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Tube Top For Your RealTouch

The RealTouch performance sleeve is designed to insulate and provide a better grip on the RealTouch interactive device. While the sleeve is well made, it seems an unnecessary accessory and is more trouble than its worth.
Improves grip,
Insulates device
Unnecessary accessory,
Material stains
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So, this is a masturbation sleeve?

Not at all. Although it is called a “performance sleeve,” it's designed to fit over your RealTouch interactive device to improve your experience. The sleeve is not meant to be used by itself, and good luck trying to use it as a masturbator because it’s going to feel a little loose unless you have a penis with a 5” diameter (and god help your partner if you do). It’s really an accessory and not a toy.

What is it supposed to do?

The performance sleeve slides over your RealTouch to provide a better grip and help retain heat. It fits snuggly on the device so you have to sort of shimmy it on and then adjust it so that it’s straight. It’s not difficult to get on, but it does take a minute or two because it is a tight fit. The RealTouch device has internal heaters that warm the lubricant for a more realistic experience. Because the outer shell of the device is plastic, the heat can be felt on the outside. And while I never found the heat level to be excessive or uncomfortable to touch, the sleeve does a good job of insulating the device.

The sleeve is also designed to provide a better grip of the device. The plastic casing already has a textured surface. However, I can imagine that if any lubricant got on the casing, it would become slippery and difficult to grip. The sleeve again does provide a surface that, even if it got lube on it, would still be easier to grip than the plastic casing. I’m something of a neat freak so I’ve never had an issue with lube on the outside of the device, but I can see where the sleeve might come in handy.

What is the sleeve made of?

The sleeve did not come with any information regarding the material. However, it is 1/8” thick and is comprised of two layers of material. When on the device, the outer layer is a thin blue cloth that appears to be adhered to the inner layer. The inner black layer has a fair amount of stretch to it and feels like neoprene or a similar synthetic material.

The sleeve measures approximately 7” x 8-1/2” so it won’t completely cover your RealTouch device. The sleeve is made of roughly hourglass shaped pieces of material that are single stitched together. The construction looks well made and should last if care is taken to not overstretch the sleeve.

What do you think about it?

I think the sleeve worked well for its intended use. It definitely insulates the device and provides a good grip. The main issue I have is that you have to put it on and take it off every time you use the device, which can be a hassle given that you have to shimmy it on. A better design would have been a Velcro fastened wrap. This would make it quicker and easier to put on each time and take off each time.

My second issue with the device is that I didn’t find it necessary. As I said previously, although I can feel the heat through the device, I’ve never felt that it was excessive or uncomfortable. I’ve also never had an issue with lube getting on the outside, so I don’t necessarily need a better grip. Lastly, the design of the sleeve assumes you grip the RealTouch device around the middle with both hands. In this position, I imagine that the sleeve could be helpful. However, I find it better to hold the device in place using one hand on the end. This has the advantage of applying pressure downward and also freeing my other hand to manipulate the computer mouse.

Two-handed vs. One-handed use:

Can you clean it?

Since the premise of the sleeve is based on the assumption that lube gets on the outside of the device during use, I decided to test two different lubes. On the left is Maximus, a thick water-based lube, and on the right is System JO H2O, which is a thinner water-based lubricant. Interestingly, the Maximus appeared to get absorbed almost immediately into the material while the System JO H2O tended to bead on the surface. I rinsed the sleeve and it appears that the Maximus left a slight discoloration (see picture below), although it should not affect use at all. The blue color did not run at all and the sleeve dried very quickly.

Any last thoughts?

Since I find it a bit of a hassle to use every time and the simple fact that I don’t find it necessary, I thought of two alternate uses for the sleeve.

Mouse pad and Knee brace:
Follow-up commentary
As stated in my original review, I don't find this necessary or even beneficial when used with the RealTouch. It's actually more of a hassle having to put it on each time so I don't bother.
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