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"Slippery When Wet; or, the Case of the Unexplained Peppermint Heat"

System JO silicone warming lubricant will last longer than most. It's not sticky and has a nice peppermint scent. Silicone ingredient is perfect for anal sex. The warming sensation will knock the guy's socks off. On its own, it also makes a great skin moisturizer!
Lasts long, nice scent, warm, not sticky, safe.
Bad messy snap open bottle, slickness can be dangerous, not for silicone toys.
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System JO silicone warming lubricant is best for anal sex, but can be used during vaginal. The only thing you want to watch out for is if you are using it with any sex toy. Silicone lube can damage certain toys made from certain materials like silicone and Cyberskin. It is unfortunate because, when it comes to safest materials for anal plugs and probes, silicone ranks only second to glass. The thing about this lube is a little goes a long way.

You can put this on hours before getting intimate and it will still be ready. One thing I like to do is: rub it on/in before anal, BEFORE I see my partner. Then, when we go at it, it helps create the illusion of him penetrating me spontaneously without any assistance. A lot of guys have this 'ego' thing where they feel that they are so amazing, and so big, that they must be able to make any girl secrete gallons of orgasmic juices out their ass and pussy, without any help! Since, in their eyes, to not succeed, could only mean one thing: that they have failed as a man and should retreat to a mountain somewhere in Tibet. It is supposedly the same trick they use in the pornos. You might think they are going at without any prep, but before they penetrate, cameras stop and they get lubed, put on the condom, and make sure the anus is relaxed and stimulated, then turn back on the camera. Quick editing enhances this sexual illusion. Although, before attempting this, you should probably find out if they have any allergies to peppermint.

I recommend silicone lube because it isn't porous. Water based lube collects bacteria inside of you and collects on the side of your vaginal walls or rectum. Strange isn't it? You'd think that water lube, being all H20 and natural would be safer, but in fact it isn't. It is safer to use water lube with certain types of sex toys or with certain types of condoms, but is not necessarily the best choice for anal sex. Silicone lube doesn't collect, it just exits out with waste or vaginal secretions. That is why silicone is so great for plastic surgery because it is so resistant to bacteria.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The lube feels liquid-like, with no stickiness. Perhaps a tad greasy. The problem I have is with the bottle. It has a snap open top that, when closed, still manages to let the stuff leak out. This creates a problem when trying to carry it somewhere. I have to keep it in a bag, but it still leaks which seems wasteful. Also, it can become problematic when the lube gets on the bottle. The tube might slip from your hand, and suddenly you might find simply opening and closing the bottle a challenge.

Taste / Aroma

It smells like peppermint. I kind of like it. It awakens the senses and can increase stimulation. Someone else mentioned this, but the use of peppermint instead of glycerin lowers the chance of a yeast infection.

I'm not sure about oral with this stuff. I don't think it will hurt you, and the taste wasn't really that bad- but since it doesn't list this for oral sex, maybe it isn't intended for it. I don't think it would seriously hurt you. It might just not taste good to you or make your stomach hurt. I don't really know. I tasted it once and it didn't do anything to me.


The products lasts longer than most lube. If you get it on your hands, you can just wipe it off with a towel. In fact, I think it makes a great moisturizer on its own. Just don't try to use it in the shower because if it gets on the bottom of your feet- you will be injured! You could probably use this on the bottom of a sled to make it go faster.

Creates a great warming sensation that guys go gaga for.

Another thing to be careful with: since this creates such slickness, don't go too fast or too rough. You don't need to push because it really slides in pretty easily with this stuff. If you do end up going too rough or fast with this stuff, two things can happen. 1) injury 2) a poopy bed. Sorry if that was a little too graphic for you, but that can and will happen if you aren't careful.

Special Features

Try this little trick: give him a hand job with this stuff and then blow air on to the head of his penis. Somehow, the peppermint creates a sensation.
Follow-up commentary
I got this lube in early August. There is still plenty left after much use. I've said it before and I'll say it again: a little goes a long way! Very economical. It does the job right with no irritation. I haven't had any infections caused by this lube. When I put it on, it lasts a long time. I love it and I still love the peppermint smell. You still have to remember to not use silicone lube with silicone toys or silicone contraceptives.
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  • ~LaUr3n~
    What about clean up? There are a few errors like the word 'to' being use dinstead of 'too'...other than that great info. And sexy tip at the end!
  • Sundae
    Silicone lubes are a bit more versatile than just for glass toys. Provided your toy isn't made of silicone or a silicone combo like Cyberskin then more often than not it will be compatible with silicone lube. Smile You just have to be careful and if in doubt do a bit of a spot test first. However, good review, sounds like you've had fun with this lube!
  • ......
    Nice review, thanks!
  • ShercockHolmes
    thanks for feedback! sorry about the typo. if you see anymore let me know. I somehow always manage to miss some even with many read-throughs.
  • Sammi
    Thanks for the review! Smile
  • Kayla
    Thanks for the review. Smile
  • badk1tty
    Thank you for the review.
  • Boobs and Lubes
    it really leaves a big sticky mess and dries superfast
  • Tbanda
    Good review!
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    Appreciate great review!
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    Thank you for the review~!
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