ID Him lubricating cream unscented - oil based lube by I-D Lubricants - review by Naughty Student

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Make your tool glisten with this lube

The Him lubricant is an oil based lubricant that is ideal for quick hand jobs and some anal exploration which does not require a condom, as this product is not latex friendly. It provides decent lubrication before being absorbed into the skin. There are longer lasting lubes for hand jobs out there, but for someone who is simply curious about oil based lubricant, this is a good option.
Creamy, absorbs into skin, silky feeling after use.
Opaqueness can be off-putting for some, lasts 10 minutes.
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The Him lubricating cream is a lubricant marketed for male masturbation and it is the only way this product could be used due to the fact that it is an oil based lubricant.

It could be used for anal play for both men and women as it is thick.

This lubricant is ideal for a nice sensual hand job that you can administer to your partner or to yourself if you are also male. It is a lube that will last longer than some waterbased lubes and will not come off easily. So if you are enjoying yourself beside your private pool, no splashes will ruin your party.

This should not be used if you intend to have PIV sex as oil can stay longer in the vagina than other lubes and can indirectly lead to infections. Also you can not use this product and use a condom with it as the lubricant can damage the condom leading to unwanted pregnancy or transmission of diseases.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The cream is very smooth, sort of velvety in texture. There are no granules or particles in it that could make it feel sort of grainy. It sort of looks and feels like your run of the mill hydrating lotion.

In a small quantity, rubbed on my thigh, it rubs in really well and leaves my skin feeling smooth, slightly shiny and there is a sort of oily residue that can be felt when touching the skin.

It is pretty thick - it will easily stay on your fingers once you dip them in the cream. It doesn't run or melt. It is unscented, so it smells like unscented lotion. It is easy to open the container and get lube on your fingers. It spreads fairly well on the shaft once you apply it.

The ingredients are:
- Water
- Mineral oil
- Petrolatum: In the same family as petroleum jelly
- Ethylhexyl Palmitate: is a branch of saturated fatty, often used in cosmetics
- Paraffin
- Sorbitan Stearate:humectant used in lotion
- Stearic Acid: type of fatty acid that can come from food or animals
- Cetearyl Alcohol: fatty alcohol often used in hair products
- Ceteareth-20: fatty alcohol
- Cetyl Alcohol
- Lanolin Oil: oil that comes from animals who have wool
- Polysorbate-60: an emulsifier often used in cosmetics
- Sodium Tetraborate: mineral with antifungal properties
- Methylparaben: antifungal agent
- Propylparaben: preservative
- Diazolidinyl urea: antimicrobial preservative

Taste / Aroma

This is not an edible lube so it is not recommended to ingest this product.

A miniature pea size amount of this cream tastes horrible. It is a lotion like product. I do not think ingesting this is a good idea but the taste test needed to be done.

If you are going to use this product on your partner, you have to make it clear to your partner that the hand job will not escalate to a blow job. If you are using this on yourself...well I'm not worried you'll blow yourself but you might want to warn your partner if they come into the picture.

The aroma is very faint. When the cream heats up as you use it, the scent does seem to increase in intensity but it is not a "fragrance" that you will smell. The lube is unscented, and it has the generic unscented smell, that most unscented lotions/creams smell.

The aroma is not intense enough to be bothersome.


With a dollar sized dollop, the cream will last a good 10 minutes before being mostly absorbed into the skin. The product will still be felt after the 10 minutes but it will not reduce friction as much as it did in the first 10 minutes of use.

So depending on the user's preference, more lube could be added at this point, or if you prefer a little more friction before you blow your load, then no adding will be necessary.

If you use only a damp cloth to wipe of the excess, there will be a silky oily texture left on the skin. It is not sticky but it is kind of tacky. Essentially, the skin will feel exactly what it would feel like after having applied a regular type of lotion. Ideally one would jump in the shower or wash at the sink with soap. It cleans off easily with soap and water.

In use, the cream is very opaque. So if you are weirded out by having white cream on your shaft than I would avoid this lube. The white cream on the shaft can sort of be off putting in comparison to translucent lubricant. It doesn't change anything in terms of its performance but it is unaesthetic. It is up to you to decide whether this is a drawback or unimportant.


This was our first time trying oil based lubricant so I was not too sure what to expect.

It is not our favorite lube for hand jobs as we have another lube that lasts longer in terms of slickness. It does a decent job and it is nice to try something new. My partner did not have a preference for this lube or the other in terms of texture. When I administer hand jobs I use lube - he won't use the lube otherwise - so I cannot provide his input on his opinion on how it feels like using it on himself.

I did not try this lubricant anally. We usually use a condom for anal sex, so I didn't think this would be a great lube for that. I much prefer the texture of waterbased lubricant with my anal plugs, so I have been putting off trying this lube with a butt plug. Also, one of the ingredients, according to Wikipedia, can be a laxative so I prefer sticking to waterbased.

My partner is very closed minded when it comes to his butt so he hasn't tried it in this way either.

Personally, I think that if someone is looking out to try oil based lubricant for male hand jobs, this is a viable oil based option. I do have a favorite lube for hand jobs and this one is not far behind it. We have been using this one the most lately as my partner seems to enjoy it. Since it requires reapplication I do not think the tub will last very long.

All in all, it is something fun to try, it's different but it won't be for everyone. If you are looking for "the best hand job lube" this is not it.
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