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A Blissful Dream Indeed

Everything about this toy is mediocre, except one thing: the vibrations. The vibrations make it entirely worth five stars because they have a unique feeling, a sensation of being very, very deep. Use it on your clit and feel your entire pelvis vibrate with a rolling thrum that goes everywhere, even deep inside your ass. The strength is moderate to medium-strong, but the depth is breath-taking.
Extremely deep vibrations
Relatively strong vibrations
Completely waterproof
Shape is not the best
Dial control hard to turn
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


Dreamer's Bliss is a versatile vibrator that is for just about everything. Anal insertion is the only thing I would not use it for. Even so, you can get some anal stimulation from it, since its vibrations are so strong that they can be felt inside the anus by merely having the vibrator in the general area. Yes, even when applying to the clitoris, I can feel the Dreamer's Bliss vibrations going deeply into my anus, as well as deeply into all surrounding tissues in the pelvic region.

When I write that Dreamer's Bliss can be used for "just about everything" I truly mean it. Use it vaginally, clitorally, as a nipple stimulator, and for a great massage on the neck, back and shoulders. Even though I love it as a sex toy, this is one of the few toys that I would heartily recommend for its non-sexual uses as a general massage instrument.
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    • Bachelor/ bachelorette party
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    • All over body

Material / Texture

The surface materials are plastic (on the darker lavender bulb at the bottom) and velvet cote (everywhere else, marked by the lighter lavender). The toy is entirely hard and unyielding, but the velvet cote, as it always does, creates a velvety, soft-feeling surface that is quite luxurious to run my hands over. My impression of the coating is that it was perhaps applied a little thinner than on my other velvet cote toys, because it feels that way.

There is very little texture, only some slight changes in diameter and seven raised dots towards the tip. The changes in diameter add a little interest, so that if I thrust it in and out, I can feel the thrusting motion a bit better. I almost can't feel the raised dots internally, and I'm not sure if I like them or not in there, but they do leave something for my clitoris to grind against other than smoothness, and the dots feel lovely during a back or neck massage if I twirl the toy.

The dots do have another purpose: if I set down Dreamer's Bliss on a flat, smooth surface, it won't roll away and fall down. It rolls as far as the row of dots and then stops. This is great for more spontaneous sessions, to relax and not wonder whether you can set down the vibe for a moment. You can. It won't roll away unless you fling it with force. After being frustrated by completely round vibes that I couldn't set down without them rolling away, this was really gratifying.

I did find two flaws in the material. One of these flaws is a seam running perpendicular to the row of dots, from the base, over the tip, and back down to the base on the other side. This seam has been hidden under the velvet cote but it is still visible and can barely be felt with a finger. It is not a raised seam as in most seamed toys, but a slight depression. I don't think it would irritate anyone.

The second flaw I found is probably just on my own toy. There is a flaw in the coating, where some kind of tiny grain of sand or something hard and that shape was embedded into the coating. I did not notice this until I was rubbing the toy all over to write this review. I never noticed it during use and it's very near to the base, so it wouldn't be inserted. I can feel it with my finger but almost not see it.

Dreamer's Bliss has no taste at all, and only has the slightest hint of a plastic smell if I put my nose right up to it.
    • Bumpy
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

I consider the extremely deep and unique-feeling vibrations to be the main attraction of Dreamer's Bliss. Frankly, I think I would probably buy just about any toy if I learned it had the same motor as Dreamer's Bliss, and I find the toy's shape, size and controls rather average.

The width is sort of odd. I think it's an optical illusion caused by the shape, but this toy looks thicker than it actually is. Even when I've got it in my hand, it looks almost too thick for me to like (I usually prefer toys around 1.5 inches in diameter).

These are the diameters I got:

The widest light lavender portion (probably too close to the end bulb to be insertable): 1.69 inches diameter

The narrow part (or depression) nearest to the bulb: 1.37 inches diameter

The thick part between the two narrow parts: 1.5 inches diameter

The narrow part nearest to the tip: 1.25 inches diameter

The thickest part near to the tip, measured between two dots: 1.37 inches diameter

The thickest part near to the tip, measured over two dots: 1.44 inches diameter

As you can see, it actually is about 1.5 inches in diameter, particularly on the insertable part of the length. It simply looks wider than it is.

EdenFantasys says 4.5 inches are insertable. I measured the light lavender portion and found it to be exactly 5 inches long, and it's certainly possible to insert that entire portion (I do quite a bit). However, 4.5 is probably more like it most of the time, because you'll need something to hold on to, and because the toy becomes widest right before the bottom bulb, so if you're sensitive to width you might stop before that point.

