JO H2O lubricant

Water-based lubricant
by System JO

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JO H2O lubricant reviews

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JO H2O lube is just too easy to use for all your needs during play. I haven't found any drawback to it.

Overall, this product is great to use. It is versatile and can be used in just about all situations. The quality is there, and it is definitely noticeable.

The price is great and it works well for solo use. Use in water is not recommended, but use this anywhere else and you'll be happy!

Sometimes the original is still the one to use. This is JO's top-selling original lube for a reason. It is silky smooth, cleans up easily, and doesn't get tacky.

This lube is one of my personal bedside favorites, heck, we even went and bought a big pumper bottle of it when we ran out of the bottle from here! Easy to clean up, doesn't get very sticky when it dries, and a little goes a long way!

This lube is well worth it for someone with thin and dry bits! It washes off easily, but stays wet during sex more than other water based lubes. I've used it for over a year because it suits me well, despite the taste and cold feel.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a basic water based lube. It is a great lube that is smooth and multi-purposed that doesn't need washed off when you're done.

I accidentally came across this product when I was buying some silicone toys. What I wasn't expecting was to use it and like it not only with my toys but also during sex with my partner. I wasn't expecting to find exactly what I was looking for in this unexpected purchase, but I did. I only regret one thing- not buying a bigger bottle.

JO H2O lubricant proved effective for all of our needs, including use with silicone toys, butt plugs, as well as both male and female masturbation. I recommend it as a general-purpose lube to hold on to!

JO H2O is pretty standard lube, but it does the simple job right. It doesn't trick you with weird ingredients or flashy promises. You can use it with toys, solo, with people, vaginally, anally, etc.

Great lubricant. Can be used for couple play or solo play and is safe on all toy types. Water-based, so it won't stain your sheets. By far, the best water-based lubricant I have ever tried.

The JO H2O Lubricant is worth buying. It works well and is reasonably priced. This lube stays slick long enough for me and is easy to clean up afterward. It's good for sex and masturbation. I would buy and use it again.

I would recommend this lube to anyone who wants a basic, no frills lubricant for relatively short sessions with silicone toys. If you are looking for a long-lasting lube for oral or penetrative play, there are other options out there that might better meet your needs.

This lubricant is your typical lube. You tend to get what you pay for, and this is no exception. While not terrible, this lube is not that great either.

If you're looking for a great, silky, water-based lube that works for "anything goes", then this lube is for you. It is by far the best lube my husband and I have ever found, and trust me, we have tried just about everything.

This product is worth it if you have tried lots of lubes without irritation and are looking for a new, affordable, water-based alternative with the feel of silicone. As long as you don't have sensitive skin, soak it in!

For a general use night stand lube this one did a great job. If you're looking for a water based lube I don't think you could go wrong with this one.

This lube's slightly sweet taste and scent won't be for everyone, but if you don't mind a little glycerin being around, you'll love JO H2O. The silky, velvety texture was surprising for me with first use. For a water-based lube, it really delivers in all areas of the sexual map. Whether you're masturbating, using it anally, or just want more wet fun, this long lasting silk in a bottle really helps with everything running smoothly.

This product is completely worth buying. It works well with many types of toys with varying types of materials. It can be used almost anywhere, except in the bath or shower because it is a water-based lube and will only wash away once in contact with water. It's easy to use and easy to clean. It can even be used for sexual intercourse without the use of sex toys.

The JO H20 Lubricant is a nice water based lube, I really liked having the easy to clean, easy to open bottle for those one handed bottle opening nights.

Some people may avoid System JO H2O because of some of its less desirable ingredients, but I come back again and again for its durability, thickness, and natural feel. A great substitute for silicone lubricant (which is incompatible with toys made of silicone), I'd recommend this product to anyone looking for a natural-feeling (if not all-natural) addition to their sex life.

If you just need a good, basic lubricant, I'd recommend this above any other. It is hands down the best lube we've used.

I have heard many great things about System JO lubricants. I am very happy that I took the plunge and tried JO H20 despite my concern of certain ingredients in this product. This waterbased lube lives up to its claim of a silky silicone-like feeling, and lasts during use!

With so many choices of lubricants available, it can be hard to choose. Look no further than JO H20 Lubricant. You won't be disappointed. It is long lasting, provides excellent lube and slipperiness, and is a great bang for your buck. Friendly with a lot of different material toys, too! Just buy it!

JO H2O's price and use longevity make it a must for avid male masturbator users! It's odorless and tasteless design and ease of cleanup make it my number one toy-lube! Non-irritant and non-viscous, JO is just a thin, inexpensive and surprisingly well-coating lube, that should be in your nightstand or toy box, period!

This lube is the best water-based one I have found so far and has terrific performance. The JO H2O lubricant isn't really made for oral sex (try their flavored instead), but works great with anything else - vaginal sex, anal sex, and with most toys. I would give this lube a try if you are looking for a great quality water-based lube.

