Storage container discontinued
by For your nymphomation

The biggest, the baddest, the best!

While other cases may offer more space, extra dividers, or prettier color options, few can compare to the Big Foot's durability and versatility. This case can hold a ton of toys while remaining small enough for travel.
Durable; travel-sized, yet fits a surprising amount of toys; locks.
Straps and pockets may not divide toys enough for your liking.
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Follow-up commentary
I had a little scare with these cases tonight. I've been home with my family with nary a private moment for 2 weeks now, so my two Big Foots have sat on a wooden shelf in my closet, one on top of the other, the whole time. I finally had time to get them out tonight, but when I went to pick up the case on the bottom, I noticed it was sticking to the shelf. I pulled it off and looked underneath, and...UGH! It was molding! A quick rubdown with rubbing alcohol solved the issue, and I won't be keeping my cases in a dark, damp place anymore.
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  • Contributor: Avery Dragon
    Wow, just finished reading that great review! that case looks pretty cool, and you've got me seriously thinking about ordering a couple too!..i'm now torn between the BigFoot and the XL case. Smile
  • Contributor: Backseat Boohoo

    Like I said, I was torn between the toy chest and two BF, and I went with two BF because the other cases seem to "waist" room with awkwardly-sized pouches. I very much preferred the notion of everything in two small boxes rather than having a few things separated nicely in a single case.
  • Contributor: Sammi
    That is one awesome case- great review!
  • Contributor: Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    Great review. Now you need to invest in a set of luggage locks because I'm betting those FYN locks can easily be picked! Smile
  • Contributor: Machina
    Great review. Those pictures were really helpful, but made me so jealous of all your awesome toys!
  • Contributor: Backseat Boohoo
    Thank you, everybody!

    Sammi: I didn't think I'd love these cases so much. Now I can't imagine living without them!

    HL: I've been considering a combination lock...honestly, though, I can't imagine anyone wanting to pick the lock that badly; I just need something to keep my family out.

    Machina: But now you have an XTreme Pack, one of the most fabulous toys ever, to play with! =D
  • Contributor: Liz2
    Loved your review, got me thinking, as I have been trying to come up with a case for everything, all my toys together would be intimidating for my partners and perhaps confusing to find what I want. So one decent case, for the essentials, with a lock, seems to be the solution. Looks great as well!
  • Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust
    Well, er.. I'm a little confused after reading your review.

    Are your layers divided by the straps? I can't really tell from the pictures.

    I do think the picture with the Hitachi box really puts things into perspective. I expected these cases to be a bit bigger so it seems like they're good for a lot of smaller items - like the items you listed but not for someone with a shit ton of rabbits like me. Heh.

    Also, I rated your review only somewhat useful but then I realized I skipped an entire paragraph of your review which answered most of my questions. I'm sorry! )=
  • Contributor: Backseat Boohoo
    Liz: It's a really lovely case!

    Adriana: If you look at the pictures, you can see that the straps are on the sides of the box and on the lid. I was just layering toys to show how much the box can hold--you can see the previous layer beneath the one I'm currently working on. I actually keep a couple of rabbits in my boxes, but I don't have nearly as many as you!
  • Contributor: Sera
    EXCELLENT REVIEW! I want that case now!
  • Contributor: SassySam
    thank you for the review. also i like your quote, I have that song from placebo, it's very moving.
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