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Tired of falling flat with ordinary pillows? Have a favorite position that’s too tiring to finish in? The Mini Try-angle Cushion may provide just the support you need! Dress it up just like the rest of your bed pillows, or stash it away in its convenient and discreet carrying case. This isn’t a cushy pillow you’ll want to fall asleep on, but you’ll probably find its many uses still make it a highly valued addition to your collection!
Supportive, multiple uses, discreet, provides traction, no weight limit, washable, water resistant.
Zippers not water tight, slides on smooth surfaces, collects fuzz and lint.
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The Mini Try-angle Cushion is a high density foam cushion designed to help couples of any gender perform various sexual positions more comfortably. This cushion allows you to present your genitals on a silver platter for your lover to ease cunnilingus or fellatio. It also allows your hips to hit the right angle during missionary position so your lover can more easily hit your g-spot. This cushion also aids rear-entry positions, allowing you to keep your hips up where they need to be without tiring or getting a muscle cramp. Used at the edge of a bed, dresser or counter, it can also help even out height differences between lovers during penetration.

This cushion is ideal for anyone who has ever used a pillow to help them stay in position during sex, or wanted to use a pillow during sex. This is a great addition to the bedroom for anyone who (due to illness or injury) ever deals with discomfort or pain during extended sexual sessions, or who find it difficult to maintain their favorite position for very long.
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Couples
    • Everyone
    • Solo
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    Where / what types of places can this product be used?
    • Bedroom / on a bed
    • Play party
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    What kind of features does this product offer?
    • Carrying case
    • Water resistant

Design / Craftsmanship / Material

The cushion itself is high-density, polyurethane foam. It is extremely firm and solid, more firm than even a memory foam pillow. The manufacturer boasts that these cushions have NO weight limit. After use they spring right back to their original shape, regardless of the weight of the user. The firmness also allows this pillow to really support you: it will not squish down much, and you will not lose much height when lying on it.

It has two zippered pillow cases. The outer pillow case is made of polyester. It has a microfiber finish on the outside and a canvas type feel on the inside. The finish on the pillow case will catch lint, pet hair and fuzz, so you may want to keep a lint roller handy if that bothers you, or you can keep it stored in the carrying case to protect it when not in use. The washing instructions for this pillow case are: Machine wash separately in cold water. Do not bleach. Tumble dry at low temperature. Remove from dryer immediately when dry and fold.

The inner pillow case zips in the same spot, and in the same direction, as the outer pillow case. It is made of nylon and PVC, and is water resistant. To clean the inner nylon pillow case, just wipe it with a damp cloth.

Both zippers on the two pillow cases are made of metal, rather than plastic. They slide easily on their own, but if they get stuck for any reason, you can rub a dry bar of soap along the teeth of the zipper to lubricate it. This should not damage the material.


Measurements of the Mini Try-angle Cushion
Size wise, the mini try-angle is just a bit smaller than an average bed pillow, but is taller or thicker. It easily fits inside a standard pillow case. It is small enough to leave out and use on the bed without taking up too much space, but it’s also small enough to store away anywhere until you need it.

It’s well designed and very discreet. All tags identifying the pillow and the manufacturer are on the inside of the zippered pillow case, rather than the outside. This means that, from the outside, there is no distinguishing mark to even hint at what this pillow is for. If discretion is important to you, this cushion will appeal to you.


Solid stitching on all seams
The seams on both pillow cases are straight and well stitched. They all have a 1/4” seam allowance and are completely finished. The seams on the nylon case are reinforced with stitching around the edges, so the nylon won’t run or fray.

One tiny, loose thread
There was one small, loose thread on the outside of the nylon pillow case. This loose thread was not visible on the outside of the pillow, and did not appear to be problematic in any way.

The edges of the polyurethane foam inside the pillow were all smooth and well cut with no loose pieces or rough, unfinished areas.
    • Discreet look/design
    • Firm
    • Multiple ways to use


While specifically designed to help your sexual adventures, this pillow doesn’t stop at aiding you during cunnilingus, fellatio, rear-entry, missionary or other sexual positions. It works well to prop you up if you like to read in bed, it can serve as a lap desk if you use a laptop, or it can comfortably prop up your feet while you sleep if you have an injury or issues with your feet and ankles swelling; the only limit is your imagination!