The System Jo H2O is the perfect water based lubricant specifically for those with sensitive skin. It leaves you feeling naturally wet and applies easily. Clean up is easy but unnecessary with this product. It is my vibrators best friend and delightful to use before sex.

A good amount of lubricant for an inexpensive price. Feels natural though does need reapplying if you plan to use for anal play. Does contain parabens and glycerin, so not good for those who are allergic to those ingredients.

A good, general lube for all manner of sex play, JO H20 is long-lasting and doesn’t get sticky. A little goes a very long way with this lube, so it is definitely a good value as well.

In short, this is a very basic water based lube that not only gets the job done, but gets the job done at a fair price. And when it comes down to the bottom line...not only would I recommend buying it, but I am a repeat purchaser.

A good lube is an essential item in every toy box. System JO, H2O is certainly a great product to add to your arsenal of masturbatory accessories – it performs its task well and is very easy to cleanup.

This lube is like the multi-purpose Pine-sol because it too can be used for different things; vaginal, anal, masturbation, you name it. I'm almost sure it can be used in conjunction with anything. It’s most definitely a steal for the price and unless I hit gold with another lube sometime soon, i'll be back for more.

For a first lube, it was alright. It got the job done, and I loved how many uses I got out of it for an affordable price. It didn't need constant reapplication. But I really dislike the allergic reactions it can cause and possible effects of the chemicals it uses. For this alone, I'd suggest skipping over this in favor of a more natural lube. Unless you enjoy the feeling of walking around with a greasy vagina... then this was made for you.

The price is reasonable and it feels like the real thing. It is easy to use, easy to clean-up, and very effective.

This lube is smooth without being too slippery. If you are just looking for a basic lube without any bells or whistles, this is a great product!

Whether engaging in anal or vaginal, this lube ALWAYS gets the job done and overall, without excessive mess. Sadly it is not so great for male solo play.

This is one of the best water-based lubes I have used. It can be used for anything, with anything. You can't ask for much more then that. Add in the long lasting and lack of stickiness, and you have a clear winner.

If you want a lube that won't drip, stays in place, and doesn't taste bad, this might be right up your alley. However, if you have a glycerin sensitivity, are avoiding parabens, or need a package that will be discreet about its contents, you'll have to look elsewhere.

Solid, basic lube. Good value. Works well. Smooth and slippery, bottle lasts forever. Does get a little sticky though, so it's not perfect!

I would recommend this lube to anyone with sensitive skin. I'd also recommend it to anyone that's looking for a long lasting, soothing, slippery lube. It is my favorite so far. It's enjoyable from beginning to end.

This product is awesome for extra wetness during sex or toy play. It is not so great for anal sex though.

I was really amazed going from other water based lubes to this.... it's VERY slick compared others I've tried and it really stays "wet". I actually had to double check that it was in fact water based!

Great basic, inexpensive, water based lubricant. It felt like natural lubrication and didn't make messy spots. It does contain ingredients that are allergens for some people which are a downside.

This is the only lube I'll ever use again other than System JO's flavored lubricant. It's definitely worth a try and there's little possibility you'll be disappointed.

JH20 has produced an excellent water based lube for all of your playtime needs. This is an awesome lube that is safe for use with any material and almost anyone. Couples won't have to worry about removing the lube before enjoying oral sex in the middle of playtime and it will out last even the longest solo sessions. Go ahead and add it to your cart, what are you waiting for?

This lubricant would be good for most all toys and sexual situations in general. If you produce a lot of natural lubrication, you probably won't want to use this product. The downside involves slight leakage and a slimy sort of feeling.

It worked, but it just felt weird. Plus, it never really dries, it just gets gooey. It leaves a "stain" on fabric, until you wash it, that makes it look like you spilled something on it. Generally, it comes out really slimy, almost oily. It works but in a really unnatural feeling way, and then it doesn't really dry. It leaves you feeling slimy. Then you can't get rid of the slime without soap and water. The bottle leaks too, which makes a huge mess.

This lubricant is definitely worth the money! It's not just a good lube at this price, it's a good lube at any price. It doesn't dry up or get sticky and is smooth and slippery. Love!

The System JO H2O water based lubricant is perfect for those looking to have the feel of silicone lube but the compatibility with all toy types. It is silicone-and-latex safe, doesn't leave you feeling sticky, is moderately priced and lasts a long time. The only people I wouldn't recommend this lube too are those with glycerin sensitivities since this product does contain glycerin and other chemical compounds. It's a great buy and highly recommended for all of your toy needs.

This is a really good basic lube. Good price and impressive staying power make adding some of this stuff to your collection a no brainer. You won't regret giving this a try, that is of course unless you're allergic to parabens...

