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ID Moments Silicone was my first experience with a silicone lube, and it turned out to be a good one. Although there are both pros and cons to silicone lubes, this one did everything I expected of it well.
Hypoallergenic, gentle formula, long-lasting, no smell or taste
Top can be difficult to open/close, can't use with silicone toys, clean-up takes a little effort
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ID Moments Silicone is a part of the "Moments" line of lubes manufactured by ID, as you can probably guess from the name. This category of their lubricants is made to be extra gentle, with sensitive skin or those with allergies in mind. There is also a water based formula available, which seems to be more widely available than this one.

This lubricant can be used during sex, with sex toys, for masturbation or as a massage oil alternative. Since this specific lube is hypoallergenic and glycerin & paraben free, it might be a good one to try if your sensitive skin makes finding a good massage oil hard.

Silicone lubricants tend to be longer-lasting than water based ones, and they can be paired with your waterproof toys for use in the tub or shower, since the lube won't wash away as easily.

You should avoid using silicone lubricants with silicone toys, though, because through the wonders of science, silicone-on-silicone action leads to premature breakdown of the toy material. Also keep in mind that clean-up for silicone lubes can be a little trickier, since water alone won't wash it away, so you might not want your favorite sheets on the bed if you plan to have a wild night with the silicone lube.
    • Massage
    • Masturbation
    • Sex

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The texture of silicone lubricant is quite different from water based, especially on how it feels on your skin after use. This lube is as thin as water, but is obviously much slipperier. If you squirt a drop onto your skin, it will immediately start to spread out. When rubbed into the skin, it starts to feel powdery soft as it is absorbed, not at all greasy. It actually reminded me of a creme-to-powder foundation in that respect. I tested this on my leg to check the massage potential, and found that it left my skin soft with no oily residue left behind.

This is a really easy lube to spread, and I found it easy to smooth it over a vibrator to coat the whole toy and make it nice and slippery.
    • Smooth
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

There is very little smell to this product. The full bottle has a slight silicone odor if you get right up and smell it, but there is only the faintest scent on the skin, and nothing at all once it is dry.

I couldn't detect any taste at all when I licked a spot on my hand where I had spread it. Basically, you aren't going to be disgusted if you lick a body part where you've used this lube, but licking a lot of it really isn't appealing. If you want something tasty, ID makes a whole line of flavored lubricants, but I don't think any of them are silicone based.
    • No taste


This was my first experience with a silicone based lubricant, and I was really curious to see how it compared to water based. I tested this with a rabbit-style vibrator, since I didn't have the right man handy. Although it feels quite a bit different on the skin than a water-based lube, it didn't really feel any different during use. It does hold up much better over prolonged use, though, so if you get frustrated having to reapply water based lube frequently during sex or masturbation, silicone might be the way to go.

This lube is made to be extra gentle, and I didn't have any kind of reaction to or irritation from it. If you are prone to harsh reactions to lubes, you may still want to be careful and test it on a small area for your first use, just to be safe.

The only negative I've found is that clean-up is a little more work than with water based lubes, but that's going to be the case with any silicone lube. You can't just rinse a toy off with water, you're going to need to really scrub it down with toy-appropriate soap or a toy cleaner after use. The human side of clean-up takes a little more effort, too.
    • Feels natural
    • Needs to be washed off with soap and water


There wasn't much packaging to speak of here, the bottle just arrived inside of a simple clear plastic bag- a smart move on Eden's part in case it leaks during shipping! The nozzle of the bottle was shrink-wrapped in plastic for safety, but it was actually a little TOO safe for me- I ended up seriously breaking my thumb nail trying to get it open (even though it was perforated) and finally had to wedge a knife under the plastic to get it to crack. Have tools handy!

The bottle itself is fairly discreet- it is purple and black with the "ID Moments" logo fairly large on the front and "Hypoallergenic Sensual Lubricant" in tiny print below. You could probably stick this in the bathroom among hair and body products without the bottle calling attention to itself. If I didn't take the time to read it, I'd just assume it was a hair product at a glance.

The lube is dispensed through a pump top that you can twist to open or close. There is a little symbol on the top to show you which way to twist. I really wish there was a lid you could put on over this, since it is way too easy to accidentally unlock the top, especially if you are traveling with this. If you plan to pack this lube for a trip, I would suggest sealing it in a ziplock bag, just in case. ID has a "free sample" page on their website, which would be an even better option for travel but the sample section of the site wasn't working when I tried to pull it up for more info.

The other problem I found with the lid is that because it is smooth plastic and silicone lubricant loves to stick around, it gets really slippery unless you are wiping it off with soap and water after every use (and really, who does that?). A little texture on the lid or a shape that makes it easier to turn would be a nice addition to the design.

On the plus side, this is pretty leak-proof unless you are pushing down on the top. I turned the dispenser to "open" and held the bottle upside down, but nothing came out, even when I shook it. The dispenser is easy to press down, and I didn't have any trouble getting out just a few drops instead of a full squirt if I pressed gently.

There is an expiration date stamped on the bottom of the bottle (5/2016 for mine) which I really like. Although I doubt I'll still have this bottle around 5 years from now, those with a fairly extensive lubricant collection that switch back and forth a lot might have trouble keeping track of how old each one is.

The bottle is plastic, made from recycled materials and is recyclable.

This product is available in 2, 4 and 6.4 ounce bottles. I have the 6.4 oz, and it measures about 9" high by 4" wide (at the base), or 7.5" in circumference.
    • Does not leak

Special Features

Here's a quick breakdown of the ingredients:

Cyclopentasiloxane- This is a super thin silicone-based compound often used for skin conditioning and sometimes found in hair conditioners, foundation and anti-aging skin treatments. After reading through some articles to figure out what this was, I'm now kind of tempted to try this lube in my hair and see what happens. It could either be awesome, or disastrous! I also realized I have a silicon hair serum, so I checked and discovered cyclopentasiloxane is the first ingredient in it, too. Interesting!

Dimethicone is a a polymer that is also silicone based. It too is used in hair products and cosmetics, but is also found in medicines used to treat skin irritations like diaper rash.

Dimethiconol is another silicone often found in hair care products and cosmetics. My Googling shows that this one might have healing properties, and is sometimes used to reduce the appearance of scars.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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