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Sliquid Silver--A Silicone Answer to Your Lube Dilemma

Given my good experience with other Sliquid products, I was really looking forward to Sliquid Silver. The silicone lubricant lasts longer than most water based lubes. This lube probably won't do anything earth-shattering for you, but it should do the trick.
Lasts longer than most water-based lubes and doesn't require as much reapplication.
Can stain fabrics and be difficult to apply due to its runny nature.
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Lubes are an important ingredient to a good sexual experience that are all too often over-looked. When my husband and I switched to using condoms after I went off birth control pills, we discovered that our lube of choice, coconut oil, was no longer a viable option due to its incompatibility with latex. As our frustration with water-based lubes mounted, we decided to try a silicone lubricant. Having had a great experience with Sliquid Swirl, Sliquid's flavored lube, Sliquid Silver seemed like a great place to start some experimenting.

I had heard a lot about silicone lubes—that they are long lasting, great for use in water, and that they feel more natural than water-based lubes, which can dry out and get sticky. But perhaps my expectations for Sliquid Silver were too high. It worked adequately, didn't seem to dry out too quickly, and was very comfortable, but it did not deliver the outstanding results I expected. Also, I'm not too keen on the fact that silicone lubes tend to stain fabrics. Lets face it—spills and leaks are part of sex, I'd just rather not have my sheets and blankets ruined in the process. Furthermore, I discovered that the bottle tends to leak around the cap, requiring that it be kept upright. The lube is also much runnier than water-based lubes, making it more difficult to apply if you are concerned about stains and spills. Finally, this lube isn't compatible with my silicone toys. While I realize I shouldn't use them together, I'm wondering how long after using the silicone lube for intercourse I need to wait to use my silicone toys. The next morning? 24 hours? After a shower? Nevertheless, this lube works adequately. I would not say it is fantastic, but it does the job.

I'm hoping that a chance to use the lube in water will change my mind. Unfortunately, our shower barely has enough room for one person, so it looks like I won't get a chance to try this lubes staying power in a sexy shower scene anytime soon. My husband, however, has enjoyed using the lube, especially given that there a less time-outs for reapplication. I think anyone would be pleased with this lube, provided their expectations aren't unrealistic.
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  • Victoria
    Great review. If you want something water-based, thicker, and that won't stain - try Maximus. It's well rated for a reason Winking
  • Lover's Beloved
    In the Pink- Thanks for the tip. I have heard only good about Maximus, and I'll have to put that on my "must try" list.
  • Dame Demi
    Bummer...I've heard so many great things about this lube, I had high expectations for it. From reading your review, though, it sounds like pretty much any other silicone lube, and I really tend to prefer the performance of water-based lubes. Thanks for the review!
  • Avery Dragon
    If you'd ever prefer to try out a thicker silicone, Pjur makes a few styles you might like. Original is just slightly thicker than Sliquid Silver, and their Platnum is their thickest formula. If you're wanting some that have a little extra in them to make things better, Pjur Super Hero has ginko biloba extract to help increase blood flow for the man so he lasts longer. Pjur Analyze Me/Backdoor has jojoba to be used as a muscle relaxant for anal sex (makes great back massage too) Though NOT silicone, they also make My Glide which is a slightly thicker water-based formula that has a warming and tingling sensation designed to make women more sensitive.

    Another to look at is System Jo warming silicone, they use pepermint essential oils as the warming agent, most mint derivative products have the slight tingling sensation factor.
  • inbarati
    Sounds great!
  • Ghost
    I've never tried a silicone lube.. perhaps I should. Thanks for the review!
  • ViVix
    It's too bad it stains!
  • Entropy
    Nice review, thanks!
  • Undead
    Thanks for telling about the staining.
  • mmmmm
    nice review
  • beccawalton
    thanks for the review
  • Ambug
  • Andrey2052
    Nice job for this review.
  • 0Crash0
    Thanks for the review.
  • J5ive
  • Cat E.
  • spiced
    Great review! I think I'll look at other silicone lubes.
  • Septimus
    Thanks for the review, I think I'm probably still going to get this.
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