Crystal chic G - g-spot vibrator by Cal Exotics - review by Rockin'

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A Gentle G-spot Poker

For anyone wanting direct vibrations to the G-spot, move along. This vibe is better suited for individuals wanting a gentle, slender toy that allows G-spot probing without intense vibrations.
Sleek, non-threatening, waterproof, fairly quiet, easy to clean.
Vibrations at tip aren’t impressive, annoying battery holder.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
The Crystal Chic “G” by California Exotic Novelties is a cute and nonthreatening magenta vibrator. The compact plastic box that holds the G provides some information about the toy, although I have to disagree with one of their points. Care to guess which one? Your choices are:

-3 Speeds
-Incredible Power
-Genuine Crystals
-Smooth Satin Finish

If you guessed “Incredible Power,” then you’re right! While the G delivers decent vibrations, I wouldn’t call them “incredible”. They are pretty nice vibrations from only two AAA batteries (rechargeable ones have worked great so far!). The back of the box claims a 7-hour run time on the highest of the three speeds, and an impressive 14-hour run time on the lowest speed. Who gets to sit with the vibe and wait for the batteries to die? That job sounds like a blast.

The G has three speeds, which you toggle through using the pleasantly squishy button at the base end of the toy. You must scroll through the three speeds to turn the toy off once it’s on. The lowest speed sounds kind of tinny, but it’s pretty quiet. The two higher speeds are significantly louder and sound like an angry cell phone’s vibrations, but if you’re behind a closed door, you should be good to go.

The G is sleek. Its velvet cote plastic feels nice to the fingers as well as my womanly parts. The plastic plays nicely with both water and silicone based lubes. As for those “genuine crystals”, there are six of them embedded around the base of the toy. I make no claim as to what they’re made of, and I doubt you’d get any money if you tried to hock them. They’re a little rough, but I’ve never inserted the toy far enough for them to cause trouble. They do add a little bit of grip to this otherwise super-smooth toy. If your fingers get slippery while playing, good luck holding on to this vibe without hitting the button on top.

This toy claims to be waterproof, and the O-ring between the screw-on battery cap and the shaft is pretty sturdy. I haven’t had any trouble with water getting into the battery compartment while washing the toy. Speaking of the battery compartment, it’s a little tricky to load (and especially difficult to unload). When you unscrew the cap, you can see the plastic battery holder tube in the shaft. It’s much easier to remove when it’s empty than when the batteries are in it. I have long fingernails, and could grip the positive tip of the battery to pull the casing out, but my partner (with short, filed-down fingernails) had some difficulty removing it, especially with the batteries inside already. It’s not a deal breaker; it’s just inconvenient.
Once I loaded the batteries and cleaned the G (I use soap and water, but isopropyl alcohol or toy cleaners also work), I was ready to play. With a little lubrication, the shaft slides easily in and out of me because of the smooth design. I didn’t feel a need to go too deep since this toy isn’t designed to be beefy or long (diameter ~5/8", insertable length ~5"). I like this toy because it’s so slender, and some days I just like something gentle and almost relaxing. Almost, until you turn it on!

From the base to the curve, the vibrations increase in intensity. Surprisingly, the tip doesn’t get the brunt of the power. There is some vibe juice flowing at the tip, but not as much as in the area just before the curve. This might defeat the purpose of the toy for some, since it’s called the “G” and is curved nicely to poke at the G-spot. I don’t rely on G-spot stimulation to get off (I need some clit action), but I do like the sensations this toy provides. I could definitely probe my G-spot nicely with the tip; but because the whole top half of the shaft vibrates pretty well, I didn’t feel like the vibrations focused on my G-spot.

The first time I used this toy I was surprised to find when I pulled it out, that I’d had the tip pointed “down” away from my G-spot the whole time! I still felt like my G-spot was getting decent vibe stimulation, so hopefully that illustrates where the vibrations are concentrated. If you like a broader area of vibration, this toy could be a good choice for you. If you need spot-on stimulation, I recommend moving along to something different. The G can also be used as a decent clit stimulator, and its small size could be quite convenient in tight situations.

As for the speeds, the difference in intensity between the lowest and the middle ones is much greater than that between the middle and highest ones. I like to start off with the lowest speed, and then move up to the middle speed near the end. Only when I’m just about to come can I really enjoy the highest speed.

Sadly, the Crystal Chic “G” just doesn’t perform well as a G-spot vibrator, which is what it’s designed to do. It’s more of a G-spot poker with an added bonus of vibration. While I don’t have much experience with vibrators yet, this slender little thing is a keeper for me. The G is versatile, compact, cute, and gentle to my pussy. I may not like it for its intended purpose, but I still like it.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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