Dreamer's Bliss is too straight for easy G-spot stimulation, but I was able to get some by angling it sharply and also simply because of its very penetrating vibration shaking everything in the area.
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibrations are the reason to get this toy. They are strong, but that strength isn't why I recommend Dreamer's Bliss. The vibrations have an unusual characteristic that many people describe with words such as deep, low, and rumbly. This is in contrast to other vibrators that might have vibrations of equal or greater strength that are what people call buzzy or high-pitched. Most vibrators on the market, regardless of strength, are buzzy. The package tries to convey this by stating "Gyrating Vibrating Action" along the side. The toy doesn't gyrate, but the vibrations do have a kind of rolling, throbbing feel to them.

Dreamer's Bliss is something truly special. Its vibrations don't just tantalize the surface, but go deep within, penetrating and stimulating adjacent areas. I personally find that deep vibrations aren't anywhere near as numbing as buzzy vibrations are, and because of my love/hate affair with strong but numbing vibrators, I'm quite pleased every time I manage to find a deep vibrator. I like long sessions without the numbness or pain.

There are some people who don't like deep vibrations. If you already know you're one of those people, then Dreamers Bliss is not for you, since its other features are simply mediocre. If you've never had strong, deep vibrations and you're not sure, I would recommend you try it because if you do like deep vibrations you're quite likely to be boggled by Dreamer's Bliss, and if you don't like them, it's a very cheap toy.

The vibrations are stronger towards the tip, the way most people prefer. There are no patterns, only "off" and a steady vibration. There is a twist dial control on the bottom that turns off at the lowest setting and otherwise increases the strength of the steady vibrations. The part I grasp is so smooth that it is a little hard to turn sometimes, but I was glad to discover that I never had problems with accidentally unscrewing the battery compartment. The battery compartment cover is much harder to turn.

Conversely, I DID have problems with accidentally turning the toy on slightly when screwing in the battery compartment. I would recommend checking the toy before storing it to make sure it's not very slightly on and thus draining the batteries. When it is very slightly on, it makes no noise and vibrates very, very gently.

It is advertised as waterproof and I've used it fully submerged in the bathtub with no issues, except that if I let it go in the water while on, it sinks to the bottom and jumps there alarmingly, with loud knocking sounds.

Except for this, Dreamer's Bliss is surprisingly quiet. It has a low-pitched thrum that isn't very loud even on the highest setting. I would estimate that you could use it under a blanket while another person in the same room does not notice on the lower strengths, and on the higher strengths you might be able to do this if the other person is asleep, or you might need to be in a room by yourself with the door closed. I can't imagine that anyone could hear it through a closed door.
    • Discreet sound
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

Plastic is compatible with just about every type of lube, but the velvet cote materials page here at EdenFantasys says that velvet cote is incompatible with oil-based lubes, which dashed my hopes of getting a great back massage with this toy and massage oil at the same time.

Since the toy is fully waterproof, I have no problems cleaning it under running water with soap. It pats dry amazingly fast and does not attract lint.

However, the crevice where the battery compartment screws shut, though indisputably waterproof, has a tendency to collect dried lube, soap and crud. To clean this out, I need to take a small fingernail brush to the crevice while washing it, or wait until it is dry, unscrew the battery compartment, and run my finger along the edge to knock off the tiny flakes of dried material. Because of this, I do not think it would be a good idea to share this toy, even with a condom, except with a fluid-bonded partner. If the condom were to slip slightly (and I can't think of a way you could hold it that it wouldn't slip) invisible bits of crevice crud could remain and contaminate the next user.

I haven't had issues with the batteries yet. It takes two AA batteries, and the vibrations are still as strong as ever. I know from this that Dreamer's Bliss isn't a terrible battery guzzler, but I haven't had it long enough to know if it's a medium battery guzzler yet.

I currently store Dreamer's bliss on some wire shelving alongside a pile of silicone toys. I haven't been extremely careful with it, but it hasn't received any scratches or blemishes.


There were only two aspects to the packaging: a brightly-decorated cardboard box and some plastic shrink-wrap on the toy itself. The box is covered with bright, cheery designs, VERY minimal instructions (there is no separate instruction book) and photos of the toy. There are no naked people or mentions of sexual uses, though it does have that same style of disclaimer in small print that many sex toys packages have to get around the anti-sex-toy laws of certain states, where it pretends it's just a novelty and not a sex toy.

I think most people who looked at the package would realize this is a sex toy. It's a rod-shaped "massager" with a suspiciously specific disclaimer. The cardboard box is surprisingly sturdy and has an odd lid mechanism which closes and opens easily, so if you don't mind what's on the outside it would be a good way to store the toy.

Because the toy looks whimsical rather than phallic and the packaging never mentions sexual uses, there might be a few people that you could gift this to non-sexually as a neck/back massager, but very few. In order to take this risk, you'd need to be very sure that they were too isolated to recognize sex toys.

For sexual gift-giving, such as at a bachelorette party, this toy is perfect in every way. It and its package don't look too obscene, it's cheap to buy, and it's likely to seriously impress the recipient.

