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Unfortunately, our feelings toward H20 are not the nicest. For someone who enjoys more of a thick drag during play, rather than a slick surface, this might be your BFF. I for one, will never use it again. If you're a fan of Liquid Silk, this will not measure up and if you're looking for a water based lubricant that acts as a silicone, look elsewhere. Perhaps Pink would be a better option for that.
Safe with toys.
No scent.
Light taste if any.
Doesn't work for intended purpose; lubricating.
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H20 is a water based lubricant that can be used for intercourse or be used with your toys. H20 is a lubricant that will work for most sexual occasions, but I doubt this will be the best for anal sex. I don't have anal sex of any kind so I can't say for sure. I'm only going on the information provided by a couple of friends on this.

H20 does contain parabens as well as the dreaded ingredient glycerin so those with sensitivities to those should stay away or use with caution. I however, am not sensitive and don't have reactions to these ingredients.

The ingredients in H20 are:
Propyl Paraben, Methyl Paraben, Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Glycerin, Purified Water.

-Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose is used mainly because it has high viscosity, is non-toxic, and is hypoallergenic. It is also used in products such as K-Y Jelly, laxatives, diet pills, toothpaste, water-based paints and more.

I was intrigued by System Jo H20 after learning that it's supposed to feel so much like silicone, but is a water based lubricant meaning it's safe to use on all toys. This was my main interest in H20. I planned to use H20 for toys,foreplay, intercourse while not being terrible for oral. My experience will be in the experience section so just hold your taters!
    • Foreplay
    • Masturbation

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

H20 has a very runny, thin consistency. When I drop some onto my hand it immediately starts to run. It's probably one of the most runny lubricants I've used. It reminds me somewhat of Pink and Gun Oil, but more runny. This means that it's easy to pour and it spreads easily.

So far so good until you begin massaging the lubricant onto your pretty little lady parts. It becomes thicker and very tacky in seconds. I used an entire sample pack of H20 in less than 20 minutes. That's unusual for me as I rarely need more than one or two drops especially with Liquid Silk. The way it tackies up and becomes so greasy is something I've never experienced with any lubricant before.

First, you feel a super slick and silicone-like feel and then a tacky, thicker H20 is left. With more massaging such as with foreplay, just rubbing or using your fingers for clitoral or internal stimulation. I thought adding more would be a solution. When I went to grab the packet of lubricant for the fifth time and realized it was near empty, my idea "adding more will fix this!" solution was shot. For the first few seconds you have a nice, slick and slidable lubricant, but unless you plan to do little rubbing, touching, sexing, it will not stay that way.

I feel like this lubricant is very similar to ID Glide in the way that it gets sticky and tacky only it's far worse. Glide left me a sticky mess, but it was easily cleaned up and it stopped at sticky and tacky. H20 however, runs it's course of slick, tacky then sticky and when you're fed up with that, you're left with a thick greasy residue.
    • Greasy
    • Sticky
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

H20 is clear in color and has no discernible scent to me. It has a strange sweet taste. It's not bad and hardly noticeable unless it's applied directly to my tongue. Licking the body parts where H20 was once applied, there's hardly any taste. I'm able to feel the slick feeling of the lubricant on my tongue as with any lube. This feels somewhat similar to having olive oil on my tongue.

This isn't edible and it's not something I would recommend using as an edible body product, but for me and my partner, it's not bad for oral sex if it's already dried.
    • Light taste
    • No smell


I find H20 to be full of flaws and yucks. Performance was hardly decent. You have very little time to enjoy the slickness before it becomes sticky, tacky then greasy. Applying more does no good as it only leaves you with a bigger mess. When using H20 for plain old rubbing my clitoris, I have a good 2 minutes before the thick, sticky feeling introduces itself. I honestly have to say there is nothing I like about H20. I tried it for every purpose I could find and it's not a product I want on my body.

During intercourse, I would prefer not using lubricant at all rather than using H20. Mostly because it gets thick and sticky making penis in vagina sex feel grabby and uncomfortable. There wasn't any situation where I was happy with the performance.

For use with vbiratos, I want something that will create a slippery surface to provide full sensation. H20 does not do that. It seems to be absorbed into the toy and dries up in minutes, leaving a thick coating over it. Using a toy internally, H20 creates that same grab as when used during intercourse.

It doesn't absorb into the skin at all. Instead, it leaves me with thick layers of mess on my skin. This is somewhat hard for me to describe as I have never had a lubricant act this way. It simply turns sticky and won't keep things lubricated or wet. This means, it won't be a good choice for someone with dryness.

After realizing that this lubricant was not going to change no matter how many different ways I used it, I had hopes for one thing. Massage. I tried it for that and it could work somewhat, but I wouldn't ever choose to use this mess for a massage when I have good, high quality, non-messy massage products such as some from Shunga's line. No way. Then I thought maybe if I were totally out of all of my massage products, maybe, just maybe I'd use this as back up. Not likely, but I was trying so hard to give this lubricant the benefit of the doubt.

I will go ahead and say, this is a lubricant that leaves my cooter sticky and requires a mini shower. The feeling of my lips sticking together in my jeans is enough to piss me off. A wet wash cloth is not enough to rid my poor crotch of the greasy, sticky mess completely. However, it will work well enough if necessary, but not without some work. More about this in my experience section.

