Peter licker - water based lube by Doc Johnson - review by VampKitten

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Peter Licker Lacks Luster

It was OK for me, and spectacular for him. The taste wasn't pleasant to me, but every other sense enjoyed it. Overall, I'd recommend that anyone give it a try. Six dollars isn't horrible, and though it's not going to be a staple of our collection, but it will be in use from time to time.
Smells great, a little goes a very long way, it's water-based and it's great for the man involved.
The taste leaves a lot to be desired, and I question its usability as a lubricant.
Rating by reviewer:
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I was super excited to try this product. Let's make this clear: I love giving head. Period. It's that simple. would be, if I didn't have a gag reflex|Learning deep throat oral sex: Reflections. And, let's be honest. He doesn't taste like chocolate truffles. We both figured Peter Licker|Peter licker gel looked like a good option. I love Cherry flavored anything, and loves getting head. Win-win, right?

When we got the package and opened it up, we both had a similar thought: that's it? The container looks even smaller than we thought and we were immediately concerned about how long it would last. Let me tell you, we're no longer concerned.

When we opened the container and both took a whiff - oh yeah, it's cherry - we were both surprised. It's a very thick jelly that reminded me of almost-done Jello. When in your hand it sort of melts into a liquid before your eyes. Anyone who has used antibacterial hand gel knows what I mean. Also, it smells a little like cherry cough syrup, with just a hint of a chemical smell. Not bad enough to be off-putting. In fact, it made me want to try it all the more. My man was only too happy to oblige me, of course.

We sprawled him across the bed, naked and certainly ready. I'm certain that if his penis had hands of its own it would have grabbed the container and lubed up, but as things were, I got to do the honors. I started with just a small blob on my finger. It stayed cool, even as I dragged it down his penis. As I used my hand to spread it around I realized the small, dime-sized glob was more than effective. The texture was nice, the smell better, but what did it taste like?

This is where we hit our first snag. I was expecting a burst of, at least, a mild cherry flavor. Remember that hint of a chemical smell? That was almost all I could taste. I gagged. While not unheard of, It's been some time since I've gagged that quickly and STRONGLY.

After that knee-jerk reaction I tried again, and found it easier. This is because the gel has a mild numbing effect...either that or it was a mild allergic reaction. (That was sarcasm, by the way.) Either way, I couldn't taste it the second time around.

My boyfriend, on the other hand, found it very stimulating. That may have been the fastest he's ever gotten off by oral. After a few seconds to talk about whether or not we enjoyed the product, we found something else out. The remnants on my hand were not tacky or sticky...until it came in contact with the remnants on his penis. Then there was a mild tackiness. Nothing too awful, but enough to notice. Because of this, we avoided using it as a lubricant. Also, it does have sugar in it. In fact, it's the second ingredient listed. That's a no-no for the man-eating 'gina. We didn't wash it off, but we didn't put more on either. We do use condoms, so the sugar was of less concern in this case.

We'll use it again, and maybe in a month or two more I'll write a follow-up. Who knows, maybe I'll get used to the taste?
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  • The second time around- you couldn't taste it at all (because of numbing on your taste buds) or couldn't taste the strong chemical flavor?
    What are the other ingredients? The site doesn't list them, sadly. Sounds like it would make a pretty poor lube, though.
  • Bulma
    Sounds like a pretty crappy product to me, and some of that might show in the price. I too am interested in the ingredient list.
  • Oggins
    Another yucky tasting cherry product.... I'm starting to think good tasting cherry stuff doesn't exist at all.... At least I know this one doesn't taste good! Thanks for the warning!
  • Epiphora
    Bleh. First reactions are important, and this one was not good!
  • Betty Rocket
    I think the name says it all. It LICKS THE PETER.

    Appreciate the honest review!!!
  • VampKitten
    Cock Wrangler - I couldn't taste it at all. Number than a doorknob. I found it to be a blessing though. Silver lining, right?

    Here's the full ingredient list, in order:
    Water, sugar, glycerin, carbomer 940, artificial flavor, methylparaben, propylparaben, diazolidinyl urea, propylene glycol, TEA, FD&C red #40 and caramel color

    Hope that helped!
  • Nashville
    It numbed? I was under the impression that desensitizing creams numbed... not lubricants. How awful! :(
  • I'm sure it's just meant to keep the gag reflex in check, and it didn't seem to bother my guy at all.
  • Miss Cinnamon
    In my opinion, NOTHING containing sugar should EVER be advertised as "can be used as a lubricant". That's just an invitation to yeast infections and other nasties, period. I have had similar protests against body paints and powders containing actual sugar... why would anyone want to dust their skin and sheets with ant food? I'm totally confused as to how exactly this works. Kudos for the honest review!
  • thedude
    may have to try this
  • SexyStuff
  • ToyGurl
    Oh geesh I HATE this stuff! Thanks for the review, very helpful. I have the pussy licker one and it's just disgusting.
  • jalolo
    thank you for the review!
  • Kissy
    OH my. That doesn't sound good at all! Thanks for the review!
  • Apirka
    Thanks for sharing!
  • xxxbluexxx
    nice review! thanks
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