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For those who want to store toys in a lockable case that's truly discreet but easily slides under the bed (or into a drawer), this case is a fantastic choice. The sturdy design should hold up to a lot of zipping and unzipping, while the case is large enough to even hold wand massagers. While I'm not usually fond of most toy case designs, this one was a win.
Very roomy, Sturdy design, Discreet from outside, Lockable, Cute color design
Unsure if interior is truly spill-proof
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Keeping your toys safe is an important priority. While most aren't super-breakable, sex toys do require a layer of protection. Some soft-material toys will gather dust and hair - which makes them frustrating to pull out later to use. Hard-material toys may have batteries or other items that you need to pull out after each use but still want to keep on-hand. Of course, for all toys, you may just want to keep them hidden away from prying eyes to ensure your privacy. No matter what the reason, having a functional adult toy case is a good idea.

The Eden Toy Case solves that problem. Made from a hard-ish shell plastic, this case zips shut with two separate zippers. Each zipper includes a locking point, so place the two zippers together, and you can use a small lock to lock the case closed. Short of literally shredding open the case, someone will not be able to get into it. The plastic case isn't hard like hard-shelled luggage, but it's not soft like a duffel bag either. It's a middle ground. I wouldn't put heavy objects on top of it as it will bend the case, but the case itself will keep its shape and offer protection to your toy collection.

To show your Eden pride, this case does have Eden decor throughout it. The zipper pull has the leaf logo etched into it. There's a small tag on the interior of one side that has the EdenFantasys logo. The external design is purely purple outside of that small Leaf logo, though, so unless someone knows the Eden logo, they'll have no idea what is inside this box.

For storage, one side of this container includes two flexible spandex straps to "strap" any toys into the container. The opposing side includes a pouch with a full zipper that runs across to get into the mesh pouch. These two zippers can be locked together as well.

You can read about the dimensions in the specs of the product, but suffice it to say, it's large. This is large enough to fit the Hitachi wand massager plus the attached cord PLUS any other small accessories you'd use with it. It's not designed to carry a single 5" vibrator. You can do that, but you'll have a lot of excess room in it. Instead, use it to store multiple toys - or toys alongside their accessories.

The zippered pocket makes it simple to keep lubes, batteries, condoms, and other accessories in here. It also stores charging cables particularly well. The side with the spandex straps lends itself well to holding large toys. Smaller traditional vibrators and bullet vibes seem to work best in the mesh, zippered pocket.

The interior is made from a cloth-like material (it may be polyurethane?). This material, while it doesn't seem spill or dye-proof, looks like it will wipe up pretty easily with a bit of lubricant spill. I'd be careful with any colored bodily fluids, though.

The zipper seems heavy-duty and like it's going to hold up to a decent amount of zipping and unzipping.

Some use ideas for this: storing your wand massagers (very few toy storage devices are large enough for that), holding your favorite toys near the bed, a carry-along bag with must-haves for fun nights with another person, kink bag for small items (nipple clamps, medical items, etc.).
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  • Contributor: Obscura
    Absolutely wonderful review! I have to get that case now
  • Contributor: sXeVegan90
    This sounds lovely. I may need to get one of these for myself.
  • Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears
    Great job on the review. What I would to know is, will this hide my items when going thu airport x-ray machines ?
  • Contributor: Kayla
    @OH&W No, it won't. Anything that WOULD would result in a large, unscannable box showing up in the scanner. Which, as far as I'm familiar with TSA standards, would then require a manual search. So you might be better off just letting them see it in the X-ray machine.
  • Contributor: edeneve
    I have a case similar to this that came w/ a vibe. The 2 straps are very small - holds the charging cord & I don't know what else - too small to hold a vibe. And in comparison to the mesh pouch here - it's a mesh envelope, it's open, like an envelope or like a folder & only 1/2 of the size of this pouch. The design missed the mark - maybe I've got a prototype, idk. I like this one.
  • Contributor: unfulfilled
    I like the idea of keeping charging cords together. I have several and they are all over the place. This can come in very handy.
  • Contributor: catt
    I this is just the organization I need...thank you for a great review
  • Contributor: Sugarfina
    Great review, as always!
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