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The Metal Worx 10 function vibrator is beautifully designed and beautifully packaged. It's very easy to control with a single power button on the end. The vibrations are neither buzzy nor deep but are unfortunately also not as strong as expected.
Beautiful, easy to control, multiple patterns of vibration
Not terribly strong
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The Metal Worx 10 function vibrator is a luxurious, metal multi-function vibrator that is designed for clitoral stimulation. It's waterproof and can be used in the shower or bath.

It is not anal safe and its vibrations aren't quite strong enough for vaginal stimulation either.

This vibrator is fun to use but is best for those who can be satisfied with vibrations of a moderate strength. Those who need strong vibrations will find that this vibrator is probably not strong enough for them.

Material / Texture

The product page for this vibe says it's made from stainless steel. The box the vibrator comes in says it's made of steel. Pipedream's product page for this says it's made of 'high quality steel.'

There may be some question about the type of steel used in this vibrator, but the surface of my 10 function vibe is smooth and flawless. There is not a scratch or a pit or a nub on it. It appears to be very well constructed.

The entire vibrator is smooth and texture free. It feels marvelously satisfying and pleasing to run your fingers over its smooth, polished surface and to feel its weight in your hand.

Design / Shape / Size

The 10 function vibe looks like an elongated bullet with a blunted tip. It's actually quite attractive - so shiny and smooth.

It is 4 1/2 inches long and 2 1/4 inches in circumference.

It is controlled by a single push button on the end. One press turns it on. Additional presses move it through its vibration modes.

It's a great size. It's easy to hold and manipulate and feels luxuriously heavy for its size.

This vibe is powered by a single AA battery. The cap requires multiple revolutions to screw or unscrew. The threads appear to be surprisingly narrow. A rubber O-ring at the base of the threads ensures that it is watertight. The battery is inserted with the plus end pointing to the tip, which is different from most battery operated vibrators.

It's really quite an attractive product. I believe anyone would be delighted to own it.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The 10 function vibe has multiple vibration modes. Press the control button to turn it on. Each additional press moves it to the next function. Pressing the button when you're on the last vibration mode moves it back to the first mode. To turn it off, hold the button down for three seconds.

The vibration modes are:

1) low steady
2) medium steady
3) high steady
4) high steady for several seconds, then off for a half second
5) fast pulses
6) one second pulses with half second pauses in between
7) three medium length pulses then a brief pause
8) one second on, one second off
9) very fast pulses
10) medium, medium, strong pulses then a pause

I don't know why several of these patterns have such long pauses in them. The whole reason I don't like patterned vibrations is that during pauses of any length, there is no stimulation and therefore no enjoyment. This vibrator sadistically makes that problem even worse by including the longest pauses I have ever seen in vibrator patterns. Those who enjoy torturing themselves with vibrators that tease may like this however.

It's a bit annoying to have to hold the control button down for three seconds to turn it off. If you need to turn it off quickly you won't be able to do so in less than three seconds.

I tried using this vaginally. It's not terribly long, but that is possible. I didn't find it to have strong enough or deep enough vibrations to be successful used that way.

I've given it many tries as a clitoral vibrator. It feels nice, with vibrations that are neither particularly buzzy (shallow back and forth movement) nor deep (wide back and forth movement.) But it isn't strong enough for me. I was only successful with it one time. I need strong vibrations to finish and most of the time I don't find the vibrations of this product to be enough. The battery takes up almost half of the length of the product so I was surprised that this wasn't a stronger vibrator.

The single AA battery this vibrator takes lasts a very long time. I've used this vibrator for hours during multiple sessions and the vibration strength hasn't diminished at all.

It's only moderately noisy. You will be able to cover the noise it makes with music.

Still, the luxuriousness of this bullet vibrator definitely adds to the experience.

Care and Maintenance

The 10 function vibe is waterproof and easy care but you do have to make sure you don't use abrasive cleansers that could damage its finish. Simply rinsing with soap and water appears to be sufficient.

Any lubricant is safe to use with this vibrator.


The 10 function vibe comes in an incredibly sturdy case.

A picture of the product is on the top and a brief description is on the bottom.

Inside is generous amounts of firm foam holding the vibrator securely in place. This vibe isn't fragile, but it's definitely will not be damaged while inside this case.

There would actually be room for about ten of these vibrators if the padding weren't in place. The padding can be removed if you have a desire to store something else in the case. The labels on the top and bottom can be peeled off as well, allowing you to repurpose the case for entirely other reasons.
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