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I cannot rave enough about how great this is. It's really thick (AKA perfect for anal). The thickness is why I got this, and it hasn't disappointed! It also happens to be water-based (easier clean up, useable on silicone toys), organic, and has guava.
The ONLY con that I could find was that the flavor was a little funky. But, since I have no interest in getting my tongue near anybody's butt, this doesn't really matter.
REALLY thick; water-based; easy to clean up; has guava (it's anti-bacterial); very little smell
Uh... the flavor is a little funky, I guess? That's the only con I could even FIND!
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I... I don't really know where to begin to explain how fabulous this stuff is. Maybe with why I wanted to try new lube. There's a better, more complete version of this in the "Experience" section of the review. This is just a nutshell version. I'd tried anal before, but had very little luck. I was NOT a fan, but my S.O. was, so we would give it a try every 4 or 5 months. There never seemed to be enough lube, despite our best efforts. I recently read online that for anal you want "a thick water-based lube that has a consistency similar to hair gel".

Thus began the search for the thickest lube we could find. THIS was that lube. It's very thick, among its other wonderful qualities. I'll start with those other qualities.

Intimate Organics is water-based. This makes it useable with silicone toys (which you NEVER want to use silicone-based lube with), condoms, basically anything. Better still, water-based lubes wash out of things (like towels put down for anal sex) with soap and water. It will also wash off of YOU much easier. A quick rinse with water and you can get most of it off. You still want to use soap, though, to be sure you get everything off.

The Intimate Organics contains guava extract, which is actually naturally anti-bacterial. Another plus for anal-explorers, especially if you decide not to wear a condom.

The best quality of this lube is how thick it is. It. Is. THICK. Not quite hair gel thickness, but getting near there. It's similar to slightly chilled honey. This makes the Intimate Organics perfect for anal sex because the penis doesn't remove the lube from your bum (see Experience section for an explanation about that). That's why I decided to try this stuff-- it's the thickest I could find. That thickness is pretty wonderful and amazing if you're trying anal.

I HIGHLY recommend a Lube Tube (Eden doesn't have them anymore, but Amazon does-- search "Lube Shooter" and you'll pull up lots of similar devices) because it will put the lube way up in the ass, which is where it's needed. It's all fine and dandy to have lots of lube for the first 3 inches of ass, but after that point there will be no lube and sex will be most unpleasant. That was part of the problem with our early anal exploits-- we'd get the first 3 inches lubed up, but my S.O's penis is longer than 3 inches. I suspect that this lube COULD be applied without a Lube Tube and still get a sufficient quantity where it's needed, but from my previous not-enough-lubrication experiences with anal, I didn't want to risk it.

It also doesn't have any kind of funky ass-numbing agent. Lubes with ass-numbing are a double-edged sword of badness. Not only does the receiver not get important signals from his/her body saying, "Dude, not enough lube, you're starting to RIP things in here! NOT GOOD!" but the giver will actually go numb as well (assuming the giver isn't made of plastic or silicone). The giver won't even get to feel the sex and the receiver won't feel much better either. So I was thrilled to find that this does NOT have any kind of numbing.

It's unflavored, but that doesn't mean Intimate Organics has no flavor. I tried some and it's kind of... well, there's not much flavor, but it's unpleasant. Not horrible, just a little icky. Since it's thick, that means the lube will squish onto your tongue, surround your taste buds, and won't come out right away. It'll also stick to the roof of your mouth. Thank goodness it's water-based, because despite the thickness, it went away quickly. There isn't much smell either. What smell it does have is... unique. I couldn't really think what it compares to. If I do figure it out, I'll let you know in the follow-up review.

Again, I cannot stress enough how amazing this lube is. If you want to have anal sex (even if YOU don't want to have anal sex but your partner really does, so you'll accommodate him/her because you love him/her), this is the lube for you.

Did I mention that it's organic? It's got glycerin in it, but the glycerin is plant-derived, so it still counts as organic. An extra bonus for us save-the-planet types.
MY S.O. is very aroused by anal, but I am just NOT into it. We've tried in the past, WITH lots of lube, but I always felt uncomfortable with it. Our most recent endeavor was with JO system silicon lube. It wasn't nearly as bad as previous attempts One time we tried mango-scented lotion (I now know that lotion is NOT good to use; this was early on, before I learned more about proper anal. Please no comments telling me about it); many jokes were made about mango-scented farts.

Recently, a scientific study (yes SCIENCE, as in article-was-published-by-Scientific-American science) discovered that the human penis is DESIGNED to remove competing sperm. This means that with each thrust and subsequent withdrawal, the penis REMOVES fluids from inside the orifice. This is perfectly fine when fucking a vagoo-- they're self-lubricating and can replace the removed lube. It doesn't work so well with the ass, since it does not replace the lube.

I kept thinking about this article before my impending visit (he lives on the coast and I'm in the middle west; long distance is fuuuuuun), knowing that at some point he would want to try anal. I wanted to be prepared for this eventuality. It occurred to me that the JO lube we'd used was kind of thin-- the first few thrusts after applying lube weren't too bad at all, but it went downhill VERY quickly afterword. 'Perhaps,' I thought to myself, 'If I found some thicker lube, I'd more willing to put up with anal.'

Just before my visit, I read in one of the Q&As with the Anal Advisor that it was best to use "a thick water-based lube that has a consistency similar to hair gel". 'Ah hah!' I thought to myself, 'If the lube is thicker, it will prevent the penis from removing the lube from my ass! Maybe THIS is what I need!' Shortly after arriving to visit my S.O. I asked about any adult stores nearby. We went to the nearest one examined their lube selections. To gauge the thickness of the lubes, we tilted the bottles and watched how quickly the air bubble at the top moved to the sides. The thickest one the store had was Pure Intimates anal lubricant. We got some and in short order tried anal again.


Overall, this lube is AMAZING beyond words. While I'm still not a fan of anal (sorry, ass-fans, but I POOP from there. Things go OUT; they aren't supposed to go IN), it is no longer painful or unpleasant. Once I ignore the need-to-poop sensation (wearing a tiny butt plug for 10 minutes 2 or 3 times before anal will help get your butt a little more used to it), it's no longer troublesome or anything. Well, other than the fact that his penis is in my ass, not in my vagina where I like it to be. ;)
Follow-up commentary
It's been a while since I wrote the last review, but I firmly stand by my raving review. Though anal sessions are few and far between, this is our anal lube. It's become hard to find (maybe I'm just bad at looking), but this is the best stuff we've tried. I still love it.
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