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Safe and Slippery

This body-safe, hypoallergenic lubricant is a great choice for those seeking a water-based lubricant. It's not quite thick enough for anal play, but it's great for most any other situation. This lubricant has quickly become one of my absolute favorites, and I don't see myself wanting to be without it for very long. To put it simply: this is wonderful.
Body-safe, Natural Ingredients, Paraben free, Discreet bottle, Safe to use with silicone toys
Too thin for anal play, A bit runny
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V Ultra Sensitive Lubricant is a wonderful water-based product. It's all natural, so it's a great choice for those of you that are a bit sensitive "down there." Even if you're not sensitive to other lubricants, this is still a great choice for a lubricant.

This product is fantastic to use during vaginal sex. That being said, if you're engaging in some rougher sex acts, you might find that you need to reapply this with some frequency, due simply to how thin the lubricant is. It's also great to use with toys. It's water-based, so it can be used with all of your favorites, even your wonderful silicone toys!

While I recommend this for vaginal sex and toy time, I cannot recommend this for anal play or oral sex. It has an awful taste, so it's just not the best choice for oral. It's also just too thin and runny for anal play, in my opinion.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Okay, so, this is a water-based lubricant, and as such, it's pretty thin and runny. It does seem to be a bit runnier than other water-based lubes that I've used, though; it runs down my arm very quickly if I just put a drop on. That said, if I rub the lube in, it stays where I want it. And, really, you're probably going to rub the lubricant in when you apply it, so that's what matters.

The lubricant dispenses easily from the container. You simply flip the cap up, and then squeeze the lubricant out onto whatever area you want it. It does come out a bit quickly if you squeeze it hard, so be gentle. A little goes a long way with this lubricant, so you don't need a lot.

The feel of the lube itself is pretty wonderful. It doesn't greasy, sticky, or tacky at all. Instead, it kind of makes my skin feel silky smooth after use. I don't even feel the need to wash it off after I use it!

Taste / Aroma

I didn't notice any odor from this lubricant, but I did detect a taste. The taste is kind of awful, really. I don't really know how to describe it, but it's just not pleasant. For this reason, I would avoid using this lubricant during oral sex; it just does not taste good at all!


This lubricant does have lasting power. I've used it during 20 minute sessions before, and I've never had to reapply it during my more gentle play sessions. If my partner and I get a bit rough, I find that I need to reapply it every 10 minutes or so, but that's to be expected from such a thin, water-based lubricant.

As for cleaning it up, it does clean up well. It doesn't seem to stain sheets or anything like that, and it washes off of my skin with just a bit of soap and water. That being said, I don't really feel the need to wash this off of my skin; it makes my skin feel nice and smooth, so I tend to just leave it there after I'm done playing.

Performance wise, it worked great for vaginal play, but it was way too thin for anal play.


When I ordered this lubricant, I ordered a few other lubes and body products; all of which arrived packaged together in a very large plastic bag. The products were quite obviously thrown in the bag by Eden Fantasy's warehouse, since all of the liquid products were grouped together. That's not a problem at all, though.

The actual lubricant was simply packaged inside of a clear plastic bottle. The bottle is fairly small, as it can fit almost perfectly in my (very small) hands. The bottle has a flip top, which is pretty secure; it shouldn't leak everywhere. When you first receive your lubricant, you're going to want to remove the top and pull of the seal that's in place. Once you remove the seal, you'll be free to use the flip top every time you use this lube.

The bottle is clear, and the writing on it is in white, so it can be a little hard to read. I found myself having to kind of squint at the writing, in order to make out what was said on the label. The information on the bottle is listed in three languages, one of which is English. Basically, the bottle states that you should apply a small amount of lube where desired, and that you should store the bottle in an upright position. The bottle also lists the ingredients and the basic aspects (hypoallergenic, paraben-free, water-based, etc) of this lube.

The bottle is fairly discreet. I, personally, have no problem leaving it out in plain sight, but it does say "lubricant" on the front.

Personal comments

The ingredients are as follows:
Purified Water
Propylene Glycol
Lonicera Caprifolium Extracts
Lonicera Japonica Extracts

All of these ingredients are body-safe. They are all natural, so there's not much to worry about here. The product does NOT contain glycerine, and it's also paraben-free.

Even with the natural ingredients, it is still possible that you might have an allergic reaction to something in the lube. So, in this instance, the bottle states that you should discontinue use of the product and consult a physician, should irritation or discomfort occur. You should also be aware that this lubricant does not contain a spermicide, so it's not going to do a thing for enhancing your birth control (but it also won't lessen the effectiveness of your chosen birth control method).


I'm always a bit hesitant when it comes to purchasing lubricants. So many lubricants just seem to have terrible ingredients, and a lot of them make my girly parts tingle in a way that is anything but pleasurable. Because of that, I chose to search for an "all natural" lubricant, figuring that, at the very least, I wouldn't feel any itching or burning from an all natural lubricant. The thing is, I wasn't expecting an all natural lubricant to actually be good at keeping things nice and slick, so I was still a little hesitant when I purchased this one. Then... it arrived and I tried it. It was wonderful. It kept things just as slick as my non-natural lubricants do (the ones that don't make me hurt), and it felt absolutely amazing. This one is definitely a keeper for vaginal and clitoral play!

As for anal... well, it's just not thick enough for that, so I will be searching for another anal lube.
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