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Glass Bottle Fail

Good Clean Love has done it again with these oils. Not the tastiest thing ever, but the scents are each unique and intriguing. On top of that, the oil works really well for massages as well.
Good for massages, Scents are really great
Glass bottle makes it impossible to distribute in a timely manner
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While most oils can double as moisturizers too, these particular oils are better for massaging. They will leave your skin feeling soft, silky, and moisturized, but won't keep it that way for longer periods of time, like overnight. The scents are all more natural smelling than candy like. Between the scents, the bottles, and the packaging, this would make a great gift for anybody who enjoys massages.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Texture is what you might expect from an oil, runny. It'll stay nicely in a cupped hand, but if it gets a chance to run downhill, it will. It doesn't come out of the cap very well (a fault of the bottle being solid), but does pour out of the neck very nicely. It feels like more of a drier oil, not feeling greasy or even oily really.

Taste / Aroma

These oils come in Good Clean Love's "signature" scents of Origins, Indian Spice, and Caribbean Rose.

Caribbean Rose has a pretty strong rose scent to it, much like you would expect it to. I don't get a "real flower" rose scent, but more like a spicy potpourri.

Origins has an oddly unique scent that I just cannot seem to place on my own. I almost think of an old paperback book that's spent its life in a home filled with scented candles and perfumes.

Indian Spice smells, to me, a lot like tea, specifically the homemade tea my friend from India makes. It's got a nice hint of spice to it that's almost intoxicating.

Each scent can be rather overwhelming when you're sniffing the oil straight out of the bottle, but on the skin it's much more subtle, and you'd need to be within a few feet of someone wearing it to catch a good whiff.


The title of my review was "Glass Bottle Fail" for a reason, and that reason is that while the glass bottle is gorgeous to look at, it makes pouring it utilizing the click top pretty much impossible. If you sit there with the lid clicked open long enough, some will eventually leak out.

However, if you just unscrew the cap and pour it out of the top, you'll get much better results. It does work nicely for massaging, lasting the whole time my husband and I were massaging each other. We don't give really long massages, usually no more than 20 minutes or so. I reapplied the oil to him because I wanted more glide beneath my hands, but the oil wasn't gone, I just like the extra glide. For most people, between a quarter size and a half dollar size dollop should be plenty.

I've used it as a moisturizer as well, and it works pretty well for shorter term moisturizing. When applied to my whole body right before bed, by about noon the next day I noticed my skin looking pretty dry again.

If you accidentally apply too much, you can wipe it off with a spare towel. To get it completely off, you might have to go take a shower, although a damp washcloth should take care of everything. Neither of us felt the need to wash it off after use though.


The packaging is really nice in that you never have to worry about people thinking anything you might not want them to. Nothing about the little box type thing it comes in is risqué at all. First there's the packaging the bottles come in. It's definitely perfect for giving a gift, with it's lovely shade of blue. Both the box and the bottles play up the whole periodic table of elements aspect, and I personally think it's a really cute idea. The top of the box has the "elemental symbol" for each oil, and each little bottle bears the same corresponding symbol. The back of the box has your typical spiel for why they're awesome, the ingredients: apricot kernel oil, organic jojoba oil, vitamin E antioxidant formula, exotic blend of essential oils - with a disclaimer that essential oils are not recommended during pregnancy, but otherwise the oils are safe for internal lubrication, just not compatible with latex condoms. In addition to some cute directions, there's also a quote from Ingrid Bergman. Casablanca is one of my favorite movies, and I just thought it was so cool to see that on there.

The bottles themselves are really nice. They each hold 1 ounce of a different oil. The bottle is a gorgeous deep blue glass, and the labels each have the name of the scent, the ingredients, and the same instructions on the back of the box. The click top cap hasn't leaked on us yet.


I love sample sets. Anything that lets me try more than one scent without having to buy the full size version of each one is awesome. When we first got these oils, I wasn't that fond of all of the scents. After spending time using them a little more, they started to grow on me. My personal favorite is the Indian Spice, because I just love that tea scent. My husband prefers the Origins scent, and neither of us care all that much about the Caribbean Rose. I don't mind it, but when I'm out of it, I certainly won't be getting a big bottle of it.

Using them can be a bit of a task though, because since the glass bottles obviously don't bend at all, you can't squeeze them to get any of the oil out. The first time I went to use a bottle I clicked the cap to open, then tried to squeeze, realized my error, and actually said "oh jeez, glass bottle fail." My husband chuckled at me, I scowled at him, unscrewed the cap, and moved on. I will definitely be getting a larger bottle of at least one scent eventually.
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