It's not easy to find a great water based lube, but JO H2O seems to working out pretty good! The lube doesn't cost a fortune, stays wet, and is easy to clean up. There really isn't much else to ask for in a quality water based lubricant.

This lube is pretty awesome. Sure, the packaging isn't the best, but that's not what I'm using this stuff for. It's got great staying power, and the price is worth it.

This lube was worth it to me as it hard to find a perfect water based lube. I found this one to be a great deal and nice feel. The need to reapply and the bad taste are not too bad of a fall back for me, as long my lube is not sticky and messy I am a happy girl. I think results may vary a lot with lubricants, but I would certainly recommend giving this one a try.

Are you looking for a lubricant that can nearly be mistaken as your own? Are you looking for something water-based that can be used with any sex toy? Have I got a lubricant for you!

A slippery and reliable lube, this water based lubricant really meets all of my requirements for a good lubricant. It is definitely worth buying again and again.

Unfortunately, our feelings toward H20 are not the nicest. For someone who enjoys more of a thick drag during play, rather than a slick surface, this might be your BFF. I for one, will never use it again. If you're a fan of Liquid Silk, this will not measure up and if you're looking for a water based lubricant that acts as a silicone, look elsewhere. Perhaps Pink would be a better option for that.

A long lasting and silky smooth water based lube. Odorless and virtually tasteless and safe for all toys. A must for every toy box.

Overall I liked this product. I think it is a great aide, in addition to a woman's natural lube. It wouldn't be a replacement for us, if I wasn't producing any natural lube.

I wish you could purchase these in 16 ounce bottles like so many other brands of personal lubricants. That would be my only grip about JO's water based lubes. If you haven't tried one yet, pick yourself up a bottle; I highly doubt you will regret the purchase.

System JO H2O is a great lube, in a great package, all for one really great price. It definitely makes sex and solo play a hell of a lot of fun and you won't regret trying it out.

System JO H2O Lube is right now the lube that I have in my purse for that random play that happens with my girlfriend. But those with allergies may want to pass on this one.

System JO H2O gives the flexibility of a water base lubricant, which can be used with all types of toy materials and sexual penetration while giving the silky smooth feeling of a silicone lubrication. This lubricant only requires a small amount of application to take you all the way to the "O" zone!!! A must have for anyone looking for a versatile, water based lubricant.

This is a great lube that you can use with all sex toy materials. It even works well for intercourse, as it gives you just the right amount of extra glide without being too thick or too thin. It is nice and slick, and a little amount goes a long way.

Most of us have that one toy that we grab when we're feeling frisky, that we know will get the job done on almost all occasions. This lube accommodates that toy perfectly. Outside of anal, this will be just what you need for your lubrication needs, solo or with a partner.

This was actually the first lube that I have ever used, and even in my relative inexperience I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed. If all lubes are this good, then some good times are definitely ahead.

Overall a great product. Love that it can be used for almost anything in the bedroom. It can't be used for anal which is a downside, but they do make a product for that. I love this lube and would not change a thing about it.

I love this product. It feels so natural. It's super easy to use. This has replaced our KY because it feels so natural and lasts so long.

This lubricant does not stay wet for long. On the other hand, it feels good and clean-up is easy. Greatest thing about this one is that it's a travel size bottle, but that you can get with any brand.

A little gets you a long way with this lube so a bottle will last you quite a while. It adds pleasure without being too slippery or leaving any stickiness behind. It has worked great for me for several activities and has never let me down. I've tried other lubes and nothing can compare to this stuff.

Over all this lube is fantastic! Coming from someone who really dislikes using lube. It's easy and effortless to use, and not noticeable at all. No smell, and super light! It doesn't feel heavy, and doesn't give you a hard time cleaning up, either. Being water based, it's safe for you and your toys, and who doesn't love that?

If you're looking for a great water based lube to use for vaginal or anal use, this is a great buy. I wouldn't recommend this one for hand jobs though as it can get sticky when using it for that. There's no odor, and it doesn't have a bad taste. Even though it didn't work well for a hand job, I still give this one four stars since it still kept me wet and slippery!

This water-based lube has a great feel for a quality experience. It can be used with any toy and in a variety of situations. It feels smooth and resilient like silicone, but without being sticky or hard to wash off.

What's the one thing that every toy box should not be without? A good quality lube of course. System JO H2O is a good choice for your toy and penetrative play needs. A long lasting and great feeling lube, you might even think it is a silicone based lube. Yes, it is that good.

This has to be the best water based lube I've tried thus far. It's silky feeling and keeps me wet without reapplication, even in "love you long time" sessions! It works well with my silicone toys, and is compatible with all toys. Best of all, does not have many toxic ingredients, so I feel pretty safe using it.

It's official, JO is my new best friend. It came through with every promise the packaging made and far exceeded my expectations. I tried the small size and although it lasts awhile, I'll be buying the large next time to stock up because this is the best water based lubricant I have ever tried!

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