Infrared rechargeable massager by Cal Exotics - review by Red Riding Hood

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A great massager!

This is a great product that is affordable and versatile. It's strong enough to relax away tension or to pleasure one sexually. It's a great addition to anyone's toy chest, especially as a massaging device.
rechargeable, easy to use, pivoting head, low price, infrared feature, changeable heads
Charge doesn't stay strong for very long, weak infrared setting, too large for intimate stimulation
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
I have never owned or used a product of this nature. Most of the products I've used are basically toys intended for sexual use only. In this case, we have a massager that of course can be used for more intimate encounters. I do like this product. However, I must clarify that I enjoy it as a massager and not as an intimate massager. It is strong enough, but also a bit on the loud side. Be prepared for the possibility of someone else hearing it.

I'll get my complaints out of the way, as I don't want to leave this product with a less than desirable review. I simply think the product is too big to satisfy me sexually. The head of the product is rather large and covers a little too much of the area between my legs. I am not to sound childish. I really mean the entire area. I prefer more pinpointed vibration usually right around the clitoris. This covered way more than that and made it hard to get the vibrations right where I wanted them. After awhile I just felt more numb instead of satisfied. The vibrations are sufficient, but not precise enough for my taste.

Now, I will go onto the use as a massager and why I like this toy and still think it can be put to great sensual use. For one, it's rechargeable. It's the only rechargeable I have, so I can't compare the strength and time to anything else. I can say I'm satisfied with it. The product says it stays charged for about an hour. It DOES, however the vibrations grow weak after about 20 minutes of use on the high setting. This product has two settings, one low one high. The low has an infrared effect along with it. The high offers strong vibrations that are sufficient but won't make you see double. I do think an improvement would be stronger infrared on the high setting as well. Or maybe a different switch for infrared entirely. The product reminds me a lot of a hair dryer due to the shape of the head and the switch. It's simply up and down, easy to understand and use. The head has one side that is flat and smooth. This is the side with the infrared feature. The other side has a roller on it and snap on heads. My roller wouldn't roll much at first. So I tried moving it with my hand to see if that would loosen it up. Nothing I did worked. I tried lube, rolling it manually anything I could think of, but the roller stayed stiff. As far as the heads go, they are all okay. They didn't feel too different to me. The one that looks like bristles almost tickled too much to enjoy, but the other two were quite nice. They are hard to clean, so I wouldn't suggest sharing them. I prefer the smooth black side because it glides over the skin better and it feels as though the vibrations are stronger on that side.

There is a way to angle the handle for making places a bit more reachable. However, only one side of the head is able to be used on the inside of that angle. That would be the roller side. I was saddened by this, but I was fine when using one of the attachments. If the black side could be used in this way, I would be much more happy. Also, the product has a strong metallic smell after about 10 minutes of usage. The scent reminds me of an old cake mixer. A hot metal kind of smell. It's not too strong, but strong enough to notice during usage. This could be a bother to people, but for the price of the product it isn't so bad.

I think this product is a great versatile product that could be used alone or with a partner for anything from a nice massage to naughty play. I personally didn't think it worked too well on MY body, but everyone is different and the vibrations are quite nice. I'm sure it would work wonderfully as an intimate massager for someone who enjoys a broad area of stimulation. I love this product as a massager and when used with someone else can be a very sensual experience. It's a great rechargeable massager for the money and isn't visually threatening in any way. It's easy to use and clean, aside from the heads. It may take some good scrubbing to get them good and clean. This is a great product for anyone from beginners to experience or people who are looking for something that can have many uses. I think anyone could have great use of this product.
Follow-up commentary
I still stand by my opinion on this being a better massager than adult toy. I'm certain other people can make it work, however I've yet to find a way to make it work for me sexually. I find the device itself a lot more enjoyable than going to the trouble to use the heads. The roller on one side STILL doesn't move. I'm not sure if that is a problem with the one I have, or with the product in general. As a result I'm still primarily using the black side.

The charge doesn't seem to last very long. After about 20-30 minutes, it's basically on it's last legs and needs another charge. However, it's not expensive and it saves on batteries. I still really like it and although I have nothing to compare it to, I would still recommend this to someone on a budget. It's strong enough and lasts just long enough to work out some kinks and feel really nice after a stressful day. I'm sure if it does that for me, it can relieve other tension as well.
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