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V Ultra Sensitive is a truly natural, hypoallergenic, body-safe lubricant. With only four ingredients, this mindfully formulated and designed product will quickly become your new favorite, whether you have sensitive skin or not! It lasts and lasts, but washes away easily if necessary and leaves you feeling remarkably clean and moisturized. I highly recommend this lubricant.
Body-friendly, minimal ingredients, natural feel, attractive, discreet, versatile, long-lasting.
Slightly tangy taste may make it unsuitable for oral sex.
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V Ultra Sensitive Lubricant is a water-based lubricant made by Vie Products, the creators of the super awesome Method line of environmentally-friendly home cleaning products, as well as a number of other high-quality skin and home care lines. V Ultra Sensitive is a water-based liquid lubricant and is just one in a whole line of intimate care products, including water-based gel lubricants, silicone lubricants, water-silicone hybrids, and organic massage oils. The water-based gels and liquids are also available in original as well as warming and cooling varieties.

These lubricants can be used for any variety of intimate activities. They have the duration to stand up to partnered, penetrative intercourse and a natural feel that makes them perfect for a quick solo masturbation session. No need to rinse off afterwards. This lubricant will absorb slowly into your skin, leaving you feeling clean and moisturized. It may not be ideal for oral sex, but I find the flavor quite tolerable, as opposed to most non-flavored lubricants, which are practically unbearable to have in your mouth.

I do not personally have any sensitivities to the average lubricant, but this product has quickly become my new favorite. I feel confident that if any brand could pull off a truly hypoallergenic lubricant, this would be it. It was formulated by a team of doctors, dermatologists, gynecologists, and professionals in the field of cosmetics and skin care. Each of these products is remarkably body-safe, designed to have a minimal ingredients list that includes only pure, gentle, healthful ingredients. V Ultra Sensitive is glycerin- and paraben-free. Each ingredient has a purpose.

The ingredients list is entirely natural and includes only four components, as follows:

-Purified water (water that has been processed to remove potentially harmful impurities)
-Propylene glycol (an organic solvent and moisturizer)
-Hydroxyethyl-cellulose (thickening agent derived from cellulose, the component that makes cell walls rigid in plant matter)
-Lonicera caprifolium extracts and lonicera japonica extracts (from honeysuckle plants)

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Being a liquid lubricant, V Ultra Sensitive is somewhat thin and runny. If you tip the bottle upside down, a single drop will slowly drip out, without you even squeezing the bottle. If you're not careful, it will drip off of whatever surface you're applying it to. I typically prefer thicker lubricants, but the feel of V is so incredibly natural! In use, I swear I cannot tell it apart from my own bodily lubrication. That is the absolute best quality for me. Many brands of lubricant claim to feel natural and never get tacky. This is the only one I have ever used that truly stands by that claim. It NEVER feels sticky, tacky, greasy, or any other number of negative sensations. It is simply wonderful. It feels pure, velvety, and natural.

Taste / Aroma

There is no discernible smell, but there is a hint of tangy flavor. There really is no aftertaste, just that initial tang. It doesn't do anything the mask the natural aromas or tastes of your partner's body. Depending on your personal preference, that could easily be a positive or a negative attribute.


The product has lasted easily throughout my private sessions, which are anywhere from ten to thirty minutes. I occasionally have to reapply, depending on what toys or techniques I'm using. This is the only product in my arsenal that I feel comfortable simply leaving on my skin afterwards, without cleaning up. It leaves my skin feeling soft and clean, without ever feeling sticky or tacky. If you choose to wash it off, it washes off very easily, due to the solvent ingredient.


My 4 fl. oz. bottle of V came in a massive plastic Ziploc baggie, which baffled me. The bag could have fit at least ten bottles of this lubricant! In the bag was a booklet about the V brand and one bottle of lube, which is cylindrical in shape, with a diameter of slightly less than 1 3/4" and an overall height of 5 1/4".

The bottle has a flip top lid, which is easy to open and clicks shut securely. It is designed to be completely clear, so that the buyer can see exactly what they are getting - a pure, clean, clear lubricant. My bottle has a white band around it, emblazoned with the V logo. Beneath that, it says "ultra-sensitive lubricant" in subtle lettering. It is a very discreet bottle and would look perfectly at home with other skin care and cosmetic products. The bottle and its cap are both recyclable.

There are directions on the bottle, which read: Remove seal before use; do not use if seal is broken. Apply a small amount where additional lubrication is desired. Close cap after use and store upright.

There is also a warning, which reads: If irritation or discomfort occurs, discontinue use and consult a physician. Not a spermicide or contraceptive. For topical use only. Store at room temperature.

The brochure has a massive amount of information in it about the V brand, their mission, their credentials, and their mindful approach to design and formulation. Much of this information is also available on their website.

Special Features

V Products are:

Gentle on sensitive skin
Never tested on animals
Environmentally friendly
Made from FDA- and USP-approved ingredients

I have the Ultra Sensitive version, but there are also varieties available with warming and cooling properties. For those that don't know, parabens are chemicals used as preservatives in the cosmetics industry. V products use plant-based preservatives instead.

Be aware that THIS product, V Ultra Sensitive, is glycerin-free, but the majority of the V line is not. Please see the FAQ on the company's web page as to their reasoning.

Personal comments

On the bottle, the honeysuckle plants Lonicera caprifolium and Lonicera japonica are listed incorrectly as "Linocera". I believe this is a typo or simply a misspelling on the part of the manufacturer.
Follow-up commentary
It's extremely timely that I got a notification today reminding me to write my two-month follow-up review of V Ultra Sensitive Lubricant...Because earlier today, I was hunting for the bottle, which had recently gone missing. Unfortunately, I found it in the couch cushions. The cap was closed and screwed on tight, but the bottle had been lying on its side and it leaked everywhere. It doesn't seem to have stained, but it was a hell of a pain in the butt to clean up. I'm frustrated that it leaked, primarily because it wasted so much of my new favorite lubricant! I still absolutely love this lube, but I'm definitely going to be much more careful about storing it upright from now on. This is my go-to lubricant. I reach for it every time I want to use my toys.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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