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The one chance I've gotten to use this stuff so far was with my partner. According to him, he didn't really feel a difference, though he has a high tolerance to these shocks in the first place. I think that if I play around with this myself, and use it again with a brand new set of pads, my opinion may change. Though, the biggest problem I have with it is the packaging!
Could make the pads adhere better, makes skin feel silky, said to make pads last longer
Packaging is not discreet and depicts risky use of device, doesn't come with instructions
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This gel is meant for use with the [www.edenfantasys.com/fetish-fantasy-series-shock-therapy/adult-toys-dvds-28863|Fetish Fantasy Series shock therapy] kit. It is not meant to be used as a lube, it's intended use is for providing conductivity between the skin and the pads. It is supposed to eliminate "hot spots", and I guess in turn making the shocks less stingy, if that is a problem for you (although they really aren't that bad at all with that kit). The shock device itself should not be used in or around water, so this shouldn't be used around water either with it. I don't understand what you would really do with the gel without the pads and the shocks, but the gel on its own could be used around water. This gel is also said to make the pads last longer, and make them better adhere to the skin.
    • Electro stimulation
    • Sensory play

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This is a clear gel, no real texture to it. It is pretty much the exact same color and consistency as a gel lube, think something along the lines of KY Jelly, or Sliquid Organics Gel. It is thick, it is not runny and won't make a huge mess. It isn't sticky or drying to the skin. It is very easy to squeeze from the bottle, and you only need a small drop at a time.
    • Smooth
    • Thick

Taste / Aroma

I would not put this in my mouth, as it is not intended for oral use. It does have a light smell, which we first noticed when we took off the seal under the cap and smelled it. It is very faint, unless you are squeezing the bottle under your nose you won't smell it. To me, I can faintly smell the aloe, and a light smell similar to white glue. It is not bad or bothersome; it doesn't smell gross at all, it smells okay. Besides, the smell certainly won't be strong enough for you to notice while it's in use, even if you don't completely love it.
    • Light smell


My partner has a very high tolerance for the shocks from the Fetish Fantasy shock device. If it is being used on him, he will keep saying "turn it up", even when it's been turned up all the way. I, on the other hand, could not use this device on myself with it on the highest setting like that. For me, that is too intense. I placed two pads with the gel on them on his back, and two without the gel. I varied the settings and intensity of the "shocks", and according to him there was no difference between the pads with the gel on them. He said it was the same, he did not feel any difference between them. When I took out the gel, as I was putting it on the pads, and when I took the pads off of him he made comments about feeling "lubed up", but I think that was just because it was something that had a wet feeling, touching his skin, so he wanted to make a silly comment. When I touched his skin after removing the pads, it didn't really feel goopy or wet. In fact, I did notice that his skin felt smoother in the spots that the gel was on, and I mentioned that maybe the aloe made his skin feel silkier in those spots, even in such a short time. Also, we did not have to reapply this stuff at all, so in that sense it performs well, as it is long lasting. Although, he did not really notice a difference in the pads that the gel had been applied to.

He didn't have any complaints about it being sticky or bothersome to his skin. I have sensitive skin and I was able to get this on my skin without any issues arising. However, it does contain aloe, so be mindful of that if you or your partner has an allergy. Check the ingredients list to make sure that there isn't anything in this product that could be an issue for you! The ingredients are listed on the tube of gel.

Also, I will add that this stuff was supposed to help the pads adhere to the skin better, or so I thought. Again, perhaps it would be different for me than it is for him, as my skin is very smooth and hairless, and he has some very hairy body parts. I think that the hair on his body, in some places, may have made the pads not stick as well as they might without the gel. However, we did try it out with pads that we had used before a number of times, they were not fresh, new pads, so they may have lost some of their own adhesive quality anyhow, which could have been a contributing factor.
    • Allergy concerns
    • Long lasting


The package is not at all discreet. My partner made a comment when he first saw the box about how the guy had a really bad haircut. Also, it depicts unsafe shock play, and I have a big problem with that. There are multiple images on the box that show the shock pads attached at the chest of the person receiving shocks. This is controversial in the BDSM/electro communities, and could be very dangerous. Personally, to remain on the safe side, I refuse to use shocking devices on my chest or my partners. As it says on the Wikipedia page for erotic electrostimulation, "Even at relatively low current and voltage, there is also risk of interference with normal heart function (potentially including cardiac arrest), and this risk is higher for those who use an artificial pacemaker or similar device or who have heart conditions. Because of this, it is not advisable to place the electrical contacts in such a way that current passes through the chest cavity.[3] Newcomers are encouraged to research the hazards, limitations, and techniques of electrostimulation and the devices used." I would advise against using the pads on the chest. I wish that this came with instructions of any kind. I was left to assume that the gel goes on the pads, rather than the skin. However, I was not sure how much to put. I didn't want to overdo it, especially since I was using this on my partner and he didn't want to feel all gooey. I ended up using a dime-sized drop on each pad, and that seemed to be plenty. The bottle does not leak, and it is easy to use and squeeze out.
    • Can be opened with one hand
    • Easy to use / dispense
    • Not discreet

Special Features

This doesn't really seem to increase sensitivity, or at least not for everyone. I would try this on myself, since I seem to be more sensitive to the "shocks" than my partner, but since I got the kit he has been getting much more use out of it than I have. Once I get a chance to test it out myself, I will be adding that info to my follow-up! I'm thinking that it might feel different for me; his opinion could be a little biased since he can take the shocks on the highest settings without a problem and doesn't think it stings. If you have a high tolerance to the "shocks", then you might not feel the effects of the gel as much.

Personal comments

This is the only product like this available on EF. If you have a electrostim kit, this would be fine to use with it. It's not that expensive, and it could make electro play more fun for you. If electro-stimulation is something you are into, it wouldn't hurt to give this gel a shot!
Follow-up commentary
I tested this out on another person and they said that this gel takes some of the "sting" away, compared to using the pads on their own without any of this gel. It's not totally needed if you're going to use the Fetish Fantasy electro stim kit, but it can make the shocks less harsh if they are bothersome. Handy to have, and one bottle lasts awhile.
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    Electricity and sex, sounds scary.
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    I don't know anything about electric play, I just came across your review and I found it very informative. Thanks for the warning about not putting the shocks on the chest. I saw those pictures and I was like,"What? So people put those shocks on their nipples/chest?" and not knowing anything about electric play, I thought that's what people did but it's nice that you added a warning that it's not really okay. Great review.
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    lilacviolet - People do it, but that doesn't mean it's safe. There seems to be some controversy over using things like this on the chest in the BDSM community.
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