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I loved the original Synergy, so I decided to try out a bottle of the Warming version. I knew my vagina probably wouldn't like it, but I thought it might be perfect to use on my guy. It worked very well for him, and I also found 2 ways to make it work for me: as a warming massage glide, and as an arousal gel for my clit.
Silky, long lasting, non-drip, great for handjobs, masturbation, massage, and inside of condoms.
Too hot for my vagina!
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Wet Synergy Warming is a hybrid lube, which means it is a combination of water and silicone. It is designed to provide the best of both worlds; the silky feel and lasting power of silicone lube, and the easy clean up of water based lube. It also provides an intense warming sensation, which can help increase arousal and sensitivity for some people, or just add a unique feeling to the experience.

People who are sensitive to warming and cooling products might want to steer clear, or at least be cautious during use. I am very sensitive to these types of products, and bought this primarily to use on my partner, but ended up enjoying it for myself in certain applications.

Synergy can be used with a partner or a toy, vaginally or anally (as long as you don't mind the heat!). It is compatible with latex condoms, and can be applied to both the inside and outside to make up for the loss of body heat that can be felt through a condom. Since Synergy contains silicone, you may want to avoid using it with silicone toys. If you would like to use it that way, make sure to perform a spot test on an inconspicuous area. I have used it with several silicone toys and have never experienced any damage.

Synergy is great for handjobs or masturbation, since it doesn't dry up when exposed to the air like water based lubes do, and the warming sensation enhances the experience. It also works very well for massage. It feels great on the skin, and the warming can help relax tense muscles.

Synergy is paraben free, but the first ingredient is glycerin, so those who are prone to yeast infections may want to avoid this product.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

I absolutely love Synergy's thick, silky texture. Wet describes this lube as having LiquiSatisfaction Technology. This means it starts out as a thick gel for easy, non-drip application, then transforms into a thin layer of liquid lubrication as it is spread across the skin. A fairly firm squeeze of the bottle is required to dispense the product and it may become difficult to dispense as the lube is used up. This is especially apparent with the smaller bottle. The texture is extremely slick and silky. It feels very similar to a silicone lube, but slightly lighter. Compared to the other hybrid lube I have tried (Sliquid Silk) it starts off thicker, and seems to contain a higher ratio of silicone to water, which makes it feel more silky and less "goopy". Synergy is completely clear and colourless, as opposed to the opaque, white formulas of both Sliquid Silk, and the very popular hybrid lube Liquid Silk.

Taste / Aroma

When smelled directly from the bottle, Synergy has a light, sweet smell with a slight hint of chemicals. During use, I never notice the smell at all. It doesn't really have a flavour, but it does feel hot on the tongue, like cinnamon hearts but without the sweetness. It's not hot enough to bother me, and wouldn't deter me from oral sex, but that just depends on taste; some people may hate it, and some might actually like it.


The reason I decided to buy this product was to use on the inside of condoms, and for handjobs. It works very well for both of those things.

We had tried Trojan Fire & Ice condoms, and my boyfriend loved them, but I hated them. I am very sensitive to warming and cooling products, and have had several bad experiences with them burning my vagina. We apply a tiny dab of Synergy Warming to the inside tip of the condom before putting it on him. He really enjoys this. The lubrication allows the tip of the condom to move around for more friction on his head, and the warming makes up for the fact that he can't feel my body heat as well through the condom.

He also really likes it for handjobs. He likes his handjobs to be very slippery, so with water-based lubes, I usually have to reapply. Synergy is able to last through the entire session, and the warming helps add something different to the experience.

We tried it once for sex without a condom. It was way too hot for me, and was unpleasant and slightly painful. He found it to be really hot when used that way as well, but he wasn't sure whether he liked the intense feeling or not. He ended up finishing quicker than usual, and had to clean the lube off immediately afterwards because it was starting to hurt a bit. I think we may have just used too much, but I'm not willing to try it again with a smaller amount since the first experience was so unpleasant.

We have not tried it for anal sex, and I'm not sure how my body will react to it, since I have never tried any warming or cooling products anally. I am willing to try it, and I will add it to my follow-up review if and when that happens.

I was happy to find that this lube works extremely well for me during clitoral stimulation. The warming seems to help me become aroused faster, and makes my clit feel more sensitive. I really enjoy using it along with my clitoral vibrators, and it helps make manual masturbation (which I rarely bother with) much more pleasurable. When my boyfriend rubbed this on my clit, it was actually so intensely pleasurable that I couldn't orgasm because it felt too good. I have never experienced that before! I've never used any arousal gels before, because I didn't think they would really do anything for me, but I'm looking forward to trying some out to see if they will work as well, or even better for me than Synergy does.

I also really like Synergy for massages. Unlike oils, we don't have to worry about it dripping on the bed. It feels very nice on my skin, not heavy or greasy, and leaves me feeling soft and moisturized. It is quite long lasting, although sometimes we do have to reapply once in a session as it is absorbed by the skin. The warming feeling is much more subtle here than when used on the genitals, but it still adds something to the experience and helps relax my muscles.

Synergy is fairly easy to clean up, and doesn't require a wash with soap and water like silicone lubes do. If you wipe it off with a tissue, there will still be some residue, but it doesn't get sticky or flaky and leaves the skin feeling moisturized. If you use a wipe, it will be completely removed.


The packaging is attractive and practical. I have the 1.9 oz size, but it is also available in a 7 oz bottle which I plan on ordering next. It has a click top that is easy to open using one hand, but it does require enough force that it shouldn't come open accidentally. The lube hasn't leaked while stored on it's side or carried in a purse, so it could be great for travel, especially if you purchase the smaller bottle. The label is black and red, with silver writing. It looks a bit futuristic, is fairly discreet, and has a slightly masculine feel to me, although I think most women will find it attractive as well . The front has the name of the lube in large letters. Small letters indicate that it is the basic + warming version, that it's water and silicone based, and that is concentrated and lasts 7 times longer than Wet's water based lubes. The back highlights some of the products features, and has the usual directions, warnings, and list of ingredients. There is also a symbol indicating that it expires 12 months from the time the bottle is opened.
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  • Contributor: SiNn
    sorry this was too hot for you great review ty
  • Contributor: The Curious Couple
    Very nice review, thanks!
  • Contributor: Pink Jewel
    Nice review
  • Contributor: married with children
    great review, sorry it did not work out for you.
  • Contributor: Coralbell
    married with children - It actually did work out for me! Just not for my vagina, but I knew it wouldn't. I was happily surprised with how well it worked for everything else.
  • Contributor: BigR68
    great review!
  • Contributor: Coralbell
  • Contributor: Kake aka PoeticErotica
    Great review! I love the Synergy Cooling Gel so I can't wait to try this! TY!
  • Contributor: Coralbell
    I got a sample of Synergy Cooling once and hated it. It was way too strong for me, and I definitely prefer warming over cooling. But if you love the intensity of the cooling, you'll probably enjoy the warming too.
  • Contributor: tortilla
    good to know about the heat factor - some warming products have almost no warmth to them at all
  • Contributor: Coralbell
    This one is definitely stronger than most! I've had some in the past that I could barely feel and my boyfriend couldn't feel whatsoever.
  • Contributor: Boobs and Lubes
    it actually has a second level when she climaxes, really unusual.
  • Contributor: Tbanda
    Thank you so much for reviewing!
  • Contributor: lzee
    Thanks, great review!
  • Contributor: Stinkytofu10
    Great review, thakn you!
  • Contributor: Andrey2052
    This is awesome review!
  • Contributor: giftdgecko
    Weird how hot it is, probably not for us. Thanks for the insight!
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