Swede aqua comfort - lubricant by Swede Global - review by Purple Foxglove

Swede aqua comfort

Lubricant by Swede Global

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Gold, only liquid, and for a fraction of the cost.

Fantastic water-based lube that doesn't leave residue, smell, or stains. I'm impressed by the quality and class of Swede Aqua Comfort. The price certainly makes this lube worth the purchase.
Not sticky or stringy, no smell, smooth/no residue, no chemical reactions.
Slightly bitter.
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Let me start by making it clear that I am not a lube queen. I don't have a lube cabinet, and this is actually my first purchased lube. Then let me say that, after purchasing and using this water based lube for the past month, I have no desire to purchase another. This is simply fabulous.

It's made by a company called "Swede Global," and they also have two other variations of this lube. One specifically for women, and a silicone lube. Their website is under construction, so perhaps they're a fairly new company. Either way I look forward to trying the other products.

At first use, I smoothed a dollop over my realistic dildo, and while this did work quite well, I've found that a few drops on my fingertips, massaged on/in my lady parts, works a whole lot better. This could just be me, I'm not naturally very wet, and it usually takes me quite a bit of action to get very wet. Massaging for a few minutes with a bit of this lube seems to get the juices flowing more adequately.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

While it's not runny, the consistency is more like a thin gel. If you put a medium sized dollop in your palm, and hold it vertical, it will start to run. But, I think that's probably to be expected with most lubes.

That same dollop, rubbed together between two palms with moderate pressure, took a little less than a full minute before there was any drag. Of course, internally where there's less air contact you're going to get a better performance time. A little water, or saliva, does somewhat revive the slippery quality, but I wouldn't rely on that. If you're going for an extended session, you'll probably have to reapply.

What's great, is that it isn't sticky or stringy. The texture is completely normal feeling, and doesn't inspire any kind of gross-factor or cringing.

Taste / Aroma

As far as I can tell, there is no funky smell or odor to this lube. No chemical smell.

There is a slight bitter taste when you lick the lube, but it fades very quickly. I had to lick it again to be sure it was ever actually there. The only, very faint, aftertaste is vaguely reminiscent of licking a stamp. It is certainly not repulsive, but not something you would want to ingest for half an hour of oral either.


As previously stated, external rubbing with moderate pressure got a performance time of just under a minute. Internal with less air exposure would be better. Quality is revived with a little liquid, but only for a limited period of time.

Once the period of use is over, Swede Aqua Comfort doesn't get sticky or greasy (thank goodness), but becomes almost like rubbed in lotion and dries smoothly. I'm quite grateful that I'm not left with the intense need to wash with soap and water after use.

Yet another fantastic quality of this lube, is that I have yet to experience any kind of reaction or discomfort as a result of use. Body friendly pH level of 4.5, Parabens free, Glycerine free, and Propylene Glycol free. No itchies. No redness or chemical burn. And best of all, no yeast infections or UTI's (and yes, I am prone to them).


Packaging for this product was minimal, just the cute little (a little does go a long way) bottle it's in, and the small plastic cap; that secures around the convenient pump top, to protect against any unwanted leaking. To further that protection, you have to twist the pump to the side to unlock it. I'm disappointed to say that it took me a good three minutes of twisting and pressing to figure this out. The bottle lists the qualities of the product, with a brief description, in many languages, on the back. The plastic bottle is recyclable.
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  • Alan & Michele
    This lube had been suggested to me before because I still haven't found a water-based one that didn't cause a Y.I. for me. It's nice to hear from someone else who's had the same problem from lubes directly address that problem in a review! I feel much better about adding this to my shopping list now Smile
  • Purple Foxglove
    Well it's certainly nice to have a company keep issues like that in mind while creating a lube. lol Can't beat that price either! Big smile
  • buckeye
    Hey Purple, another great review. Two thumbs up. Haven't heard from you, hope all is well.
  • Sammi
    This sounds like a good one to try!
  • Naughty Student
    Loved your review! Especially about the realistic take on its performance.
  • Purple Foxglove
    Thanks everybody, glad I could help, it really is a great product Big smile
  • sbon
    Thanks for the review!
  • Lady Neshamah
    thanks for the review
  • Bignuf
    Thanks for a good review this "love it or hate it" lube!!!
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