The microfiber material on the outside of pillow helps it “grasp” the surface you place it on. It gives good traction on bedspreads, carpeting and throes made of similar materials. It does not give as much traction on smooth sheets, hard floors or other smooth surfaces like finished wood.

While the inner nylon pillow case is water resistant, remember that there is a zipper on the thick end of the wedge shape. This zipper is not water tight, and can allow liquid to soak through. For users with the tendency to squirt copious amounts of fluid (or for extremely messy play), you may wish to cover the cushion with a throe, a thick towel, a regular pillow case, or something similar.
    • Aids in positioning
    • Comfortable during use
    • Easy to use


Front panel in carrying case is removable
This cushion comes in a tailor made carrying case. The zipping carrying case is made of plastic and nylon with a nylon fabric handle on one end. The front of the carrying case is clear plastic, and upon arrival it has a large piece of cardboard that is anything but discreet. This piece of cardboard can, however, be turned around, put at the back of the carrying case, or removed altogether. Once removed, the carrying case is as discreet as the cushion itself, having no tags or distinguishing marks on it. It’s a great place to store the cushion when not in use, and will protect it from dirt, dust and dampness.

*Small informational pamphlet is included with your pillow
Inside the carrying case is a small pamphlet with a little information about the Perfect Position’s entire line of cushions. Each cushion in the line has its own page in the pamphlet, with three different positions demonstrated.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage


I love this thing! I love it for so many reasons. Other bedroom gear that I’ve seen (and that I own) all have identifying tags on them somewhere. This cushion doesn’t. There are no worries about anyone seeing it lying out, because it just looks like an average cushion.

The carrying case can even be made completely nondescript, which is also a plus for storage. Its size is quite adequate, but also small enough that it can be tucked under a bed or in a closet if you don’t want to leave it out on the bed.

The first time I climbed on top of this thing, I did feel just slightly awkward and like I was on top of the world, even though it really isn’t all that high. I got used to it quite quickly, and I’ve found it extremely comfortable and easy to use. It’s even great for solo sessions if you really like working that internal angle. A convenient aspect is that I can have my butt right on the edge of the cushion, and there is still room for me to brace my feet right next to my butt. I like that because then I don’t have to hold my legs up.

To gauge how firm this is, and how much support it provides, I placed it on the floor with my butt right on the edge (my normal position for using it). I am about 5’6” and weight around 140lbs. It only squished down about 1” under my weight. So my hips were still a full 5.5” higher than they normally would be if lying flat. While that doesn’t sound like a lot, it still makes a huge difference, regardless of the activity you’re engaging in.

It also works well in a variety of configurations for girl on top sexual positions. While the cushion itself is too wide for me to straddle, depending on its exact location it can be a great place to rest your elbows to gain some additional traction.

Just to give an idea of what all this cushion can be used for, I’m including a list of things I’ve found it helpful for (sexual and otherwise):

• Modified missionary (bottom partner’s hips at an angle)
• Doggy style (rear entry, for vaginal or anal penetration)
• Elevating her hips at the edge of the bed so he can stand during intercourse
• Presenting her genitals for cunnilingus
• Supporting his head so he can watch during fellatio
• Supporting his head so he can watch while she’s on top
• During masturbation to help get the right angle
• Propping you up to read or use the laptop in bed
• Elevating feet/ankles while lying down
• Supporting your knees while lying down (great to take pressure off your lower back)
• As a lap desk while reading, studying or working on a laptop
• Between your knees while lying to support your hips

I’m sure there are many more uses I have yet to discover, but this gives you an idea of just how versatile and practical this cushion is. I don’t have any complaints about the Mini Try-angle Cushion. It’s a real winner in my book!
Follow-up commentary
I still love my Mini Try-Angle cushion. Its main use is actually propping me up in bed while I use my laptop! I've also discovered an additional use for the carrying case. I do a lot of traveling and have found that this carrying case is a great way to transport my favorite pillow (and other bedding items), so I can safely take it with me wherever I go!

To date, I can fit the following items in the carrying case all at once to take with me as I travel:

- Liberator Fascinator Shag Throe
- Standard, full-size fleece blanket
- Standard, full-size memory foam pillow
- 8 pillow cases

I can shove all those items in this carrying case, zip it up, and toss it into my trunk. All my stuff stays clean, dry and compact, and it's a LOT easier than using a trash bag to transport that stuff (like I used to do).

So I still love my cushion and now I love the carrying case even more!
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