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If You Like It Hot!

This is a hybrid lubrication that also has a warming sensation. It lasts for a long time but I could not stand it on my lady parts for more than a few minutes. It is great for body massage on any other body parts.
Thick, sweet smelling, long lasting sensation and lubrication, great for massage.
Too hot for my lady parts!
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This is a warming lubricant best used for people who want extra sensation. This product delivers lubrication and warmth, and is listed as a Hybrid Lubricant since it is both water and silicone based. This warming lubrication is good for massage. It is recommended for temporary relief of personal dryness. A word of caution this stuff warms up really fast! It is safe for use with latex condoms. It is silicone/water based so it is not safe for use with silicone toys. This product stays slick for a very long time (wet advertises 7x longer. Longer than what? I don't know)! If you desire a lubricant that can deliver warmth for a long time this product is made with you in mind!

This product does have Glycerin in it so if you have a sensitivity to that, do not use this product.
    • Massage
    • Masturbation
    • Sex

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This lubrication comes out with the consistency of a cloudy gel. It almost looks like the consistency of Vaseline but has a more clear/blueish hue to it. It goes clear once you spread it out. It is not runny and stays where you put it. The cap pops open slightly on the top where it comes out. I used only a small amount and it stayed slick for a a long time even with lot of friction. We have been using water-based lubrication forever so I was a bit surprised at how a little silicone makes a difference. I needed only about half the amount to achieve the lubrication of a water-based gel.
    • Slick
    • Thick

Taste / Aroma

This lubrication has a very slight, almost sweet smelling, aroma. I had to put it right up to my nose to smell it. It reminds me of a very faint cinnamon, but that may be only because of the warmth it delivers. It leaves the skin with a very light aroma as well. After I washed it off, the smell and taste was completely gone. It tastes horrible! It had a bitter taste so I would not recommend this for oral use at all.
    • Bad taste
    • Light smell
    • Smells good


I first used this product for massage and it generated moderate warmth after about 2 minutes. When I applied it for clitoral play I felt the warmth after about 1 minute. I did not like the almost burning sensation on me so I washed it off after a few minutes. This product is very very effective at warming and at lubricating.

It says it can be washed off with just water - water alone did not work for me. I ended up removing this product with Eden wipes on my personal parts. When I used only water to remove it from my hands it left a very soft feeling behind but the smell was completely gone.
    • Long lasting
    • Not compatible with all materials


The bottle has an almost masculine look to it. Is is mostly black in color with some metallic red on the bottom. All the writing is in metallic silver. It has the little splash Wet symbol on the top and says Synergy longways down the front of the bottle. It is somewhat discreet if it is turned around. I keep this on my bedside table and it has never produced any questions.

Special Features

The warming aspect of this product was very intense. It was too intense for me! At first I didn't feel anything, and then it was uncomfortably warm. It did not tingle or anything when applied. My partner blew on the area after I applied it and it just increased the warming sensation.
    • Warming

Personal comments

I would say this is great for massage, but not for sensitive areas. I could only stand it on my personal parts for a few minutes. If you have ever wondered what UTI feels like, try this product on your genitals! I felt so warm I thought maybe I had peed myself. I did not like the product personally, but it maybe the perfect product for people who want to feel a very warm sensation during play.
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    SOunds like it would be too hot for me! Thanks for the review.
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    I'm going to give this a try sometime when my other WET lubes run out.
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    Thank you so much for reviewing!
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