't expect it to dry you off afterward.
Portable, discreet, a fantastic innovative tool.
Doesn't support body weight (wouldn't expect this given the design and price).
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This removable, portable handle created by Sportsheets as a part of the "Sex in the Shower" line, provides a sturdy support while having (you guessed it) sex in the shower. The packaging says that this toy sticks to most smooth surfaces, however I have only had luck sticking this toy to tile and specific wooden surfaces. That being said, this toy really really sticks to tile. I tried pushing, pulling and sliding this handle with no success. Once it's on, it's on. But it won't completely support my body weight(~108 pounds). After properly attaching it, I held it and jumped, and the handle slid approximately 8 inches down the tile.

This is a very sturdy product that should hold tight during normal usage, but please remember to keep both feet planted on the bottom of the tub/shower during use. As a safety precaution, make sure to test out this handle before actually having sex in the shower. Determine how hard you can safely push or pull on this handle before (if) it starts to move. Even though I haven't technically used this device for sex in the shower, I am confident that I would be able to without any issues.
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Design / Craftsmanship / Material


The body of this device is made out of plastic. The bottom is a circular rubber suction cup with a 4 inch diameter. The actual handle splits in half and opens to attach/release the device to a wall. It is about 4.5 inches wide. The entire device is about 4.5" high. When the handle is locked, there is almost no chance of accidentally separating these two pieces. The halves act as one cohesive unit (aka one handle).

When the handle is unlocked, a spring/releases to lower, thereby releasing, the rubber suction cup. Consequently, the handle also opens. Closing the handle stretches an internal spring, which lifts the rubber suction cup into the circular portion of the handle. This motion creates a vacuum seal, which results in the suction of the handle to smooth surfaces. Again make sure to test the stability of the handle on any surface before you attempt any sexual activity. Certain finishes might affect this handle's staying power. For instance, I cannot use it on a wall.


Getting the handle to stick to a surface is quite simple:
1. Open the handle
2. Press black piece on the smooth surface
3. Press handle into the black piece to expel excess air from the suction cup
4. Close handle

I was successful at sticking this toy to a tile in a wet shower. But I would recommend drying the surface first as a (possibly unnecessary) precaution. The instructions do not say that the surface has to be dry.

To remove the handle:
1. Open the handle
2. Pull on the black tab on the suction cup
3. Remove handle

Removal is unbelievably easy. Once a small amount of air enters the suction area, the handle practically falls down. The rubber is also very durable so I'm sure it will last for a very long time.


This product performed extremely well. Specific details can be found in the "Use" "Experience" and "Personal Comments" sections. The bottom line is it could withstand pulling/pushing on tile, but it cannot fully support your body weight.

Make sure to test the hold of this toy before trying it while having sex.


This toy comes in a very simple "Sex in the Shower" thin cardboard box, which is in the shape of a cube. This box was not meant for long term storage. While I wouldn't say that the box is tacky, there are two scenes depicting oral sex and intercourse on the sides of the box. In one case, the man is holding two handles (sold separately) to penetrate the female. In the other scene, the man is holding the handles while the woman is giving oral sex. Neither of the images are particularly vulgar, but be prepared to hide these boxes if necessary.

The instructions for the handle are printed on one of the faces of the box. Illustrations are included for further clarity. Again note that all handles are sold separately. One box contains one handle. The box also contains a small pamphlet depicting other products from the "Sex in the Shower" line.

I do wish that the packaging was a little more discreet, but I think my opinion is a function of my personal preferences. I don't like packaging that depicts any sort of nudity or sex because I have to conceal it in my trash can. I have enough trouble hiding the toys in my drawer, I don't want to worry about what's in my garbage!

Care and Maintenance

This product can be washed with soap and water. There shouldn't be any need to sterilize this handle but the plastic portion could be sterilized with a 10% bleach solution if desired. Bleach could also be used on the rubber portion, however it might be porous so a complete sterilization may not be possible. Make sure that this toy is completely dry after use and/or cleaning to prevent bacteria growth. This toy also contains a metal spring. which is only visible if you look between the rubber stopper and the bottom of the plastic handle. Therefore you should let this handle air-dry when it is open to allow any water that might be trapped in this area to evaporate. While in use, water should not fall behind the suction barrier, however this portion could get wet during cleaning.

This toy can be stored anywhere. I keep it in a ziploc bag. It looks like it could be made by OXO, so it's very discreet simply because many people don't know what it is, unless you store it in the "Sex in the Shower" box. Then people might figure it out. Or you can keep it in your bathroom. If people ask, you can say that you use it to keep your balance while shaving (that might not even be a lie!).

Personal comments

As I stated above, I cannot comment on this device for use during sex. Since I won't be "officially" testing this product in the foreseeable future, I decided to put up a review because I was able to effectively simulate the different forces/effects of sex on this handle. This handle passed all of my tests with flying colors! To reiterate one important point, the handle could not completely support my weight when I held it and jumped in the shower. Therefore it is not meant to act as a support. It is meant to act as an aid in positioning during intercourse. I pushed/pulled this handle as hard as I could and it didn't move in the shower.

I should note that it did slide a little bit on wood surfaces when I tried to pull it. However when I leaned against it and pushed it held tight. Also, the motion was minimal, so I would be comfortable using this on my wooden desk. Again, test the suction on surfaces before you engage in sex.


The sex in the shower locking handle is one of those products that I didn't know I needed until it showed up in my room. I won it in a contest on EF (the interview with Tom Stewart), so I didn't actually purchase it on my own. Knowing what I know now, I would purchase this toy multiple times over. Eventually, when I live in a house/dwelling with multiple rooms, I'm definitely getting more of these to stash in inconspicuous places.

This is definitely a quality product. I deducted a star because I couldn't get this to work on a lot of smooth surfaces that weren't tile. For instance, this toy didn't hold on my wooden door, but it was fine on my wooden desk (could have something to do with the finishes). It also didn't stick to my wall. This doesn't bother me, however the package says that this toy sticks to most smooth surfaces, and I didn't find that this was the case. Therefore technically this toy didn't work perfectly as advertised. However, in the shower, this toy holds strong. If I were to judge this toy based on its functionality in the shower, I would give it five stars. Since most users buy this product solely for shower use, most would find this flaw negligible.
Follow-up commentary
I'm surprised that I really do bring this with me every time I travel. Just in case I'm staying at a motel with a really slippery tub!
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