Silver, Good to the last drop!

This is a very good lubricant, easy to apply, no scent, lasts a super long time, and has multiple uses! Though it cannot be used with silicone based toys, Silver makes intimacy a much more enjoyable experience!!
Super slick, only a couple drops required, and hypoallergenic!
Consistency is a bit thin for me. NOT SAFE FOR SILICONE TOYS!
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Sliquid Silver is a super slick silicone that lasts a long time. This was the first silicone lubricant that I've ever bought and impressed doesn't even begin to describe what I thought. There is no smell or taste, no grittiness, and just a couple drops is all that's required for hours of frictionless fun! The consistency of this lubricant is fairly thin, it spreads easily over whatever surface you want to be slicker. Upon opening the bottle I learned of the slickness and quickly fell in love. The glide it gave was so much smoother than I was used to and I didn't want to stop!

Like Pjur silicone lubricants, Silver is a grade 5 silicone, meaning it is one of the purest silicones to use. Sliquid is a Dallas Texas based company that believes in creating completely vegan friendly products. Because the packaging for Silver is more female friendly, they came out with a package men wouldn't feel awkward purchasing: Sliquid Silicone Ride. I suggest Silver to women because silicone is completely inert, meaning it won’t mess with your body, and to men because it feels great to have a long lasting glide without having to keep applying more. Like with any silicone lubricant it is not suggested to use with silicone based products. Silicone products and lubricant try to bond with each other immediately, making the product gummy and then becoming completely useless. This rule of not using silicone lubricant with products does stretch to Cyberskin as well, that is because Cyberskin is a derivative of silicone.

Now with any silicone lubricant, there are multiple uses aside from sexual purposes. Silicone can be applied to areas being prepared for shaving, helping the razor glide more easily over the skin to help prevent razor burn and cuts. Also, Silver can be applied after shaving to help prevent hair from growing as quickly, I noticed an extended 2-3 days before shaving was required again. Silver acts as a good skin conditioner if a thin layer is applied and can take tangles out of long hair.
Upon first use, Silver paid for itself. I didn't have to apply more then a couple drops and I was good for the next hour. I've used several types of water based lubricants and I end up using most of a bottle before I finish, that was not the case with Silver. I also noticed my skin being softer down there, so I've been using Silver as a skin conditioner as well. My coworkers have very long hair and they use it as a hair detangler.
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  • Contributor: Victoria
    Nice review! This reminds me of how my grandmother uses olive oil as conditioner and skin moisturizer! :)
  • Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust
    I've never heard of any of those suggestions for silicone lube. However, I know a lot of people use it with PVC outfits to really make it shine!
  • Contributor: Avery Dragon
    @ Adriana Ravenlust. Lol, honestly, silicone can be used for near anything. Aside from the personal care i'd mentioned above, if you put some on cotton and rub it on your windshield, it can act as rain x. squeeky door hinges can be fixed, put on a cotton swab, rub it in the track of a stuck window. There are hundreds of uses for it
  • Contributor: Dame Demi
    I've really, really got to try this stuff! I've heard only good things about it. On my wish list now, thanks!
  • Contributor: Saraid
    Great review! I really want to try this out and it's now on my wishlist!
  • Contributor: Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Nice review
  • Contributor: FaerieLove
    Great review. I especially like the personal add ons for what else this lube can be used for
  • Contributor: Ghost
    I've never tried a silicone lube.. perhaps I should. Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: Fun with Dick & Jane
    Love the shaving tip!
  • Contributor: fufucat
    Thanks for the review
  • Contributor: beccawalton
    thanks for the review
  • Contributor: Andrey2052
    Nice job for this review.
  • Contributor: satinlady550
    great review thanks
  • Contributor: J5ive
  • Contributor: Cat E.
  • Contributor: spiced
    Great review. This sounds like one of the best silicone lubes.
  • Contributor: deltalima
    Thanks for sharing
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