It is compatible with all toys though.
    • Allergy concerns
    • Gets sticky
    • Needs to be washed off with soap and water


I bought four 3ml sample packs of H20 so it came in those little foil packs. You need to rip it open at the tear line or use scissors. Normally, I prefer a mini bottle so I can reuse the lubricant enough to know whether I want to purchase a full size, but I have an idea of why System Jo packed this one in a little foil. I didn't mind throwing it away rather than carefull sitting the pack upright so it doesn't leak and can be used again at a later date. No thank you. I always have at least 2 uses (sometimes even 6!) with the sample packs, but this is the first one that I've had to use every bit of in one session.

The sample packets say "Water based personal lubricant," "System JO H20," "Silky smooth silicone feel" and "Meet your new best friend." Unfortunately, H20 is no friend of mine and as for the "silky smooth silicone feel" claim, that only lasts for one minute at most. To say I'm not impressed with this would be an understatement.

You can purchase this in a sample bottle which is much better since it won't leak and won't leave a mess, even if you do only use it once. The bottle samples are OK for travel as they won't leak. (I have other lubricants in the exact same bottle.) The foil packets though, there's no way to reclose it so it's best for one time uses unless you like it enough to sit it upright for using again and if you even have enough left.

Packaging is not discrete since it says "personal lubricant." However, it's not a problem if you're like me and keep your personal lubes stored away. I buy sample lubricants all the time and have a huge collection. I keep them all in one sturdy plastic zip bag. Once one has been opened and I want to save for later use, I retire it to my "used bag" which is a plastic zip bag with my already opened lube packs.

No instructions were included, but if you need them, there is a contact number on the package. While this isn't the most discrete, it doesn't stand out from a crowd of toiletries either.

Special Features

H20 does not have warming, cooling or other extras. It's a simple personal lubricant.

Personal comments

I had my partner use a quarter sized amount just minutes ago for an extra opinion here. I didn't share my opinions or anything with him. I simply told him to rub it on and tell me if it feels slick or smooth and then describe what happens as you keep massaging. His first words were "slick. It feels real slick." I told him to keep rubbing. It wasn't a whole 60 seconds later that he said "Ew it's starting to feel tacky kinda." He's not much of an expert on lubricants, but he hit it right on when he described how it felt. It was exactly how I described it. Now I have him washing it off and telling me how easy it was for him.

Before he went to do that he said "why did you do this to me!" So my feelings on this lube were confirmed. He does not like it and said he wouldn't want it to use it down stairs. For him, he said warm water seemed to be enough to get rid of the lubricant though. For me, I needed soap, but that may be because I have more cracks and grooves to clean.


Clearly, my experience with H20 was not one of the best. In fact, I don't think I've ever had such a sticky experience besides with ID Glide and it at least washed off easier. I am pretty picky when it comes to left behind residue though, but this well exceeds the limit of left over residue.

H20 was a lubricant that I was excited to use. I bought a few sample packs and was sure I'd be back for more. The other day, I broke open another packet of H20 and wanted to give it another shot. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. I guess I'd forgotten how bad it was before.

I charged my Freestyle and was all ready to go. This was one of my first uses with my Freestyle too so the experience was very disappointing. I lubed up Freestyle and I and at first thought "this does feel slightly silicone-ish." Only seconds later (maybe 10-20 seconds) my hands had a terrible thick, sticky lubricant on them and so did Freestyle. It was almost like a completely different lube than what I'd started with. I was determined. I applied more and kept trying. This went on for a good 25 minutes before I was just frustrated and angry.

I ran for a wet wash cloth to wipe myself and Freestyle, hoping I could go back to my fun. I had to keep wetting the wash cloth and it was still sticky and uncomfortable. For my hands, I had to lather them with soap twice before it was completely gone! That's never happened to me with a water or silicone based lubricant. My crotch wasn't coming clean with just water. It got the majority of the goo off, but that sticky, greasy crap was still left and my darn lips were sticking together!

By the time I was done cleaning off, I wasn't even in the mood for Freestyle. It was that bad for me. Maybe I'm a freak because I've only heard a few people say they don't like H20. I guess it's just my personal preference, but the way H20 performed and left me high and sticky, is not acceptable to me.

I have to compare H20 to my favorite Liquid Silk as I do with all new lubricants. By no means would I ever choose H20 over Liquid Silk. If I am going to use a lubricant with parabens, it's going to be Liquid Silk quality. H20 doesn't compare. Liquid Silk never leaves me with any residue behind and I welcome the soft, silky smooth skin it gives me when I do wash it off in the shower. The natural feeling of Liquid Silk is a major plus and H20 doesn't feel natural, doesn't last without turning to glue and leaves me frustrated.

During intercourse, I had to stop things right in the middle of the good part just to wash the mess off. That's a turn off.
Follow-up commentary
It's no surprise that my strong feelings toward this lubricant have not changed. I think with most people, a lubricant's first impression is also the last. It's rare for me to have a strong opinion on a lubricant and then my opinion change with further use. Needless to say, I don't think this will be one I will ever want to use again. However, I'm more than happy about trying other System Jo lubricants and other products. I'm already very precise about what I will tolerate and not tolerate in a lubricant so those things make it impossible for me to enjoy this lubricant. As of now, I'm still a Liquid Silk fanatic and I doubt any other lubricant will change my feelings on that either, but that's not to say I don't really enjoy other lubricants. I just have a select few that I prefer at the moment. I still enjoy buying sample lubricants to try them and see if there is something they have to offer me that my others don't. There have been a few that have exceeded my expectations, but H20 was not one of them.

The drag of this lubricant makes it hard for me to recommend others to try it, but if the things I mentioned are not a concern or bother of yours, then more power to you! I know of people who love this stuff, so of course it will be a good product for some. I still feel that I can only gain by trying new lubricants so my quest continues.
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