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The mini try-angle cushion

Position pillow by Perfect Position

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The Mini Try-Angle provides comfortable, solid support in an easy to use (and clean) package. The wedge shape offers many possibilities for use, and the microsuede cover does a good job of grabbing onto most non-satin fabrics. Though it's mostly water-resistant, pools of liquid can work their way through the covers if they're left too long.
Comfortable, solid support, easy to clean, springs back quickly, no irritating seams, well-built.
Not 100% waterproof, lint/dust magnet.
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The Perfect Position Mini Try-Angle pillow is a lightweight, comfortable and solid position pillow. It's easy to use and easy to store - a good combination for those who have space constraints or like to have unplanned romps as it's easy to reach over and grab from beside or under the bed. These are foam pillows, so they're always ready go, can't pop, and provide solid support during use with a minimum of unexpected noises. The covers are readily removable for easy cleaning.

The Perfect Position pillows come with two covers, an outer one of synthetic microsuede (nylon flock) on a heavy duty nylon fabric and the inner cover made of polyester. Both have heavy-duty toothed plastic zippers, the type that lasts a long time. While the two covers do a good job of keeping moisture out of the foam core under ordinary circumstances, neither is truly waterproof. If you're doing something that's really wet you might want to put the pillow in a plastic bag and zip the cover over that for extra protection. For most cases a quick wipe with a towel to remove any puddles will work, as my test that got water through the covers involved putting a pool of water on the pillow covers for a while.

During use the Mini Try-Angle was quiet and comfortable. Since it doesn't have a plastic layer it isn't crinkly when you roll on it, and it breathes to prevent any sweat buildup during extended play. The microsuede cover does a good job of keeping the pillow where you put it on most common sheets and fabrics, though we didn't try it on the slicker silk or satin.

The foam used in the Mini Try-Angle is excellent, stiff enough to support but soft enough to be comfortable. If I sit down on the high side of the pillow it does squish down to about 3.5 inches of height, but when you're lying on it it looses less than an inch of its height. If you do squish it while getting in to position don't worry - recovery is automatic and fast. After sitting on the Mini Try-Angle's high side for a minute it popped back to full height in under 2 seconds. The foam is strong enough to solidly support most couples.

The edges are comfortable during use as well. They are slightly rounded, and the thin foam is soft enough to provide cushioning rather than cutting into your body. In addition, Perfect Position puts the seam at the front angle so that your body doesn't press against it no matter which side is down (unless you find a position that uses the Mini Try-Angle with the zipper edge down). The 7-inch height of the Mini Try-Angle can be reduced to 6 inches by turning the pillow over. This changes the geometry slightly, but the only big difference is a slightly increased chance of having a body part touch a potentially cold zipper.

Removing the covers for cleaning is fast and easy, as the zippers provide ample clearance when opened. After that, the covers can be hand or machine washed in cold water to keep things clean.

The included case is good for storing the Mini Try-Angle in, especially if you want to minimize the lint build up. The microfiber cover likes to pick up any passing lint, dust or thread if it's left out, though a quick vacuum will clean it up. Most of the case is made out of synthetic fabric, but the "front" is a clear vinyl window that needs a bit more care - keep it out of sun, hot places, or where it may be creased for longest life. As it comes from the factory there's a picture insert of a woman in underwear demonstrating the Mini Try-Angle, but that can be easily removed. There's also a short color booklet with some ideas for how to use the pillows Perfect Position makes, but they are by no means exhaustive. The pictures in the booklet are of a couple with underwear on demonstrating a couple of positions for each pillow model.
Sometimes it can be awkward to get onto these pillows, especially with their 7-inch lift. I found the rapid recovery foam helped a lot, since you no longer have to worry about squishing the pillow - even if you do it pops back up as soon as you take some weight off it.

The three ways we found worked the best were sitting on it then laying down, rolling onto or off of it (best for getting up), or lying down, "boosting" your bottom up a bit, then sliding (or having your partner slide) the Try-Angle into place.
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    Great review on this! It's too bad that it's not 100% waterproof and a lint magnet, but other than that it sounds like a great addition to fun time.
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    Thanks for the review! I wonder how these compare to the liberator?
  • ScottA
    @dynamickitty - I'm trying to show more about the water in a video (it's hard with the very black Mini Try-Angle), but if you stop and wipe it up things should be OK (you've got some time), the big problem is if water gets on the pillow and you're still moving around on it.

    The lint isn't too bad, I'd rather have it pick up a bit of lint than slide all over the place during use. A quick vacuum or wipe with a damp rag will clean it, or even hitting it a few times with your hand will remove a big chunk of the dust.
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