I didn't see any recycling symbols on the packaging, but it is fairly eco-friendly with the cardboard being biodegradable and only the small amount of shrink wrap and the printing ink possibly posing any problems. The package is not big considering the size of the toy, so not much has been wasted on packaging in any case.

The instructions are almost non-existent, but since the toy is so incredibly simple I don't see that as a real problem. The only part of the instructions that might be an issue is the sticker inside the battery compartment that shows how to put in the batteries. If this sticker were ever lost, it would be very bad since the battery placement is not intuitive. In most devices, a little spring means you put the negative end of the battery against it. If you do that with this toy, the toy won't work.

You need to put one battery in with the negative end against the spring and one with the positive end against the spring, exactly as shown on the sticker. If not for that sticker, I would have thought I had a broken dud.
    • Good for storage
    • Minimal
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

After doing some research I found that there were seemingly a bunch of toys in the same line as the Dreamer's Bliss with its same deep vibrations, but these other toys have been discontinued. I've created a public list of the ones I've found so far here. Considering that the strong motors and the deep vibrations couldn't save these other toys from being discontinued, it's a guess that perhaps Dreamer's Bliss will go that way as well.

I don't know this, it is simply a possibility based on what has already happened. However, if you get a Dreamer's Bliss and you love it as much as I do, then you should probably consider getting a second one just in case.

If any manufacturer wants to create a new sex toy with the motor from Dreamer's Bliss but with more exciting features such as pure silicone, a G-spotting shape and better controls, I think that would qualify as a luxury toy fully worth an expensive price. If they do discontinue Dreamer's Bliss, I hope that's what they do with the motor. It would be a shame for vibrations like this to no longer be available.


I got this toy because I was on a quest to find out what these rumored "deep" vibrations are all about. I had earlier bought the Extase Zenith, another "deep" vibrator, and I was impressed. I wanted more. I found out that Dreamer's Bliss was supposed to be both deeper and stronger, so I had to try it, especially at this cheap price.

When I first got it and turned it on, I was surprised, pleasantly. I'd felt stronger vibrations, but I'd never felt any vibrations like this. It was certainly both deeper and stronger than the Zenith, probably by a lot.

I had serious neck and back pain that day, and I immediately started rubbing Dreamer's Bliss on my neck. Intensely soothing vibrations penetrated deeply. I could feel them all the way inside my nose. Five minutes later, my neck felt blissful and I was already having fantasies of somehow getting more of these toys for all my friends with stiff backs and necks and trying to pass them off as not-sex-toys.

I also started worrying, within the first five minutes, that someday my Dreamer's Bliss might break and maybe the manufacturer might not be making them any more. The thought of being without these vibrations was horrifying, before I'd ever used Dreamer's Bliss on my genitals. I started thinking of buying a back-up or two to simply sit in storage in case the primary one should break. At this price, that's certainly a possibility.

Then, after another wonderful neck massage and a great back massage, I finally got around to masturbating. The first session was strange. The vibrations were so different than what I was used to that my body didn't know quite how to respond at first. My clitoris and vagina liked the vibrations in certain ways, but they were also somewhat overwhelmed.

It was intense, but a completely different kind of intensity than the Hitachi Magic Wand. Emotionally, the experience was kind of like my very first introduction to (ordinary and weak) vibrators, when I alternated between liking it and being very confused.

I did warm up to the toy's sexual uses, though, liking it more and more, and getting used to it. I have had several long masturbation sessions with it by now, and I'm always astonished by it and I enjoy it more each time than the time before. The vibration sensations are so different that it's hard to wrap my mind around them, but as I get used to them, I become more impressed.

Dreamer's Bliss is great for thrusting, even though it is rigid and a bit pointy. I don't think it's long enough to do any harm and I've been quite vigorous without problems. I can't decide whether I like it clitorally or vaginally more. In my vagina, thrusting or not, it sends delicious vibrations throughout my pelvis. I get some clitoral stimulation indirectly this way, the only toy I've ever had to stimulate my clitoris without actually touching it. If I put Dreamer's Bliss in my vagina and then apply anything else to my clitoris, I come very fast.
Follow-up commentary
I realize this is a much later follow-up review than usual, but this means you're getting a long-term perspective on the toy. Yeah, I've been away for awhile, but I'm sticking to that excuse as I start tackling my reviews again.

I still stand by everything I've written in my original review. The toy is lovely, and I'm still in love with it.

Unfortunately, I've had it long enough to repeatedly encounter the toy's single notable downside. As the batteries become lower, it slowly but surely loses the amazing quality of the vibrations until they are mediocre.

There's an easy fix: pop in completely new batteries and the wow-factor returns instantly.

So, technically the toy isn't a battery hog, since it takes the normal amount of time for the batteries to run utterly out of power, but functionally it is, since to maintain the best wow-factor takes a steady supply of new batteries.

If you've got the money for batteries and don't care, this isn't a downside at all, but it ended up being a downside for me because I want to maintain the wow-factor of the vibrations all the time, and I don't like buying batteries constantly.
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