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Pjur basic personal glide

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Pjurly silky pleasures

If you want to try out a silicone lube for the first time, this is something you may very well love and not want to exchange. It will make things nice and slippery, although without cutting out friction completely. The bottle is made so that application of the lube is done easily. It's small and compact, therefore fun to bring if you are one who travels. Since it is a high quality silicone lube, it is compatible with some high quality silicone toys that I have tried (but still do a patch test).
Slick, no taste or smell, no residue or stickiness, lasts a long time, fun bottle.
A little expensive (but you require only small amounts so... ) not so great for thrusting anal play.
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The Pjur Basic Personal Body Glide is a lube best used for penetrative intercourse in the vagina, whether using toys or penis, and also to enhance a males masturbation. It can work for both males and females but I don't recommend it for anal sex. It could be applied to a butt plug since it lasts a long time, but it isn't ideal for thrusting with toys or penis in the rectum.

This is a silicone based lubricant, therefore it lasts longer than water-based lubes. If you are a female prone to UTI's, then you may want to take extra precautions of thoroughly cleaning yourself after using this so bacteria (that may have traveled through sexual endeavors from the rectum to the vaginal opening) do not stick around. I am very prone to UTI's but I have had no issues so far with this product.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The texture is very liquid, similar to water in the degree to which it is liquid. It feels really silky, slick, and soft. It has a similar texture to that of serum you can purchase from the hairdresser for dry hair. It feels slick like oil but it isn't oily. It is a rather thin lube, so once you apply it, it lubricates but it's so thin that you feel like nothing is there. It just covers toys or members with a thin film, which makes things slippery without being excessively lubricated.

It doesn't really stay in place because it is so liquidy. However, you don't need very much for it to work, and the bottle is made so that the product can be applied directly without wasting any of the product.

Taste / Aroma

The lubricant does not taste like anything or smell like anything. It does not even leave a greasy feel on the tongue if it is ingested.


This product lasts much longer than the water based lubes I have tried. On top of that, if you intend on passing a good hour of love making (whether with PiV or using a strap on), eventually the lube just absorbs into the skin making it feel really soft and silky. It will last about an hour or a little over but by that time some of it will be absorbed. It is not reactivated by water which is a pro (or con depending for who) of water based lubes.

It washes off rather easily­. When using a damp cloth, with a little soap, there no lube was left. I haven't tried removing it with a wipe, but I am pretty sure that would work fine as well.


The bottle is great! The top screws on. The product comes out fro ma little hole in the top of the bottle. This limits to a certain extent possible accidents that could happen with dropping the bottle, etc.

The instructions says that it is ideal for massage and moisturizing... what? When I read that after I had first received it, I was confused whether this was for massage or for sex. I checked the German website for Pjur and then checked the American website. The German website makes the use for the product very ambiguous. I was doubting whether or not I would be using it appropriately if I used it for sex.

I communicated with a representative over at Pjur who reassured me immensely.

This would be great to use if traveling around because the bottle is small. I wouldn't think the cap would become undone in luggage but it is always better to be safe than to be sorry so placing it in a plastic bag would also be advisable.

Personal comments

It is a very high quality silicone lube, and should not be used with silicone toys. However, I have done a patch test, and it didn't react to one of my Tantus plugs or any of the products I have from Happy Valley. It could react to lower grade silicone products. Test the lube first, if there are no reactions on the surface of the toy then you should be good. Ideally it should be used with anything but silicone toys.


I have used this product with an anal probe. It was quite fun, but it is such a thin lube that thrusting was not that pleasurable. I was hoping this lube would be an all purpose lube but it isn't. I imagine I will have to get a thicker lube for anal thrusting.

For jerking off my man this is the best. It makes my hand super soft and my hand just glides over his member. It feels really lovely. I don't think my partner will ever want to go back to using water based lubes. It's compatible with skin-like material so I think it would be great with pocket pussies. I will just have to drug my boyfriend to force him to try one again against his will.

I have used this lube for massages and also to moisturize my legs after I had shaved them, this is more than just a lube folks!

For vaginal sex it is also the best. I find that water based lubes I have tried tend to reduce the friction but the Basic personal glide actually sort of intensifies the friction in a good way. What I mean is that we are really all nice and slick but the thinness of the lube allows for some friction to be there. It's as though it accentuates the texture of my mans member so I can feel him better.

For my first silicone lube this was the best thing I could ever try.
Follow-up commentary
We still very much enjoy this lube. You really require little for a lot of play. Although the bottle is relatively small, it is likely to last a very long time. Lately, my partner has been doing a lot of foreplay to get me prepped up for intercourse, so I rarely require any lube. We mainly use it on him for hand jobs. My only disappointment is that it is too thin for anal play. It works well on many levels except for anal play. I am still shopping for a good anal lube.
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